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Fear has a lot to answer for, and so does mankind who uses fear to build cosy but rigid walls around his and her thought processes. Fear stifles freethinking and originality. Have you noticed on the television, when a producer of adverts or of films produces a successful idea? All the other, highly-paid-for-originality, producers jump onto the bandwagon with tiny variations of the same idea. Why are people so afraid of being original? Who ever gained any real satisfaction from being an unquestioning follower of this trend or that fashion, of this type of politics, or that type of religion? Granted this way of thinking is safe because if everyone does it we can fool ourselves into believing that it must be right. Safe because we can remain merged in the crowd scene even though this means we all drift about like flotsam on the tide.


Unfortunately exactly the same applies for many seekers when they involve themselves in that misnomer, New Age Thought; misnomer because much of it is culled from ancient eastern belief systems. The belief systems themselves are an uneasy amalgam. The handed-down interpretations by many non-psychic people of psychic guidance received long ago by people who we are told were psychic. The seekers of the west fled in droves from the calcification by tradition of the established Christian church. Those same seekers then faced more calcification, this time offered with an eastern flavour. As a seeker it is vital that you break down those walls of self-doubt and fear that hold your thoughts and your imagination in check.


After the Ascended Masters made the Ascension information generally known they then withdrew to let all of us seekers get on with working on ourselves. Until they gained mastery of self, the masters from their own experience knew only too well the human tendency to take the easy way of relying on others instead of relying upon self. Despite the withdrawal of the masters there is an abundance of what is described as ‘channelled information from Ascended Masters’ available now. Whether or not that information is accurate and undistorted it usually is offered with sincerity. But sincerity is not enough when it is you that is the recipient. It is important to remember at all times that like most of us, during your childhood you were lovingly conditioned to set definite limits on what you could eventually become. Those who loved you instilled this into you to prepare you for the future disappointments that their own experience and conditioning had taught them to expect. Such a conditioning leaves us all vulnerable to the confused thinking of so-called spiritual teachers, who probably received a similar childhood conditioning to the rest of us. Each of us must burst through that conditioning and expand our horizons. This applies to all but especially to those sincere would-be teachers of spirituality.


To be a seeker means that for now we have to somehow live on two different levels at the same time. We have no choice to make because we made the choice when we decided to re-enter this crazy physical existence at this fantastically exciting period of mankind’s history.


We have to live simultaneously on two levels. If this isn’t a form of repaying personal Karmic debts, only God knows what is. The difficult thought to keep in mind is that our familiar level is contained as a temporary part of that other level. Compared to our familiar level, the Ascension Path to that other level is a piece of cake in its simplicity and straightforwardness. If like the eastern guru we each had our own Himalayan cave we could then, undisturbed, concentrate all our thoughts on emotional blockage clearing ready for ascension.

But no, we have to exist on, and fit into, this level with its mixed up people who live by crazy rules. These are crazy rules, which insist that people are less important than profits are, and which insist that organisations must outlive their usefulness. A world where imagination must be so atrophied it cannot be stretched to imagine that mankind could survive and thrive after the death of competition. It would be easier to fit in if, like the many, we were unaware that higher levels exist Described like that it sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But it’s not limited to our humdrum daily existence we also take our undernourished powers of imagination into our local church or to our “New-Age” group meditation. Whichever we go to, we are expected to rejoice when we are told that eventually we will be part of some celestial crowd-scene; western or eastern version.


The danger is that unwittingly you will allow that same early conditioning to influence your thinking in your role as a seeker. For that reason you must re-condition yourself to instead believe and to “Know” there are no limits to what YOU eventually, not may but WILL become. Any information that suggests there are limits should be regarded with suspicion no matter whence the source. At first it is a frightening idea for anyone to accept; that the purpose of the Creator’s entire Creation is to enable you, whoever you are, to be able to leave the creator’s creation so that you may become a creator just like the Creator that created you.


This is the only idea that makes sense of our existence as unique individuals. Even so, it is such a vast idea to absorb it is understandable when the pain of over-stretched imagination drives seekers to seek refuge in another idea. That Ashtar Command, and teams of Ascended Masters, stands poised to tell us what to do when the time arrives, or that some great inter-dimensional galactic federation is waiting to absorb us all, and to take us by the hand and do our thinking for us. No one will need to tell any of us what to do, or to think for us when the time comes because the knowledge is already in each of us. Just like the suddenly cured amnesiac, You Will Know!


Even if we ignore the aeons of leaning on others we did before Lord Sananda’s last public visit, we cannot ignore the fact that we’ve all indulged in two thousand years of leaning ever since, and where has it got us? idiots who regard all of us as idiots lead us all. This is the crazy confused world we all are born into and we have to live with it. Probably archaeologists will one day soon uncover ancient anonymous graffiti, incised on a stone tablet in Atlantean or Sanskrit. It may translate as, “Someone should do something about it”. Or, “Apathy Rules! If that’s alright with all of you?” This will demonstrate yet again that leaning on others is no new phenomenon.


But leaning on others has to stop when we cast our thoughts forward to our individual ascension. This is the whole point of learning to love your self. More difficult than this you must learn to like yourself; to enjoy being YOU, to enjoy and feel fulfilled by your own company. You don’t become anti-social, uncaring, or unfriendly, you simply teach yourself not to NEED people, even though they may continue to feel that they need you. The moment you stop needing people your whole way of thinking alters. In fact, at last you are free to think for yourself. Suddenly you realise that simply because countless millions of people (including your family and friends) believe this, or believe that, doesn’t automatically make true what they believe. Most of those millions of people take the easy way by not questioning what they were taught by their teachers of religion. Even the teachers of those millions mustn’t question the rigidity of what they teach if they wish to remain as teachers. This is the complete opposite to the absolute flexibility needed for the expanded thinking we must use on our individual spiritual paths.


When we live in a crowd each of us places a high value on our individual freewill. This is clearly demonstrated by the resentment that we feel when others seek to deny us of our freewill. If each of us lived alone on our own tropical island, the concept of individual freewill would then become meaningless to each of us. This may seem an either obvious or obscure observation until we give it thought.

Each individual plays a multiplicity of character parts, one character per physical life, during a long sequence of physical lives. It is the same individual who plays out his or her sequence throughout. As we know, we mustn’t confuse the character parts that the same he or she plays in those lives with the real person that he or she is on the Astral. Equally we mustn’t forget that when he or she ascends to the masters level it will be as that same real he or she that has lived out, and then risen above his or her own sequence of physical and astral existences. Unfortunately much of what are offered as new-age teachings appear to become confused and blurred when we try to move beyond this point. The stumbling block that causes the confusion is this. It is a reluctance to accept the pain of the idea that a great deal exists for us beyond our cosy parental image of our Creator. But despite the pain, consider the idea for a few moments.


So far what we are taught is based on ancient conjecture, that all there is, is the Creator, and that the Creator’s Creation is the product of the Creator’s intelligence and imagination. This includes all of us plodding around down here. If we accept this conjecture as fact we then have to also accept the eastern and new age offered scenario. This scenario implies that when our Creator has finished playing mind-games, all of we imaginary “Me’s” with our illusionary individual freewill then will be drawn back to merge as one central “Me”. Various unconvincing reasons are given to explain why our Creator indulges in such pointless behaviour. Alternatively we must accept the Christian scenario, which, if we try to pin it down, seems to offer us little more than an audience role in Heaven, or on a rejuvenated Earth under the benevolent leadership of Jesus. These offered scenarios always fail to explain how a Creator becomes a Creator in the first place.


In our self-published book, “A common sense approach to creation” we have explored in depth a scenario that conjectures that our Creator is part of a process that creates Creators. Contact us if you would like to have the book. For now just consider how the mind-stretching idea we have offered changes the scenario that can be built. Instead of being temporary figments of our Creator’s imagination, or God’s eternally dependent children, we find that each of us is a very real individual, self-created for a very definite purpose. The purpose is to evolve to our Creator’s level because we are part of the process that creates Creators, just as is our Creator a part.


The beauty of this scenario is that the great store of ancient wisdom used to build the traditional scenarios still applies when re-interpreted. For example: Yes of course Creation is created from our Creator’s energies, intelligence, and imagination. This means that, the masters and the slaves, the hunters and the hunted, the manipulators and the manipulated, the beloved friends and the hated enemies, all are formed from, and linked by, the same energies of our Creator. The individual’s freewill that we discussed earlier, consciously or unconsciously decides whether those energies will be used positively or negatively. In this sense we could say that our Creator simply provides the very best resources and lets each of us decide how to use them from moment to moment. We can’t see beyond this moment and so we all make mistakes. Gradually as we gain experience we make less mistakes, including the mistake of judging others and ourselves.


This brings us to that familiar phrase, “Physical existence is simply a classroom and we are the students”. But then we have to ask, “To learn what?” Let’s look at the context of the Central “Me” mind-games scenario. In this our Creator is assigned the role of a lone adult who has decided to pretend to be a school for infants, and also to be all of the infants that attend the school. At some unspecified point the mind game ends, and so does our existence as unique, self-created individuals. No one would deny the classroom function or our presence in that classroom. Nor would we deny that each of us is linked to each other, is linked to all creation, and is a product of our Creator’s mind. In that sense our Creator and we are the same being. But there is a different way of looking at the same belief. Here we will use a comparison we have used before. We will compare our Creator to an oak tree in a forest of oak trees. Then we will compare our relationship to Our Creator to that of the acorns the oak tree will produce. The oak tree itself was once an acorn that left its parent tree.

But before the acorn could leave the tree it had to contain everything it needed to be able to exist independently to create its own unique version of an oak tree. Until the acorn fulfilled all these requirements it remained an integral part of, and totally dependent on its parent tree for its continued existence. What applies to our Creator must also apply to us. We are part of an ongoing process that creates Creators, but not like clones, each Creator is unique and self-created from an existing creator’s energies. This explains why each of us is endowed with the freewill that guarantees the uniqueness of each individual. We have a long climb ahead to the level of the independent Creators, but we are not alone. Every trace of life force in the universe is striving to evolve to that level. This is the real reason for the classroom. Below the Human “Me” intelligence level the striving to evolve is unconscious. At the human level, conscious freewill choice to evolve or not enters the scene. Hence the confusion in a world divided between people who are aware and have made the choice, and people who don’t yet realise they have a choice to make. Who else is on this climb, your lovely cat or dog and also their fleas, if they have any? Also on the climb is the man who has been condemned to many years of imprisonment for his crimes. The ascended masters also are on the same climb as all of us, because there are many, many grades to ascend even after we ascend out of this ancient physical classroom.


If each of us is like an acorn, ultimately each of us, in our individual timing, will choose to leave the crowd scene, to venture alone to create, where no Creator has been before. This is why we again urge each of you to learn to feel enriched and fulfilled simply by your own presence. We may now attempt to re-interpret the belief that we all blend to become one central “Me”. Individuals don’t think of themselves by name, each thinks of self as, “Me”. As an infant, me would only care about me. As a youngster, the ring, that me will care about, expands to include family and friends. As an adult me, the ring enlarges to include more and more that me cares about. So now we must regard mankind in a slightly different way. For each of us life after life our ring of caring expands wider and wider until our Creator’s Creation becomes filled to overflowing with ever-expanding individual rings. Each ring eventually will expand to include our parent Creator and all of creation. At that stage we would know that though we will always love and adore our parent we no longer need what our parent has always supplied. Individually we will know that it is our turn to be the supplier. The purpose of our descension into and ascension out of physical matter is to collect our individual energy source (the basic energy structure of a human body). This energy source will enable each of us to depart from and to be independent of our Creator’s Creation. Will you choose fear, or will you choose expanded thinking? It’s your choice.




Note: David and Yvonne continuously drew down and anchored the light in France for 15 years from July 1991 until October 2006 when they returned to their homeland England where they continue to do their spiritual work from a small seaside resort in Essex. Donations great or small would be gratefully received and would enable us to continue to spread the knowledge of the Ascension Process.