Welcome and thank you for visiting this website. On this site you will find a list of articles that we offer free as self-teaching tools to be used and networked by light workers. David and Yvonne (that’s us) intuitively write articles and books in which we explore different aspects of the ascension process and also about where that process and each seeker fits in with the Creator’s Creation. These are not ‘channelled writings’ in the sense that they were not ‘channelled’ by us from the Ascended Masters. We describe our writing as ‘intuitive’ as in ‘information received from our higher selves, and then given our very deep thought before presenting it as an article’. We have explained this to make it clear that ours is original writing that represents our personal beliefs. Also that none of the offered information has been culled from the writings of other authors, and that we take full responsibility for what we have written.

We hope that you will find these Ascension teaching tools helpful for your ‘light work’. We also hope that these tools will tempt you to think of the stranger that you always think of as ‘Me’ in a much deeper and special way. There is so much to learn about the uniqueness of ‘Me’. The temptation is always there to rely upon, and remain content to simply exist in, the world of leaders, experts, and the led. Unfortunately the price of this contentment is exorbitant because it requires you to also adopt their judgmental role as your way of life. As a result, and on an unconscious level, we all tend to think of this human as special, but that human as not special, whilst somewhere in between the two we place self. If you are able to accept as truth your own uniqueness, then this also has to apply to each member of mankind. In turn this requires you to regard yourself as an incomparable unique masterpiece in a vast gallery of incomparable unique masterpieces. Adopt this outlook as your chosen way of life and then the judgmental role becomes irrelevant, and a barrier to your freedom of thought.

We all are born into a world that, through confused and misguided thinking, functions in the way that it does. As children we become tainted with this confused mode of thought and it becomes our unconsciously chosen way of life. We have no choice but to exist alongside the confusion, but as adults each of us owes it to our individual uniqueness to think things out for ourselves. The purpose of our writing is to provide as a solid basis for thought a flexible and logical structure. On this structure are firmly based the spiritual beliefs of we, the authors. We seek neither, converts nor members, because that would defeat the object of our efforts to spread the ‘Light’. Seekers may if they wish to, use the offered structure as guidance whilst each seeker seeks his or her, own truth. Such a focused and comprehensive structure is intended to help to convince each individual seeker to seek to become a friend and equal of our Creator. Each person that learns to live and glory in his or her uniqueness moment by moment will have chosen to be added to the growing total of fully aware adult thinkers. These, by their individual examples will together awaken all of mankind to awareness of its real purpose. Will you join them?      Best wishes from David and Yvonne Brittain

The purpose behind our website is to use the net to broadcast far and wide information about the Ascension Process. There are many Ascension Process websites, each offering slightly different aspects and interpretations of what Ascension means. On this website we offer seekers a clear interpretation and also a logical structure into which the ascension process, as we interpret it, fits.

There are countless numbers of people who have computers and have access to Internet with its ever-growing treasure house of information. But for every one person that has this access there are probably a hundred or hundreds of people for whom for many reasons access to this vast treasure is denied. It is for that reason we invite all who visit this site, and hopefully discover something of value to themselves, to feel free to download and print what they have found to then pass it on for some of those others to read.

Note: David and Yvonne continuously drew down and anchored the light in France for 15 years from July 1991 until October 2006 when they returned to their homeland England where they continue to do their spiritual work from a small seaside resort in Essex. Donations great or small would be gratefully received and would enable us to continue to spread the knowledge of the Ascension Process.


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