crime of Heresy.


For the Holy Church of Rome politics and religion became interchangeable tools of rigid population control through its puppet kings throughout Europe. The Church controlled and restricted all knowledge and scientific thought. Very few kings or noblemen could read or write or even could write their own names. So throughout Europe began the Dark Ages of ignorance, fear, and grinding poverty and actual fear of knowledge. The Dark Ages that lasted for centuries until the Renaissance Period of the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries. The Family of Jesus taught a Christianity that was similar to the beliefs of their Visigoth hosts who followed a form known as Arian Christianity. This had not been very much altered from that originally taught by Jesus.


In the space available it is only possible to offer you a hint or a suggestion of why any deviation from the Faith as taught by the Holy Roman Church, had to be ruthlessly stamped out. Clearly it felt its power to control peoples was threatened by the original teachings of Jesus, who the church portrayed as the humble carpenter of Nazareth. Researchers have been puzzled by the obvious contradiction that the church would ask us to accept, of a Jesus who was simultaneously, a humble village carpenter, and also a direct descendant of King David of the tribe of Judah.

Of course that would make him royalty to the Jewish people.

When the researchers delved into this puzzle, they discovered that, like Buddha before him, Jesus came from a prosperous, influential family. He had powerful and influential connections. His friends had high hopes of restoring the Jewish Crown to its rightful wearer; Jesus, by taking it from the Roman backed usurper on the throne, King Herod.


Far from spending the first thirty years of his life in a humble village, Jesus travelled extensively and studied many religions deeply. Recorded in the Temple archives in many lands are details of his visits. To travel then, as now, requires financial backing especially if accompanied by an entourage, so clearly the resources were made available. An English legend tells of when Jesus as a very young man accompanied his Uncle Joseph of Arimathia to Glastonbury in the west of England. Not so much to teach, but, instead to learn from those he met there. After such extensive travels Jesus would have returned home to commence his short ministry.


Jesus would have been an extremely learned Rabbi with a very wide knowledge and experience of the religions and belief systems of the known world. Most of those religions differed in many respects. Most shared the similar belief in the reincarnation of the individual into physical life after death of their previous physical body. For this reason it is almost certain Reincarnation and its purpose would have formed a basic part of Jesus' teaching. If so, this since has been deleted by others for their own motives.


Jesus always insisted that, like us all, he was a flesh and blood Human Being. Or if we turn this round to taste its full significance, "We are flesh and blood Human Beings... JUST LIKE JESUS". Also he said that anything he could do we all can do, if only each of us individually will learn to banish Self- Doubt, and to learn to love and trust our individual selves. The only way it is possible to achieve this is by learning a method of entering self, known as Meditation. In Meditation alone you enter your Still


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