I'm 78 nearly 79 yrs old. This means that any decade, any year, any month, week, or day, or even in the next hour I could leave this mortal coil. After my long, interesting, eventful physical life in this now aging, aching body the prospect doesn't alarm me of entering the zone of non-physical existence. After shuffling through the dubious offerings from science and religions as to what I will face I have found it an entertaining exercise to limit myself to my own solitary meditative ponderings as to what I may face.


Everything Science tells me boils down to the provable fact that, everything in the physical universe, including my human body, is made up from an incoming flow of energy. This energy flow is somehow compelled to structure itself into atomic matter (which is really tightly whirling energy orbiting tiny empty spaces) from which everything so-convincingly physical is formed.


So immediately I am faced the undeniable fact that what seems so real and solid is a structured energy matrix onto which in some way I am embossed or projected; rather like a holographic image. This leaves me idly wondering whether if two holographic images touched would they feel solid to each other. 


Science also proves to me via Mr Charles Darwin that the lifeforce that clearly exists in this universe is also driven and controlled, by instinct to evolve to the aware, intelligent, human level that thinks of his or her self as 'Me'; and this is clearly demonstrated by the evolution from the living single celled organisms of billions of years ago up to and including the physical human body because in parallel with this physical evolution we have the undeniable ongoing individualised evolution of the non-physical lifeforce that today I regard as 'Me';. In fact I suggest that the evolution of the physical body at every stage of its evolution is driven by the requirements of the non-physical lifeforce to exist and fully function in this physical universe.


Regardless of the beliefs of others I very much want to believe in a Creator Being who amongst countless other of HIS/HER creations created me, but my belief has to make sense to me. After listening to the authoritative offerings of various established belief systems I am left to wonder what point or purpose there is to the creation exercise. No one seems to be curious to know the 'why' of the matter, why do I exist, why do you exist? Is there a purpose? We are born as individuals and we die as individuals, and in between those two very personal and private events we find ourselves swamped by the handed-down beliefs of those born before us. Many of those dogmatic handed-down offerings contradict and completely ignore the proven findings of the world of science, and instead demand of their followers, unquestioning faith in the dogma. The alternative to being an unquestioning follower is to be an individual seeker, a free thinker who seeks to combine ancient spiritual knowledge with modern scientific truth. On that basis I began my search. I believe the Creator created the physical universe to be a nursery and then a classroom for individualised intelligence to germinate, then to evolve, and then to ascend out of this physical dimension.


According to most religious belief systems on our planet our Creator is perfect, highly intelligent, highly creative, and definitely non-physical. After a few decades of existing in a tolerable-to-excruciating human physical body I don't feel that physical existence is all that it's cracked up to be, and I feel that there must be something better to come. As I have arrived at that conclusion I suspect that our Creator long ago reached the same conclusion, and yet all of the life force in this universe, including me, must be here for a purpose. What do I mean by the name Life Force? Life force could only be a form of non-physical, living energy that has the potential for intelligence to evolve and individualise to the point where it thinks of itself as 'Me'. Whereas physical matter is simply a form of controlled structured energy that lacks that same potential, but acts as a carrier wave to link the Creator with all lifeforce wherever it resides, either in the physical or the non-physical. Energy is all there is. Our Creator and all of Creation, including us humans are energy converted into different forms. The whole is a matrix of energy.


Undeniably we all exist somewhere on one of the planets that orbit around a star that is just one of billions of stars that together make up our spiral galaxy. Our galaxy is just one of billions of galaxies that, due to the scientifically-proven original Big Bang explosion, continue to hurtle outwards as debris from the centre of the universe. In turn this suggests that the physical universe is a temporary structure, and that the presence of life force in that physical universe is also only temporary. Neither the scientists nor theologians can foretell what the final outcome of that central explosion could be. Could the debris forever continue to hurtle outwards or will it eventually slow down, stop, and then collapse inward into the centre? Either way, at some stage the physical universe would become uninhabitable for non-physical life force to experience physical existence.


This would be a purely academic question if, as millions of faith-filled Christians believe, that one newly born baby equals one newly created soul, destined to live only one physical life span and then at some later stage to be judged by God. The question only becomes relevant to me when my positive belief in reincarnation enters the scene to firmly contradict those traditional Christian teachings  


In the physical universe it is so easy for us all to become intimidated by comparisons of size and yet everything in the universe is structured from the same whirling sub-atomic particles of energy that have combined to structure atomic matter. This is true whether we refer to giant stars, galaxies of stars, huge, medium, or small planets, or bacteria in the intestines of humans and animals. All is structured from energy that arrives via the same sub-atomic level. Mostly we all agree that our Creator is non-physical and so why does this structuring of energy into an illusion of physical matter take place? The reason has to be connected to the presence of life force that was sent to exist amid that illusion, an illusion that imposes severe limits upon the creative functioning of that life force.


Sometimes the question is asked, "Why does the animal kingdom exist?" To answer the question we have to first realise that the drive to continuously evolve, discovered by Charles Darwin, applies to the energy of the non-physical life force rather than the physical body that is inhabited by that non-physical life force. From the tiniest single-cell organelle to the complexity of a human body represents non-physical life force that has adapted the evolvement of its current physical body to match its current level of non-physical evolvement. In that sense, I suggest that all life force whatever its level is unconsciously and later consciously creating its own image using the very flow of real energy continuously supplied by our Creator.


It is a strange fact that the entire physical universe functions smoothly, and harmoniously until the moment when non-physical life force evolves to the individualised human, aware, I AM, creative/destructive level. Below the human level the non-physical life force is driven to blindly evolve by instinct and so exists in timeless harmony and balance with the universe. This suggests that when non-physical life force evolves intelligence to the Human 'Me' level there is no longer a place for it in the physical universe. Our explorations will reveal the ultimate destination for each Human 'Me'.


Non-physical life force blindly evolves like a rising tide that passes through a series of ever more complex physical bodies for the life spans of those physical bodies, level after level from the microscopic bacteria to the elephant and the blue whale, always guided by instinct. At the end of the physical life span of the physical body the life force returns to the non-physical taking its current progress or evolvement with it. When the timing is right it then returns, with its current progress, again and again to learn yet more on re-entering physical existence.


At the human level blind obedience to instinct is superseded by the freedom of freewill choice, and so apparently a lesson at the human level is for individualised life force to learn to use freewill choice intelligently, responsibly, harmoniously, and with balance. This is a difficult lesson to be learnt by the non-physical life force that experiences physical existence for only the life span of its current physical body. At the human level we still experience instinct as demonstrated when danger threatens our physical bodies.


This suggests that at the human level the human body be inhabited by life force at three different levels of evolvement, the trio of, 'Me' and of 'Mind', and of 'Body'. The lowest evolved level of non-physical life force instinctively activates and maintains the entire metabolism of the physical body whether that is a physical body at the human level or a physical body below the human level. The next evolved level of life force, the mind level activates and monitors the use of the body via the brain. Although mind can sense and feel but cannot think, mind also acts as a feeling and emotional linkage to the highest evolved level of non-physical life force of the trio, the Human 'Me' level.


It is very much a matter of personal belief, but I don't believe that my soul is something separated from me, In fact when we use such terms as 'My soul' I'm referring to the one I think of as 'Me'. The Human 'Me' level of non-physical life force is capable of reasoning, inductive thought, creativity, and thinks of itself as 'Me'. One role of 'Mind' is to enrich with the appropriate emotion the thinking processes of Human 'Me'.  The main functions of mind are to act as a portal or viewing screen through which the individualised Human 'Me' non-physical life force can interact and experience physical existence, and also learn to interact and communicate with the non-physical realms or levels. The leader or navigator of the human trio and firmly in charge of the trio should be the one that you and I think of as 'Me' but unfortunately this is seldom the case. Most people do not realise that they are in fact a trio. Instead they bumble along through life on a baffling committee-of-three basis of clear thinking clouded and distorted by little-understood emotions, bodily appetites, fears, doubts and feelings. It is not surprising that we live in such an ongoing state of confusion.


How can we possibly hope to understand those around us if we cannot understand ourselves? One way for navigator you to take the helm for the trio could be to observe and consciously acknowledge each emotion, feeling, or doubt as it flows in to colour or cloud your clear thinking. I am happy, or I am angry, or I am worried, or I am apprehensive. Thus by consciously acknowledging the emotion or feeling as it arrives from 'Mind' you have converted the emotion or feeling into clear thought.


The role of you the leader of the trio is to learn from personal experience and for this purpose the third dimension where time and sequence govern was brought into existence. To learn from personal experience requires you to have access to memory of those experiences although the only relevance any past experience has to you is the effect the experience continues to have on your current outlook. It is not the experience nor the memory of the experience that is important but the ongoing effect of that memory on your current and future level of balance and harmony. Not you, it's 'Mind' that is the filing clerk that stores and files all of your thoughts and memories, but 'Mind' cannot think, it can only feel and sense harmony and balance or lack of harmony and balance in your thoughts. Just like filing letters for future reference our current thoughts and experiences are continuously sent to 'Mind' to file away for future reference in those memory banks. In every passing moment the individual human's level of understanding of life increases.


For example, we would know that the level of understanding for a self conscious easily hurt teenager would be far less than that of a person in his or her seventies, but mind can only supply a flow, and intensity, of emotion that matches the current thought processes at that person's current level of understanding. Mind senses the presence of, or lack of, harmony and balance in your current thinking processes, supplies the matching emotion, and then, if you are not aware of it, files in your memory banks everything it receives from thinking you, this includes your thoughts and the intense emotions supplied by mind to accompany those thoughts. The point I am making is that though the thoughts must be stored for future reference, the emotions supplied with the thoughts are just like used envelopes in that they cease to be relevant because your level of understanding is continuously rising. Mind unsupervised by me files the emotion that accompanied a thought then later often when that thought is recalled its clarity is clouded by once again feeling the emotion and its intensity that was originally felt. In terms of everyday life this means that a person in his or her seventies could remain riddled with corrosive guilt, or hatred and bitterness when recalling from memory long past events, and this simply because long ago the intense emotions felt at the time were filed with the thoughts by mind. With this increased level of understanding 'Me' using clear thought, could think "I felt that way at the time but refuse to feel that way anymore".


The non-physical life force that is evolved to the human mind level cannot think and has no direct access to physical existence. This means its state of harmony and balance is controlled by the clear, inductive thinking of 'Me' and the signals and sensations it receives from my physical body. These other two life force members of your trio, mind and body, have a sense of timing but time itself is meaningless to them. Here we see the differences between mind and body on the one hand, and 'Me' on the other. Mind and body always exist in the moment we think of as 'now'. For thinking 'Me' thoughts can be focused into the present, the future, or the past, but when those thoughts leave the now, to mind and body it is as if 'Me' the trio's navigator has disappeared. With the absence of navigator 'Me' mind still needs and has to seek for harmony and balance, and so mind creates Ego to be its navigator, and mind will use any of its emotional resources to protect Ego from bruising. Ego ceases to exist in the ongoing presence, in the now, of 'Me' the navigator guided by clear thinking.


There is a point where spiritual knowledge and scientific knowledge meet. In this article together we have explored my own beliefs about the presence and drive to evolve of life in this physical dimension. Our other articles and books available on our website explore the great plan of our Creator and the individual roles of each of us in that plan.