What is the Ascension Process and why should it need support?


Ascension is a vast subject that embraces both, the world of science, and the world of spiritual beliefs. But please don’t be intimidated by its vastness because the Ascension Process is all about YOU and the true and logical reasons why YOU exist. Phrased another way, the Ascension is large enough to embrace those worlds, but YOU are able to easily embrace Ascension. Is that hard to believe? Of course it is. Just like all of us, alone you were born into physical existence, and at some time in your future, alone you will leave physical existence. Probably, between your entrance and your future exit, the ideas, thoughts, conjectures, and conflicting theories of experts will have continuously swamped you. If so, welcome to the club!


Who are these experts? These are the current generation of specialist builders of the house of knowledge. Mostly they are sincere and genuine human beings who, through hard work and dedication to their specialities, try to contribute individual bricks of genuine knowledge to be built into the house. Each speciality has its own jargon and its own, hero-worshipped, long-dead pioneers in the field. Also each speciality has its own, handed-down cherished theories to quote.


Often these quoted theories are offered and combined with the habitual use of the highly respected expert’s authoritative tone. This is a tone that should be reserved for use only when proved facts are quoted. Confusion reigns when it is used to quote theories that often are only based on similar past authoritative utterances of those pioneer heroes. This confused and ludicrous situation applies in every walk of life: Religion, politics, national and international courts of justice, the worlds of medicine and science. Its effect profoundly intimidates how the non-expert regards self. Also the result is nearly always unfortunate for the lay-public taxpayer.


In the club to which we just welcomed you, mostly the members are not experts in any field. That is, unless we include hard earned expertise in the field of bare survival. We are born to exist in a world of career-conscious experts who are compelled to fiercely compete with each other to achieve personal success. This means that we all need to swiftly learn to separate authoritatively offered wheat from authoritatively offered chaff. Individually we have to always pay for, and rely upon the experts. We then have to live with and pay for the good or bad outcomes that result from our reliance upon the experts. Even so, we don’t have to feel compelled to share the astonishment of the highly respected expert who is proved to be wrong.


Obviously the civilisations of mankind need experts, but as we are individual members of a civilisation that needs experts, each of us needs to gain the status of an expert who possesses profound knowledge of self. Why do we need expert knowledge of self?  We need it simply because we are born as individuals and we die as individuals. For the period between these two very personal events we may choose to merge as part of the crowd scene. Unfortunately, neither the crowds nor the experts can help when we die, we all must face death and cope with the unknown, alone.


The first step of the stairway to Ascension is to mentally leave the crowd scene. Now you consciously and deliberately train yourself to become an individual who observes and understands the interplay between the one you think of as ‘Me’, your mind, and your body. Start afresh each day because often you will forget.


Also as the leader of this individual human trio you must do this whilst you continue to fully participate in your crowd scene role. This will lead you to study the interplay between other human trios and your own human trio. You will learn to differentiate between clear intelligent thought, and thought clouded by emotion and doubt of self. As you learn to recognise the difference you will consciously aim always for the former by keeping thought separated from emotion. You don’t become emotionless, but your fears and emotions no longer control you.


So the subject of Ascension isn’t obscure or irrelevant to daily life. For you to study and understand the Ascension Process is also to study and understand you. Everyone hopes to live to a ripe old age, but when you are born your birth certificate contains no written guarantee that you will. Near to the end of a long, medium, or short life, a question that you previously avoided as irrelevant may then seem very relevant, the question, “What was that all about, and what now?”


Of course there are queues of experts only too eager to offer their expert versions of the answer to your question. Unfortunately each version is different and depends upon who offers it. Billions of people may choose, or be conditioned from birth to choose, to believe any one of these versions. The version may make billions of people happy, but simply because they all choose to believe it is true doesn’t make the version true.


So why should you believe that the Ascension Process version that we offer is true? We don’t ask you to believe it, we invite you to study it, meditate upon it, question, and question and question the concepts on which it is based. Blind unquestioning faith and wishful thinking is not enough. It may be enough for those billions of people, and for their priests, but they are not you. You need a version that is logical and appeals to your common sense. The Ascension Process doesn’t need our support but we offer the support of our knowledge and experience to everyone on the path to Ascension. But what is Ascension?


The lone mountaineer must leave the anonymity of the crowds and their opinions behind in the valley, to alone climb the mountain. In a similar way Ascension requires you to first ascend high above the comfort zone level of thought preferred by the confused billions who form the crowd scene. Ascension is a personal search to discover the ultimate purpose of your own existence.


The spiritual knowledge and the proven scientific knowledge exist as never before in the history of mankind to aid you in your search. Because a scientist proves that something is true doesn’t make his conjectured interpretation of what it means any more valid than your interpretation. The same applies with the interpretations offered by the worlds various religions and belief systems, of the mass of psychically proven spiritual knowledge. Your interpretation is as valid as is theirs.


Physical existence means that your non-physical intelligence (that you think of as ‘me’) controls your mind and a physical body made of atoms that are formed and reformed from a flow of whirling energy. The Ascension Process means this. Eventually your self-evolved, non-physical intelligence will take over the direct control of that whirling energy from whatever you believe compels the energy to form atoms that combine to build your physical body. If you would like to know more, see our AST Booklist or feel free to contact us by e-mail via this site.


Good Luck with your search


David and Yvonne Brittain





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