We used to think we were schizophrenic, but we’re in TWO MINDS ABOUT IT NOW.


No one ever said that the path to ascension would be easy. If anyone had said it, they, no doubt by now, would have revised their ideas. Nothing really worth having is quick and easy. The path to ascension isn’t something you can do it is something that you learn to allow yourself to become. Above all you are required to learn patience, and in particular, patience with yourself. We mean the patience of the old farmer who, in his own timing, prepares the land, plants and nourishes the seeds, and then simply waits. Whilst he waits he gets on with his normal day to day life. Meanwhile, in their own timing, the seeds germinate and then grow into the desired plants.


In truth this is no different to all of us seekers upon the path. Some event or someone planted a seed in each of us and then moved away into our past. This may have happened today, or it might have happened twenty or fifty years ago. Whenever it happened it triggered a process in each of us. It was, and is, a process of growth of conscious, spiritual awareness. Gradually we became convinced that there is more to life than we had previously ever been allowed to suspect. We had always kept our noses to the grindstones to enable us to keep up with the Jones, or maybe we had slavishly followed the trends and fashions. Or whilst we struggled to simply make ends meet there was never time to think.


Then as the seed begins to germinate, for a while we seekers find that we are in two minds about what is and what is not relevant to our search. This particular stage of germination is often a time of difficult decision-making for the seeker. Many types of people feel drawn to the spiritual path. For example, people who have achieved financial success amid the cut and thrust in the ruthlessly competitive world of business.


The seed begins to germinate in these people and then the success that the ambitious drive led to, now seem hollow and pointless to them. These people may genuinely long to become involved in spiritual work of some kind, and yet their greatest difficulty is in altering the way that they think.


Always their principal aim has been to use money for some activity to make yet more money because that is the whole point of being in business. On the same basis, the person in business won’t invest time or money into a project unless he or she is fairly confident of a financial gain. Unfortunately this mode of thought doesn’t fit when the seeker seeks to work for Spirit.


You cannot offer to work for Spirit and then lay down a series of conditions and rules. “Yes I will create this spiritual centre, provided that I get all of my money back, and a profit even if it fails, also provided that meanwhile my present affluent lifestyle remains unchanged.” This does not and cannot work. The seeker gives or does not give, there is no in between. You could ask Spirit to in some way supply the resources needed to achieve the spiritual work. Any other way is pretence.


From our own experience we assure new seekers that Spirit will never let you down. Always, just when needed, the resources arrive, and from the most unexpected avenues. In a similar way for the often tongue-tied seeker, the words will always arrive just when you need them, so as well as learning patience with self, the seeker has to also learn to trust self enough to act despite self-doubts. We all have self-doubts no matter how long we have followed the path. The very ordinariness and isolation of the average seeker’s life generates self-doubt as an ongoing test of faith and trust in self. But these are just the ‘downers’ that soon evaporate when the chance comes to again successfully plant spiritual seeds into fertile soil. Of course it also helps to know that Spirit completely trusts you.


But why does isolation and ordinariness enter the seeker’s scene? Well these two are inherent to the seeker’s life on the path, and again will often leave the seeker to feel in two minds about being upon the path. First let’s consider isolation. Eagerly the seeker will seek and gain more and more knowledge and personal experience of Spirit. As time passes, the seeker begins to think in a wider, more comprehensive manner that always includes Spirit. In meditation and elsewhere the seeker will discover deeper layers of truth that underlie the more obvious and simple truths.


Knowledge of these deeper truths alters the outlook of the seeker. The outlook is altered because the seeker has been altered. Unfortunately the people around the seeker haven’t been altered. Even the ‘nearest and dearest’ of the seeker may feel that their affection for the seeker has become tinged with bafflement. True, that being around the seeker may have triggered something in the ‘nearest and dearest’. But on the conscious level the feeling of bafflement is undeniable. Then the seeker may feel torn between the spiritual path, and the comfort zone of those around the seeker.


With no intention to be patronizing, it is difficult when this stage is reached to find anyone who speaks the same language, or who thinks in the same way as the seeker. We find this in conversation even with highly educated intelligent people who have yet to become seekers. Often it is difficult to find a mutually understood meeting point without retracing our own earlier thinking on our own paths, but we must all learn the patience and humility to be able to do this if we are to avoid creating the negativity of a ‘them and us’ situation.


The fact that we have not exaggerated this difficulty will be obvious to most seekers. Especially if he or she recalls his or her own relief and delight when meeting up with other seekers who have a similar level of knowledge and experience to him or her self. Again, it is no exaggeration to say that such rare meetings are as akin to family reunions as are actual reunions with dearly beloved relatives.


Now we must look at the ordinariness of the seeker’s life. We have sometimes met seekers, who choose to bathe in an enchanted, mystical atmosphere every insignificant detail of their lives. No conversation is complete without coy references to Merlin, to dragons, to fairies to magic wands, or to Atlantis. Maybe this is their way to disguise the ordinariness of their lives, and of course it is their choice. No one, least of all the authors would deny that these mystical and legendary items might truly exist. But to take refuge in these items is to misunderstand the dual role of the seeker, and also to misunderstand the very down to earth ordinariness of the seeker’s life.


The seeker’s role is to seek. The seeker’s spiritual work is as a teacher who, with discernment, passes on the fruits of the search. To achieve this the teacher must be both, flexible, and down to earth enough to be able to relate to the ordinary humdrum life of the student. Obviously the student may have difficulty in relating to the extraordinary fruits of the seeker’s search, this especially so if the seeker also seeks to appear to be extraordinary. We have no idea of when we will ascend. If we are truthful we have no idea whether we are ready to ascend. Meanwhile, just like the farmer, we plod on, living our ordinary lives as best we may. The ascended masters have an advantage that we don’t yet enjoy. They are on a level where the outcomes are already known. We are not. It is now a decade at least since information in regard to the ascension process was channelled from the ascended masters, via Eric Klein. Neither, Eric or the ascended masters ever suggested that the information was new. They only suggested that for mankind the timing then was right. For all of that the information was logical and quite specific in its content.


For the benefit of new seekers it might be helpful if we refresh our knowledge of that information. If you have the taped recordings we suggest that you listen to them again. We suggest this because in the decade since the information was first channelled we have heard many authoritative variations of what individual ascension actually means. It could be no surprise if confusion reigns amongst newcomers to the ascension process path.


Any sensible, down to earth newcomer could be forgiven if he or she retired completely baffled from the new-age scene when faced with the, sincere, but often garbled, way in which ascension information is now offered. Obviously no genuine light worker wants this to happen, so let’s all now aim for some clarity, logic, and consistency to replace the current confusion.


What does the fertile soil of the new seeker need to contain for germination of that seed to begin? What does the Ascension process seed consist of that we try to plant into the new seeker?


The Ascension process is a process of continuous evolvement. A new seeker’s fair question would be the continuous evolvement of what to what? The efforts of NASA so far have revealed that apparently Planet Earth is a lone island of vibrant, evolving life amid a Solar system of planets without life. Some of these other planets possibly did, or possibly one day could support physical life, as we know it. This is within the public domain of media-gained general knowledge.

Also within that domain is the Hubble deep-space telescope-proven knowledge that our physical universe isn’t permanent. It is a gigantic explosion amid which for now we all physically exist.


During the last decade a series of science fiction type films have, with worldwide release, all helped to shatter the rigidity of human mind barriers. These films have helped to open mankind’s consciousness to the pricelessly precious role of individualised, conscious, aware intelligence. Also to the possibility that there is no limitation set upon the physical, mental, and spiritual levels and powers achievable by individualised intelligence, although maybe not in the way that we have phrased it here.


Even in the comfort and security of home these human mind barriers have been relentlessly assailed. The flexible, far-ranging thoughts and ideas of those re-born special souls that we think of as children, have profoundly affected the thinking of their parents. Today’s children, teenagers, and young adults, all have a natural affinity with the communication possibilities of computers. The computer is simply a tool that may be used for good or evil purposes. But it cannot be coincidence that, via the younger generations of mankind, humans are learning first-hand to communicate and relate to each other all over the world.


Light workers who are also net-workers would be familiar with the point we are making. They already know how direct communication between individuals who are separated by great distances; shatters outdated nationally cherished stereotyped images of ‘those foreigners’. It becomes more and more difficult to relate the personally gained impression of these people to the negative images of them that our leaders via the media offer to us. This same difficulty is now being faced and deeply thought about by many individual members of mankind, whatever his or her nationality, politics or religion.


The tight little circle of family and trusted friends is rapidly widening to include and to trust more and more new friends who may live anywhere in the world. As mind barriers are shattered fear dissolves to be replaced by healthy curiosity. This is the fertile soil that contains most of what is needed for the germination of spiritual seeds.


Technology and Science fiction/fantasy have prepared, and are preparing, the soil. But the spiritual seeds we light workers offer to new seekers must be based in logic and intelligent, clear thought. For example it is not enough for new seekers to be offered wise ascended masters who exist in non-physical dimensions. The new seeker only has his or her, own physical point of view to work from. He or she will demand to know how and why, and from where, did the masters ascend? Also how and from where did the masters gain their great wisdom and special powers? These are reasonable questions to be expected from folk taught from birth to believe they only have one all too short life in which to learn or to gain anything, everything before or after that brief life span is for many people a vague and woolly, half-forgotten, religious jumble. These people found it too confusing and so simply accepted and never questioned or analyzed it.


To sow the Ascension Process seeds must include a genuine effort from all of us light workers. First we must help new seekers to comprehend the logic and mechanism of reincarnation as an acceptable alternative to the learning-time limitations of their present vague or fixed beliefs.


Coupled with the knowledge of the temporary (classroom) nature of the physical universe, this makes it easier to relate to masters who have ascended into non-physical dimensions. It also becomes easier to relate to the masters when the seeker realizes that he or she is on the same physical/spiritual path that many of the masters had to follow before being able to ascend. Give the seeker the knowledge of an unlimited succession of physical lives already lived with intervals on the astral levels in between. It then becomes feasible that any genuine seeker could gain similar great wisdom and ascension to that of the ascended masters. Also, the reason why ascended masters are known as masters is because they have completely mastered self. With this knowledge it becomes easier for the seeker to understand why he or she must also learn to completely understand and master self.


Earlier we mentioned the channeling received through Eric Klein. We are forever on guard against our own wishful thinking.  So whilst we listened to the tapes we were drawn not so much to who was being channeled, but more to the logical content of the channeled information. The information mentioned three waves of ascension. But it was made very clear that ascension from the physical is achieved only on the individual readiness basis. The first of the three waves referred the many individuals who originally received, and began to disseminate, the information, this whilst continually working upon themselves.


The second wave refers to the many more individuals who received the information from the first wavers and then are doing the same. The third wave refers to the rest of mankind who received and could accept the information from the second wavers. But no time spans were specified for the ascension of anyone.


The information clearly stated that ascension includes the wearer’s current physical body. Not in its flesh and blood physical form but transformed into its basic pre-sub-atomic energy structure by the power of its wearer’s self-enhanced intelligence. Or if you prefer, matter transformed to energy, raised in power-level to that of the fifth dimension. Elsewhere in our books about the ascension process we have in detail explained the logical reasons why this is a necessary requirement for those who are to ascend. In this limited space we will simply explain that this basic energy structure would not be needed if we were intended to remain as dependent parts of our Creator’s Creation.


There is another stumbling block that worries would-be teachers of ascension. It concerns the involvement of fleets of extremely physical spacecraft in what many may feel should be a purely religious-spiritual, mystical, non-physical experience. So now let’s aim for some clarity. There is nothing spiritual, religious or mystical about the ascension process, nor about those who have already ascended or those who will ascend. Ascension simply means the path to further evolvement of individual human intelligence. We have had to evolve to reach our present human (I AM) individual conscious awareness.


The physical universe is only designed as a safe physical classroom for life force that has yet to evolve to that individual ‘I am’ intelligence level. At that level it should have learnt its lessons. It should have learnt to live virtuously with harmony and balance, and not to exist as an individual ‘I am’ intelligence ruled by mind’s emotions and fears. Once these lessons are thoroughly learnt there is no reason to remain trapped in the physical. Unfortunately, as Mother Earth readies herself to ascend, most of mankind has yet to consciously choose to learn these lessons.


For many people physical is reality and non-physical is unreality instead of the reverse of this, and so many people will have to change the way that they think. They may sincerely believe in ascension and wish to ascend but only they can alter the way that they think. The whole point and purpose of our Creator’s Creation is this. It is all about the evolvement of individualized, completely independent, (I am) intelligent, self-created fellow creators. That we choose to name ‘The Spiritual Path’ is simply the obvious and basic common sense approach to our existence as individual creators. Only after we have tried every other way does it then become obvious, hence the need for time to learn from our mistakes


No ascended human being will ever again need a physical planet as a base. What happens to those countless people who want to ascend but are not yet ready to ascend? These people, in the physical, would continue to need food, sleep, and safe shelter whilst they continue to work upon their selves. Any planet that ascends completely leaves physical existence, so there would be no physical shelter to be found upon Earth. As is the case with other physical races in the physical universe, mankind should have been ready to ascend before or simultaneously with its mother planet. Unfortunately for mankind it isn’t ready to ascend, but the ascended masters have planned for this contingency. The ascended masters exist on a level where the creation of thought structures becomes a way of life.


If we keep this fact in mind it makes sense that they have created, as thought structures, a fleet of huge space vehicles for the role of safe shelters for during and after Earth ascends. When needed, these thought structures would enter the astral vortex to then become manifest in their intended physical forms. Also, already created as a thought structure, is a temporary replacement planet. So this space fleet and this planet are not science fiction. These are intended to simply allow mankind the required time needed to ascend. All of this should be child’s play to the ascended masters. If it is not child’s play, we will be in ‘two minds’ about striving to join them on their level.


Love and laughter from David and Yvonne Brittain.


Please feel free to network this article, but only in its unaltered entirety. As usual we offer our psychic services and publications to all that require them. Equally we offer a welcome to all seekers who may like to make contact with us on their sometimes very lonely path.

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