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A dream mirrors your current outlook upon life. For example, unlike a movie film a dream doesn’t start and end with a title and credits. Instead the content of the dream gently impinges upon your awareness, as does your role in the dreamed situation, and this not always with your awareness that it is a dream. In a dream you have no idea what has passed and how you dealt with it. Also you have no idea what lies ahead or how you will deal with that either. Just like daily life it all seems quite natural and is only affected by your current outlook upon life.


We find it impossible to accept that dreams are simply the ‘action replay’ products of an over-taxed physical brain. A brain that co-ordinates a selection of physical organs to co-operate with each other to become a human physical body. When the human body dies it is left behind whilst the individualised, intelligent life force moves first to the Interlife zone between physical and astral existence. There, sans physical brain, the ability to dream goes on. In some way this has to be linked with our sudden and involuntary appearances in dreams, as if each of us exists simultaneously on more than one level.


In the dream maybe you are driving your car, but you don’t feel any need to recall the moment when you previously entered the car and started the engine. But to become aware in the dream sequence that you are now at the steering wheel of a moving vehicle, you must have started the car before your awareness arrived in the dream. Otherwise there would be a sense of shocked dis-orientation to suddenly become aware that you are conscious and driving a vehicle.


There is no sense of shock felt, but equally there is no sense of conscious awareness that you are actually in bed and experiencing a dream. So a dream is very different to meditation, and also is very different to what is experienced during past-lives regression therapy. The one who is regressed is at all times simultaneously aware of his or her situation, both, on the therapist’s couch, and as an observer immersed in a past life. Similarly in meditation, the presence and location of the physical body is seldom completely forgotten.


I have used the example of the dream-state car driver because in 1990 I frequently experienced the reverse of this. As a telephone engineer who worked a long distance from base, to return to base often required a long drive. I could recall starting the engine and driving the van en route for my base. But often with a sensation of alarm I would realise that for the last twenty miles my mind was a complete blank. I had driven safely and automatically even through villages and country lanes, but with no idea where my consciousness had been whilst doing it. Of course we may dismiss this simply as fatigue-induced daydreaming, but it doesn’t answer the question.


Whilst our completely forgotten physical body relaxes in sleep, we dream. What we remember of our dreams often reflects the same conscious level of understanding as we enjoy when awake and physically active. From this I can only assume that during my blank periods whilst physically driving my van, my consciousness ascended to a higher level than I normally enjoy. Possibly this is why I could not recall even an inkling of where my awareness had been or what it had been doing. The experience would probably be incomprehensible, on my normal level of understanding. Around the same time the pattern and structure of my sleeping dreams altered. Sometimes when I physically awakened I would realise I had not only been dreaming, but that in my dream I was sleeping and woke up from a dream. Often I could recall details of my dream including details of the dream I had experienced in the dream. Next I found that occasionally my conscious awareness could alter and have an effect on events in the dreams.





This leaves us to wonder who continues to drive the dream sequence car when suddenly the alarm clock rouses us from sleep? Maybe the driver-less dream car then crashes into a dream lamppost, or maybe on some level, as with my van journey, we complete the dreamed-of car journey. Whilst we experience it the dream is as real as our experiences when awake. At first to the reader, much of this may seem to be just obscure ramblings until we give it some thought.


My boyhood chore was to regularly be sent to the local garage. Like most working families of that era we didn’t own a car. But the local garage kept everyone’s acid-filled glass accumulators charged up to power a source of news, entertainment, and dreams, called a ‘Wireless’. The accumulator fitted into the dusty, dark, warm interior of the wireless amid glass valves that glowed, a dull red. But the dreams were emitted via a black gauze circle covered by a fret-worked, varnished wooden grille. There each evening, our relaxed physical bodies would be forgotten. My Great Aunt Elsie, in her late sixties, and her great nephew of seven years, yours truly (a WW2 evacuee of London) slipped out of harsh wartime reality and into dreams, provided by the BBC. Light programme.


Today, after what seems like at least six million years later but really is less than six decades, what has changed? We have shuffled over to homes powered by AC instead of DC electricity, and our glass valves have evolved to transistors and microprocessors. A flickering screen that boosts our worldly education also renders to obsolescence our imagination. TV now replaces our black gauze circle that used to allow our imagination to paint in the details of the dreams. The near future offers for those far more agile than the authors a gyroscope shaped frame. Once strapped into this gimballed device there are no limits to the computerised virtual-reality dreams that the one who is strapped-in may or may not enjoy. The technology is more advanced, but the aim is identical; it is to experience existence with the restrictions of the physical body forgotten.


Each evening our television offers to our numbed senses larger than life versions of reality in films. The film story may be about a keep-fit obsessed top fashion model who witnesses a Mafia crime, and so must be given police protection. The exciting, fast-moving film plot is each time always brought to a grinding halt. This happens whilst the (also keep fit obsessed) detective and the top fashion model, within moments of first meeting each other, determinedly expose their ‘all’ for their ‘art’. Next they offer us a prolonged display of garment-shredding lust that would surely hospitalise most people for a month. Today’s film heroes are pain-proofed supermen with designer-stubble, and our film heroines no longer swoon, but instead are deadly kick-boxers. No car may simply crash in a film, now it must explode as if packed to the roof with dynamite.


The last paragraph is far from being a narrow-minded diatribe against copycat success formulas used in the world of filmmaking, far from it, after all the viewer’s choice is to switch off the set. More and more filmmakers are also using paranormal themes to shatter clung-to medieval ideas about physical matter. These films easily blend scientific and psychic knowledge.


The point we are making is the general dis-satisfaction that mankind sub-consciously feels at the ever-present limitations of the human body. What we passively accept without protest from our world of entertainment mirrors our discontent. The whole of mankind longs to be more than it is, and more than it knows it can ever be whilst in physical existence.


Unfortunately the same world of entertainment also mirrors the stunted imagination of a mankind that cannot imagine a non-physical personal existence. Most can accept the idea for other ‘very special’ people, but not for themselves because ‘they’ can’t be ‘special’. Sadly the modern day teachers of established religions continue to rehash and to teach these medieval ideas.

During those medieval times, these inaccurate, distorted ideas were based on conjecture with no available scientifically proven knowledge. To promulgate in the name of God the same medieval inaccurate, inflexible conjecture today is unforgivable.


For this reason from time to time in our articles we try in a non-technical way to describe the real nature of physical matter. We try to help new seekers to think of physical existence as a limited and temporary, but linked, extension of non-physical existence. This is not an easy task. Intellectually most people of modern times realise that physical matter and space is formed from tightly controlled energy compelled to form itself into atoms. This very real energy can only arrive from the very real non-physical levels. So really the main stumbling blocks are the names non-physical and physical. What names we could use instead are difficult to imagine.


We have allowed our thinking to become locked into physicality as sensed by our physical senses. As a silly example, we can easily imagine water that becomes steam, or water that becomes a block of solid ice. Our difficulty arises when we try to imagine just how much steam would need to be condensed to create a block of ice. But steam is as real as is water and as is ice.


In a similar way we now can accept that our bodies are formed from atoms of controlled whirling energy, as is the entire physical universe. Also it no longer requires our stunted imagination to comprehend the amount of energy that is released when men tamper with that control. Our difficulty arises when we place the two irrefutable facts together only to discover that our physical existence is an illusion based on an in-flowing matrix of intelligently controlled, very real energy. In short the whole thing is another dream from which it is now time to awaken.


Obviously while we choose exist in it we all have to live by the rules of the illusion. The scientifically proven knowledge that everything solid is really a matrix of energy is unhelpful, and makes it no less painful, if you drop a rock on your foot. But you can allow the same knowledge to expand the way in which you regard self. Human bodies are too tiny to be seen on the televised weather satellite photos of planet Earth. Earth itself, for all of its size would be just another tiny point of light as seen from Mars or Venus. The entire Solar system would be yet another tiny point of light if viewed from another star, and so on.


If we could step backwards to view from outside the entire physical universe as it expands from its centre, what would we see? We would see a selection of variously sized conglomerations of atoms hurtling blindly outwards from a common centre. Each atom is formed from the same source of energy, as are the atoms of the human body. So we needn’t allow comparisons of size and distance to intimidate us. Instead we may allow ourselves to realise just how pointless the existence of the physical universe would be if we conscious, aware humans individually weren’t here for a while to comprehend its transient beauty.


The physical universe was created from the energy source of an alive, conscious, self-created, aware intelligence. We may have been taught to call that intelligence, God, or Father/ Mother, or Allah. The whole point of the exercise was to create a safe cradle and classroom for life force to evolve to the same self-created level of conscious awareness as its creator. So the whole point of our physical existence is to permanently leave its restrictions and limitations. We can only do this if we gain enough awareness to overcome our fears and self-doubts.


Only then will we truly comprehend the freedom that awaits us in that misnomer, “the non-physical.”  It is a misnomer because even during physical existence the one you always think of as ‘Me’ continues to be non-physical. This means that non-physical ‘Me’ must always view limited physical existence via the limitations set by physical senses. To be able to enter physical existence always we all must leave behind on the astral our knowledge of the larger picture and our true purpose. For this reason we may hardly be blamed if we are fooled by the illusion.


Often, in doom-laden tones we are knowingly informed that eleven men control the entire resources of the world. If this is true we feel as sorry for those eleven men, as we do for all dominant, ambitious people including real-life Mafia bosses, because they all are trapped by hidden fear, as are their victims. Very early in life a tramp learns to trust life. He or she also learns that power over others and possessions are millstones that slow you down and divert you from enjoying this moment called ‘Now’. Ambition and a thirst for power are very poor substitutes for trust as a chosen way of life.


The tramp always enjoys self-trust and freedom. The ambitious will never know any kind of trust or freedom because ambition is a heavy, cruel, and merciless taskmaster. On that basis those hidden eleven most rich and powerful men must be the poorest, most deprived of love, men in the world.


Of what do their nightmares consist? That maybe they will run out of cash made of atoms made of whirling energy? Of what do their private dreams of their future consist? Do they dream of a time when, just like the tramp, they will be free to trust, to love and be loved? To completely relax, and to thoroughly enjoy a long dreamed of 'Now'? Meanwhile, somewhere between the hidden eleven and the tramp… ”All we ever do is dream, dream and dream our physical lives away.”


Love and laughter from David and Yvonne Brittain



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Note: David and Yvonne continuously drew down and anchored the light in France for 15 years from July 1991 until October 2006 when they returned to their homeland England where they continue to do their spiritual work from a small seaside resort in Essex. Donations great or small would be gratefully received and would enable us to continue to spread the knowledge of the Ascension Process.