Hubble, and the Electron Microscope, or A Spanner in the Works of Dogma.


Often in our articles we the authors cheerfully reveal our ongoing suspicions about “Experts”. More to the point our hackles arise in alarm when we hear the authoritative tone that is used by experts. This tone is sometimes acceptable when limited to the expert’s field of expertise.


Unfortunately confusion reigns amongst us lay people when the tone continues to be used even when the expert enters the heady and blurred realms of conjecture. More confusion is caused when would-be (but certainly are not) experts discover that the use of the authoritative tone is enough to baffle and intimidate many lay people. As a result of the confusion, many lay persons give up the struggle to think things out for themselves. It is easier and less intimidating to rely upon those who are, or who long to be and sound as if they are, experts.


In the world of business this general reluctance to tackle the users of the authoritative-tone was decades ago clearly demonstrated, in a hilarious book entitled ‘Parkinson’s Law’ by an author named Parkinson. A large committee meets to vote about three items on the agenda. The first item is a nuclear power station that will require a massive outlay of money to build. Within less than five minutes this is unanimously voted for without general discussion because out of the committee of thirty members only two have nuclear expertise; these two are employed by the contractor who wants the job.


The second item requires committee approval for a new bicycle shed for the staff. This item is discussed for one hour and a half because everyone knows something about bicycle sheds. The third item concerns the expense of catering supplies for staff coffee breaks. Four hours later this item is still being loudly and heatedly discussed until time runs out and the vote has to be postponed.


Another generous harvest of specialist experts is to be found in the fields of religion, religious dogma, and “New-Age” thought. Here we must at least try to define the word, Expert. In the modern field of nuclear physics we could roughly define an expert as one whose expertise, at least so far, has not blown mankind off of the planet. It is more difficult to define expertise in the field of religion, the nuclear physicist or the genetic engineer to be classed, as expert at least has to achieve something original. The former either benevolently or traumatically affects mankind. The efforts of the latter, either will, or will not alter mankind beyond all recognition.


To be classed as an expert, who is qualified to teach in the field of religion, publicly expressed originality of thought must be shunned at all costs. Instead, with the authoritative tone of the expert the teacher is simply required to quote the established, traditional dogma. This applies to all established religious belief systems throughout the world. Respected and revered religious teachers are expected by all to ignore modern, scientifically proven knowledge. Instead they must continue to teach medieval interpretations of even more ancient interpretations of spiritual knowledge. The traumatic effect of this teaching upon mankind is equal and has been more long lasting than the effect of anything that may yet be devised by our nuclear or genetic experts.


This is no exaggeration because even when seekers of truth flee from traditional purveyors of dogma they are faced with more dogma thinly disguised as “New-Age” thought. This sad state of affairs even applies when we seek logical knowledge about the ascension process. A few decades ago no one knew much about Ascension. Ascension was just a date in the church calendar. Mostly we all were breaking free from the dogmatic, dust-coated idea of physically arising from our future graves. New-agers had then tottered through the period when it had been fashionable to visit India, and to sit for a while in an ashram at the feet of this or that guru. They would then return to the west to teach their own variations and interpretations of eastern religions. One fortunate result was that the knowledge of reincarnation became acceptable and more widely understood across the new-age scene.


During the late eighties and early nineties the Ascension Process information once more flooded in to offer all seekers a logical target to aim for. No longer was self-illumination or as we know it, the ascension process, believed to be limited to Jesus and a few solitary, remote and ancient eastern gurus. Ascension is intended as the goal for every human being without exception. To accept this target we had to expand the way we think. We had to take a clear and logical look at ourselves, and the world around us. Also we had to look beyond our ascension.


We all had to re-assess for value, logic, and truth what the world’s traditional religious experts had always taught us. It has been an exciting period because there has been so much to unlearn, and then so much more to learn. But we must not allow ourselves to fall into the same trap, as did the traditional religious experts. So rather than any of us adopt the self-assertive tone of new-age experts each of us must be sure that we have expanded our thoughts enough to qualify simply for the role of a new-age thinker. To be a new-age thinker requires, as best you may, thatyou sort the wheat from the abundance of chaff, and then you think deeply about the wheat.


It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or believes. What matters, is whatyou think and believe. Until you give it thought this is difficult to accept and to do, especially if your early religious training demanded of you unquestioning faith in what was taught. Even today the traditional laid-on guilt implication is that to question what is taught equates with disloyalty to the teachers and the teachings, and in turn this equates with disloyalty to the church, mosque, or synagogue and therefore also disloyalty to God. What a clever way to discourage original thought, “Stick to the rulebook and no one needs to actually think.” The problem is who wrote the rulebooks, and how many times have the rulebooks been re-written and re-interpreted according to the then current level of understanding, or for what was then currently politically expedient?


Optimistically we must not doubt the sincerity of those olden times teachers of spirituality that now are so often authoritatively quoted. But we must also keep firmly in mind the beliefs that were current during the lifetimes of those characters. As an example, for many centuries it was generally believed that our world was dish-shaped, rested on the back of several hefty elephants that in turn stood on the back of a giant turtle. The star-filled sky was believed to be an inverted, bowl perforated with holes through which the light of Heaven gleamed. If you went to the edge of the world you would fall off. In a similar way until modern times no one, scientists or theologians, had any reliable data and so could only conjecture on the nature of physical matter.


As a result the belief that the dead would physically arise from their graves, could not be argued with. Today astronomy has revealed the true energy nature of the universe and electron microscopy has revealed the same true energy nature of physical matter. It would be the height of arrogance to assume that those revered characters of ancient times would not have revised their beliefs and teachings to include our modern-day data, had they had access to it. Unfortunately for their followers, modern-day teachers of established religions seem to have made that assumption.


To be a new-age thinker requires that the seeker will refuse to be content with a blurred picture of his or her ultimate destination. This means that the seeker casts out of his or her personal stock of cosy homilies the well-worn phrase, “There are things in heaven and earth that we are not meant to know.” Once you have dumped this cosy ‘get-out’ you are left with a vacuum. This is a vacuum that only you can satisfactorily fill with knowledge, knowledge that you personally have taken apart and thought deeply about. The new-age scene is awash both, with ancient wisdom, and a multitude of new-agers’ personal, authoritative interpretations of that ancient wisdom.

The ancient wisdom may have been received from an ascended master via a human channel. But even this is not sufficient because the limitations and childhood conditioning of each fallible human channel may distort the ascended master’s message. When you become a seeker you also cease to be a passive follower of believers in this or that interpretation. All knowledge, no matter whence its source, must be personally tested by you intuitively guided by your higher self. Your higher self will provide the intuitive guidance but you must provide the discernment. You will need to develop discernment as well as to develop your intuitional link with your higher self. Then your self-honesty will discern between knowledge that flatters your ego and knowledge that intuitively ‘feels right and true’. There’s lots of either of these types of knowledge on offer.


Even at the risk that you may seem unsociable it is better to do this on your own than to do this in a group. The temptation is to go along with, and succumb to, the beliefs of the group and its leader rather than develop your very own links and beliefs. Conversely a very powerful and effective group may be created when each member adds his or her previously highly developed intuitive link and discernment to the group total. In this way each member, in his or her own timing, has already become a leader of self and so needs no leadership.


To become a self-confident leader of self will be even more vital in the days to come. We don’t need global tilts and the grind of tectonic plates to observe the barely hidden growth of confusion and bewilderment of our leaders/experts. This same confusion and bewilderment is reflected more and more by a mankind who from birth has been taught to rely entirely upon leadership from experts. As this situation worsens, each seeker that has become a leader of self will be a lighthouse that stands alone amid the ongoing storm. But even this is not enough.


Yes of course you will radiate your soul light to all of those walking-wounded. But mankind has been cheated and lied to by their leaders for so long that now they will also demand from you accurate knowledge that you personally have tested.


This is the tough assignment that you volunteered for, and it has to be ordinary, old, you, with your backache and your mortgage repayments to find, that will fulfil it. After all there would be little point in droves of ascended masters descending to earth to walk amid mankind. We’d be back to ‘square one’ because half of mankind would want to bow down and worship them, and the other half would cynically be looking for the 3D Holograph projectors.


Regular readers of our articles will know that usually we offer them four pages that explore different facets of the ascension process as we at the Ascension Support Team interpret them. But really it doesn’t matter what anyone else or we believe. This time we decided to limit the article to place emphasis on the importance only of what YOU think and believe. Let us explain.


Globally mankind’s problem is that a world that was and still should be entirely guided by love and trust has been cleverly distorted so that mostly fear and miss-trust guide it. Now in this year 2003 it doesn’t matter whether it was Satan, or villainous extra-terrestrials, or an aeons-old ongoing conspiracy of fear-filled men that made this clever switch. The result has been the same, fear, guides and controls mankind and so though love, virtue and trust exist upon earth they have been tightly isolated into countless family-sized pockets. Each family is made up of individuals. It is each individual that dares not allow his or her love and trust to expand beyond family and trusted friends. This applies whether we refer to the president of the USA, or a powerful Mafia family, or the family of a factory worker. This is why it is so important for workers of the light to teach individuals, by word, writing, and example, to think for self and to break free from fear-manipulated mass thought. Somehow we have to blend spirituality and spiritual knowledge into everyday life. Yes, we new-agers may confidently reassure each other about guidance from spirit, incoming energies, ascended masters’ help and Ashtar’s fleet standing by.

But to your average factory worker, worried about his or her job, all of this sounds like dreamtime wishful thinking. This means that before he or she is ready to believe us we have to persuade him or her to take a long, hard look at this planet. Earlier in this article we explained that when we acquired the knowledge of the ascension process this required us to see our familiar world and ourselves from a totally different slant. Really we had to continue to be full time participants whilst we also adopted the full time role of observers. Very quickly for each new seeker this additional role bore strange fruit and then our familiar world seems less and less familiar to us. Other writers have already written at length about a deliberately dis-empowered mankind. Here are a few examples to offer as seeds of doubt to your unaware factory worker.


We began to notice things that we never bothered to notice before. We began to notice how advertisers and media to the point where we all regard this as normal practice manipulate our fears and our hopes with lies and half-truths. We noticed how tightly our personal freedom and freedom of speech, and freedom to be published is quite legally circumscribed. We observed the meaninglessness of our freewill to choose between maybe five or six high street banks that supposedly compete but in fact are linked to a national bank. In turn all of the national banks are linked to a World Bank that decides what your wages will or won’t be worth. Once upon a time paper money was simply your reliable bank receipt for a certain weight of gold. Today, paper or electronic money has no reliable value, and so we ask ourselves why? Here is another example.


At the start of the 1900’s orthodox cancer treatment consisted of the knife, radioactivity, or vicious chemicals. Then after a century of media-encouraged generous and vast public donation of money, whilst all alternative proven cancer cures were deliberately ignored, today we are offered the knife, or radioactivity, or vicious chemicals. Yes we have sent men to the moon and satellites to closely watch us from the sky. We have Internet that might, without censorship, allow us to know what really happens in the world, but may also be used to dis-credit our credit card at any electronic cash point in the world. In truth our biggest doubt about experts is that it is hidden, powerful people, whose fears drive them to need to control us all, that mostly employ experts. Eventually the curiosity of your factory worker will lead him or her to seek the bigger picture, but in his or her own timing, not yours or ours. We all can only try to trigger awareness.

Love and Laughter from David & Yvonne Brittain. 1-10-2003.



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