We hope this brief explanation helps you to understand why always the people who want to control the thinking of the masses, the spread of this powerful message has to be stamped out, or at least heavily diluted. Jesus came to divide and convert Herd (conditioned) thinking into individual thinking and he showed Herd Followers how to take charge of their own thinking, to become real people in their own right simply by realising why they exist in a physical body.


With this realisation dawned the understanding, even for the most abject sufferer, that the suffering was temporary. No priest or conqueror has permanent power over the lives of the conquered. That always you are in charge of your own destiny and your own future. Death of your body would release you from the suffering of "Now", but still you would be in charge of you. If God gave you Freewill whom else could be in charge of you? Release from your body would give you freedom to assess your last life. The freedom to plan your next life and its challenges, whilst always taking into account that in that next life you will have no memory of what you previously planned. 


All that you would be reborn with would he your spiritual evolvement gained through those many lives. Also you would be reborn with the freewill tendency to Self-Doubt, also learned by you through those many lives. The choice is not between good or evil, it is between Self- Harmony or Self-Doubt. Evil is a by- product of Self-Doubt and good is a by-product of Self-Harmony. All who were touched by, and understood the message were released from the shackles of fear. In familiar everyday terms, wherever this Message took root the light of knowledge, tolerance, culture and grace shone out like a beacon. Where ever the teachings enshrined by the Holy Roman Church were enforced, (of only one physical life per person regardless of what station in life), of blind unquestioning obedience to the Priesthood and the current Rulers.

A final judgement day when the Creator (who gave us all Freewill to make mistakes), then contradicts that action by judging the mistakes we made in life. Wherever that teaching touched became blighted with fear, ignorance, intolerance, cruelty, and persecution, corruption and grinding poverty. This was known as the ‘Dark Ages' that gripped and paralysed most of Europe. At the same time a beacon as described shone out into the darkness from south of that line one-day to be marked by the Midi Canal across France.


Ten centuries after the time of Jesus Christ's life on Earth, long after his family and the Merovingian Dynasty of kings started by the family were word of mouth legends passed down the generations. Long after the Visigoths were just a memory; the Pyrenean Foothills were peopled by a mixture of races some that had descended from the Bogomils, from an area known today as Bosnia Herzegovina.


With them they brought their religious beliefs that blended comfortably with the " Original Message" that had travelled down those many generations. These people became known as The Cathars. They were a tolerant, industrious, prosperous people who had no interest in conquering anyone or forcing their religious beliefs into unwilling ears. All beliefs were welcomed to the area, including the priests of the Holy Roman Church. The priests complained to the Pope in Rome that no one was compelled to believe anything, and that their Roman Catholic Churches were


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