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In this modern age of computers, word-processors, and Internet-type communications the worlds of books and publishing are being revolutionized. A new form of electronic publishing has appeared on the international on-line scene in the form of E-Books (Amazon Kindle etc). In our Ascension articles we always urge seekers to ‘Go with the flow of life’. We have backed our words with our actions by placing some of our self-published full-length books about the ascension process on to this website.

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When you enter a bookshop to buy a paperback you don’t just accept the publisher’s blurb about the book. If you are wise you also open the book, and read a little to see if it suits your taste. In a similar way we don’t ask you to buy any of our E-Books just on the strength of our ‘blurb’. Instead, with absolutely no commitment on your part to buy, we invite you to first download a free sample chapter to read to help you decide whether or not to buy the full version of the E-Book that interests you.


There are many light workers in the world who have gained the ‘knowledge’ and the ‘knowing’. For every individual light worker there are also many thousands of people that for many reasons lack this ‘knowledge’ and this ‘Knowing’. As a light worker where do you start when you long to offer your knowledge to intelligent people that have never been encouraged to give thought to anything beyond the need to survive? Somehow you have to struggle with words and phrases that would be meaningful to these many different types of people, and unless uninterrupted you could present a complete and logical picture to them, confusion reigns when your efforts degenerate into a garbled, often-heated discussion. Yvonne and I regard it as our role to find the phrases and present the complete and logical picture in a simple and reader-friendly, non-mystical way; a starting point for those yet to consciously step onto the spiritual path. Do download the free sample chapters to see if our books could become tools to help you to help others. Your valuable feedback would be greatly welcomed.


Currently available as Amazon Kindle downloads, in the AST bookshop:

'Journey through the Spheres' and 'The Gentle Art' and 'Not Just How But Why - A seekers Guide' and 'Hints For All Special Grand-daughters' and 'Food For Thought On The Accesion Process'

All are available to buy under £3. They are full-length self-published E-Books, and are packed with a great deal of humor and down-to-earth spiritual knowledge and experience. All have free try before you buy chapters to view or download.


Also availible totally free to view here or download as pdf are "The Ballad Of Noah" and "Life is hell and then you die and "A Book Of Ascension Cartoons" and “A Flavor of the Languedoc.” (A Heretic’s viewpoint) Please scroll down below


“A journey through the Spheres” written by David and Yvonne Brittain. This full-length, action-packed book is an Ascension fable in which our two young heroines are taken on a sometimes hilarious and sometimes exciting trip to meet their Maker...


Special offer price reduced to £ 1.55 Sterling.

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“The Gentle Art”. Written by Yvonne Brittain (This full-length book describes Yvonne’s many years of trapped-souls rescue release work, and meditations around Payes du Cathare of southern France) this book is a down-to-earth ‘must’ and a user-friendly guidebook for all seekers on the path. It is a treasure trove of clear information and tips for anyone that wishes to quietly and simply develop their own psychic gifts...


Special offer! Price reduced to £1.55 Sterling. 

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 Our Ascension Process (Self-Teaching Tools) E-Books


(A Seeker’s Guidebook to Our Creator’s Great Plan).

Written by David and Yvonne Brittain

The book takes the form of an easy to read non-mystical exploration into the reasons how and why a Creator exists, and the purposes behind our Creator’s Creation. Like so many people, we have found unacceptable the scenarios offered by eastern and western belief systems, both based in unproven assumptions that unquestioned tradition has awarded the authority of proved fact. Sadly variations of these same beliefs have been adopted and are taught by many as “New Age” Thought. The optimistic scenario we offer to new and veteran seekers alike fully explores the true meaning behind the ancient wisdom that tells us, “Each of us will meet our Creator as a friend and equal”. Our exploration reveals how each of us will achieve that equality. It also reveals why the ascension of our transformed physical body plays an essential part in what happens after we have achieved that equality with our Creator.

Special offer! Price reduced to £2.31 Sterling.

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Our Ascension Process (Self-Teaching Tools) E-Books


(A Guidebook for all girls In and Entering their teenage years).

Written by David and Yvonne Brittain

I've always felt great sympathy for girls who have entered their teen years. Usually they find themselves surrounded and engulfed by well-meant but conflicting advice, and so much is expected from them that they end up confused by self-doubt whilst trying to please everyone. This book of hints and suggestions could help many teenage young ladies to understand their selves, their thinking and emotions and to then understand the thinking and emotions of other people.
If I were in a position to I would give a copy of this book to every teenage young lady.

Special offer price reduced to £2.07 Sterling.

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Special offer! Price reduced to £1.00 Sterling.Food for thought book




“Food For Thought on the Path to Ascension.”

 A book of published essays and articles written by David and Yvonne Brittain.

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Life is hell and then you die


"My left handed saga"

An illustrated poem, about being left handed

A life of adapting to use what the majority of people take for granted is the norm.

Left-handedness has compelled me to seek and observe.

After many years of seeking and observing I now know there are many ways of doing and thinking about things.

Free download or view online





Life is hell and then you die


Life is hell and then you die


“Would you run that by me one more time?”

(Re-assurance for all whom fear death.)

This little book removes the mystery and misunderstanding

That surrounds the taboo subject of physical death.

It then explores the true purposes of reincarnation.


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The Ballad Of Noah


 " The Ballad Of Noah" 

The Christian Biblical account of the Flood, and of Noah’s Ark-building efforts were long before preceeded by similar accounts of several very ancient civilisations engulfed by massive floods and of special men who built vessels to save families and animals. As such, and as us Light workers tend to get far too serious about our spiritual efforts, with tongue in our cheeks we offer you  ‘THE BALLAD OF NOAH'.

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Have you noticed how deadly serious some people become about the New Age scene? You dare not laugh in their company because they think you are profaning the profound or mocking the ascended masters. Yvonne and I have a healthy respect for the profound, for the  ascended masters, and for fellow seekers. But for all of that we'd have to be carved out of stone not to laugh at some of the crazy ideas people get about the New Age scene. For many years I have been a designer of cartoons to which Yvonne brings her artistic and humorous talents to bear.  

A Book of Ascension Cartoons.htm

" A Book of Ascension Cartoons"

Free download or view online


Each full color cartoon has its amusing caption or call-out. and also a few lines of encouraging text. "Enjoy"


  “A Flavor of the Languedoc.”

(A Heretic’s viewpoint)


 Free download from this website.

We wrote this Free booklet for seekers who have yet to visit “Payes du Cathare”.  


A Question for you the visiting seeker: Has our website helped you, and if you wished to, how could you help us?

Yvonne and myself (David) are now very limited-income old age pensioners. From 1991 up to 2006 "in France" and from 2006 untill now, we have continued to use our time and energy, and drained all of our resources to network light and knowledge of Ascension far and wide.

We will continue to do so for as long as we can. (Our true story is related in article (05)We are the ones, and no one promised it would be easy) Of course, situated as we are, financial donations are always gratefully received, but also we need help to get our books published in paperback form and then widely distributed. On this website we offer an index of articles, and each of our articles offers different aspects of the ascension process. Please feel free to download and network, in their complete and unchanged form, any of these articles. We do not, and we will not, offer to you, syrupy, channelled, celestial endearments. But if you prefer your spirituality to be seasoned with common sense, logic, a loving warmth, and a sense of humor, there will be something special on this website for you. The E-Books and yet-to-be published books that we have written and listed above offer this same seasoning. We hope that we have helped you and that in some way you can help us, but anyway please feel welcome to contact us by e-mail at <