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About David and Yvonne Brittain



Yvonne and I (David) are English. We met and married in the early nineteen eighties and merged our spiritual work begun separately many years before. In the mid-eighties, through a friend who had South American connections, we gained early knowledge that confirmed our previous meditations, about what later became known as the Ascension Process. For us this knowledge was like a target suddenly cleared of fog, where logic at last replaced mystique. Living and spreading the “Ascension Process Word” became our life from then onwards.


In 1991 we took early retirement to follow very definite guidance from Sanat Kumara that we must leave England and move to the Aude Valley in the Languedoc/ Roussillon area of southern France. There we founded the Ascension Support Team. Neither of us could speak a word of French but despite this our move to the “Land of the Cathars” felt to us like a homecoming. Very soon “Anchoring the Light” and the rescue/release of trapped souls left in the wake of the Holy Crusades became a large part of our work. The ongoing sense of ‘deja vu’ that we experienced in this mystical part of France made it clear to us that we are Cathars reborn. 


Yvonne was born with many psychic gifts and later received intensive training to discipline and develop them as tools to aid her spiritual work. Yvonne then deeply studied the subject and techniques of Past Lives Regression Therapy of which she then became a practitioner, Yvonne’s “Postal Clairvoyant and Past-Lives Personal Information Service, evolved quite naturally from her PL Regression work. In a similar way Yvonne’s “trapped souls rescue/release postal service” evolved from the frequent need to release souls trapped at sites beyond our limited resources to visit.


My spiritual work previously had been directed more to the healing aspects until, in the late nineteen eighties, I received via Yvonne a very clear psychic message. “Stop reading and start writing”. When rather hesitantly I tried, to my surprise I knew what to write, it simply flowed. Not like dictation from an ascended master, it was more like an intuitive key that unlocked knowledge I didn’t know I had. Articles for Ascension newsletters, booklets and then full-length books followed including our self-published: “Not just how but why” available as an E-Book from this website. Yvonne’s role in these writings is that of psychically attuned critic/editor and also my main defence against “Writer’s Ego Trips”. Also Yvonne has written a book in which she relates many of her psychic experiences. The book is entitled ‘The gentle art’ and is available as an E-Book…Please see our AST booklist.


Yvonne’s spiritual artwork portrays scenes and people seen in her meditations. Together we designed and produced “The Ascension Cartoon Book” and now with the aid of our computer we self-publish our writing and also produce sets of greetings cards with Ascension and Cathar themes, and also New Age cartoon themes.


The difficulty with writing about ourselves is because, probably like many seekers and light-workers, we feel so ordinary. Our work is done quietly, mainly on a, “one to one” basis, by E-Mail, letter, or visit. We prefer to work this way because we can then encourage each genuine seeker that we meet to also become a teacher. The blend of Yvonne’s energies and my energies appear to have a triggering effect on people. For each seeker the time arrives to inwardly process that ever-growing mixed bag of knowledge gained from others. The seeker must use discernment both, to separate the wheat from the chaff, and to offer the wheat to yet others. Time is short. The students now must also evolve to become teachers, and so we regard this is as another important aspect of our work. Ascension thought is essentially vastly expanded horizons thought in that each seeker has to choose to burst through the bonds of comfort zone thinking. To burst through those bonds may be a painful, guilt-ridden experience because our childhood beloved role models lovingly provided those bonds.


Expanded horizons thinking requires us to admit to the possibility that our well-intentioned role models miss-directed us just as they were miss-directed by their childhood role models. This means that we have a great deal to unlearn before we become mentally flexible enough to even start to learn. For many would-be spiritual teachers unlearning causes too much self-inflicted pain, and so instead they try for an uneasy merging of belief in the Ascension Process, and the religious instruction that they received during their childhood. This uneasy merger does not and cannot work because it contains so many contradictions. In our writings we explore these contradictions and then we explore the real purpose and ultimate destination of every human that exists, has existed, and ever will ever exist. We will meet our Creator as our parent and also as a friend and an equal. To explore and accept the ramifications of that statement would indeed require a generous dose of expanded horizons thought. But Yvonne and I refuse to believe that our Creator intended anything less than this.


As we know from our own experiences, the Ascension Path can be very lonely for seekers so please do feel free to contact us.


We wish you all Love, Light and Laughter on “The Path”


David and Yvonne Brittain.


Note: David and Yvonne continuously drew down and anchored the light in France for 15 years from July 1991 until October 2006 when they returned to their homeland England where they continue to do their spiritual work from a small seaside resort in Essex. Donations great or small would be gratefully received and would enable us to continue to spread the knowledge of the Ascension Process.


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