Have you ever watched any of those TV Programs, you know, the ones that purport to investigate the Paranormal with fairness and open-mindedness? Without fail these programs follow the same format, a well-known TV. Personality who appears to radiate fair-mindedness from every pore keeps the program on course. His or her role is to represent with open-minded firmness the studio audience and the viewers. Most of the people in the studio audience are psychics drawn to the subject. Most of the TV viewers have at some time visited psychics for readings, or they at least know of the old girl in the next street, who accurately reads tealeaves, or can relieve your migraine with her hands. Nevertheless, the studio audience and TV viewers must be protected from possible charlatans and frauds, and we describe how this will be done. 


To protect an unworldly and naive public we are offered that standard part of the format: THE PANEL OF EXPERTS that is to investigate the Paranormal. The panel is made up of a strange bunch of people who share one thing in common. In their different fields of expertise they readily demonstrate that their thought processes are set in concrete.


The first panel member is from the ‘Establishment-approved’ religion, either a Roman Catholic or a Church of Somewhere Priest. He arrives fully equipped with the strict limitations that will tightly circumscribe any priest's opinions given in public if he wishes to continue to remain in the priesthood.


The next panel member is a well-known psychologist who will safely add authority and weight to his or her utterances. This supposedly will be achieved by frequent talismanic cries of, "Freud said" or of, "Jung said"; but never, never of, "Wilhelm Reich said". Nor for that matter what he or she the psychologist really thinks or believes.


The third member of this sparkly panel of experts is a person who has devoted much time, effort, and litres of ink to the creation of a reputation. The reputation is of one who mercilessly exposes psychic frauds. This person has traveled the world in relentless pursuit of these people from whom a gullible Public must be protected. With this aim in mind, Tax Dodgers, Corrupt Politicians, Mafia Mobsters, and even Serial Killers have been left in peace, and this Expert has written a "BOOK".


The last panel member could best be described as "Vintage Flower Power”. He appears to have become completely lost in the maze of eastern religions, and his sage utterances baffle all within earshot; and very seldom bear on the subject.


Each of these panel members shares something else in common. Their Television careers as members of similar panels in the future depend entirely upon them never allowing themselves to be convinced. No matter how genuine the focus of all this attention, the panel dare not be convinced.


Lastly we meet the focus of all this attention, the person whose paranormal claims are to be investigated. Immediately it is obvious to all that this person has probably never before appeared on Television.


In an atmosphere that's brightness and heat is more conducive to the process that dries raisins, he or she perspires freely and appears nervous. The sophistication of modern TV cameras ensures that the TV viewer will simultaneously see a close-up of the victim's sweat beaded brow, and the facially expressed disbelief of the Panel.


All of this whilst the victim relates his or her story, the story may be about a Near-Death experience whilst under anesthetic. Most of us have heard, or read the familiar descriptions of the subject. As an unconscious patient, our subject realizes that he or she gazes down at his or her body that is surrounded by the surgeons and nurses. Then as this scene fades, his or her gaze is irresistibly drawn to a tunnel that is filled with light at its far end. 


The Panel (who are specialists at Status Quo maintenance) promptly demolish and rationalize the account. They treat us to such authoritative phrases as, "Light Photons trapped in the optic nerves" and " Sub-Conscious Death-Wish Trauma due to childhood feelings of inadequacy", or some such claptrap. Our poor innocent victim stumbles onwards, but has more chance of convincing the studio wall, than of convincing the panel.


Too late dawns the realization that psychic matters cannot be proved to others. They can only be personally experienced. Once they have been personally experienced, proof is superfluous.


Finally the farce ends with the fair-minded presenter's sepulcher-tones, “There are mysteries of the Paranormal that are beyond rational explanation". Then the program grinds to its pre-destined inconclusive conclusion.


The point of our description is not meant to be cynical or judgmental. It is to bring home to you the isolation you will face as a Seeker who seeks the real purpose of your existence. You'll get no help from the Establishment. You are on your own. Even family and friends, who will still love you, may no longer understand the way you think. Be compassionate, because it is you that have changed not them. The more you seek Truth, the more you will change and will know how it feels to be a heretic.


Be consoled and encouraged by the thought that you are among growing numbers of heretics all over the world. Each one is a Lighthouse, and stands alone quietly to affect everyone else simply because he or she stands alone. Eventually the Status quo will consist of a mankind made up entirely of heretics.


Oh! What a great day that will be!


David & Yvonne Brittain, ASCENSION SUPPORT TEAM.


Note: David and Yvonne continuously drew down and anchored the light in France for 15 years from July 1991 until October 2006 when they returned to their homeland England where they continue to do their spiritual work from a small seaside resort in Essex. Donations great or small would be gratefully received and would enable us to continue to spread the knowledge of the Ascension Process.