A question to idly ponder in a bus queue, but to get common-sense answers will require more than just idle thought. As a preamble to the subject of this article let’s explore the less obvious aspects of the relationship between human he and she in the everyday world.


Except for brief periods of Mankind’s history, it has been the gender with the powerful muscles that decided God is HE.  How men came to that conclusion defies logic, even though why they came to that conclusion doesn’t. Man is from birth conditioned to look outwards only. This leaves Woman with no choice but to look inward to protect him.


This urge of the wife and mother to protect her husband and children leads her to discover, use and trust her Intuition; her intuitional link to her Higher Self: This though maybe she’s never heard of a Higher Self. Because she probably lacks any form of psychic training, the answers and guidance that she receives from her Intuition will lack specifics, and will be limited to powerful feelings or emotions.


Her intuitional link, based on need to protect her own, allows her access to the future. In terms of daily life this means that when Hubby describes to her this wonderful foolproof plan some other man has talked him into, Wifey instinctively consults her intuition only to be filled with a feeling of dread. She KNOWS the plan will fail. She can’t tell Hubby how or why the plan will fail...She just KNOWS. Of course the infuriating thing for Hubby is that her intuition always turns out to be correct. We don’t mean specially gifted women. We mean ALL women have this ability.


Of course ALL men have this same ability; this intuitional link but conditioned as they are, to only trust intellect and logic, they seldom if ever, look inside. Because of this, each man is vulnerable to the depredations of other men: Thus we hear that laughably tragic cry, “It’s a Man’s World”. But it’s not a man’s world. It is a few men’s world and all the rest tag along, talked into competing with each other. Talked into submitting their freewill to be directed by other men, and mind conditioned to rely upon other men to think for them, to form their political opinions, their religious beliefs, to fan their prejudices and fears when expedient to do so. To manipulate them into believing the will of the few is the will of the many.

Firmly standing between the manipulators and the manipulated is Woman, plus her intuition.


From the last sentence it will be no surprise that women have never been popular with religious or political manipulators of men’s minds; and haven’t been since the dawn of Mankind’s history.  The result for the planetary consciousness is a state of unbalance heavily weighted towards the masculine aspect Again we return to FEAR as the basic motive why one man would wish to manipulate other men: to gain power over them; to feel secure, to feel safe. But this doesn’t answer the question:


WHY HE? WHY SHE, in the first place?


The ancient wisdom tells us that we humans were created by our Creator to become independent, unique Creator Gods in our own right. If the ancient wisdom is true we owe it to ourselves to at least try to comprehend how this could be achieved. To comprehend how requires each of us to think deeply about the structure of the Creator’s creation, and where and why we fit into that structure. We must not allow ourselves to be satisfied with blurred and vague answers to the questions our search for comprehension will certainly raise.


We have to look at our Creator, as our Creator is. Not as we wish our Creator to be. Not as we were taught or conditioned to believe. But as our Creator can only be: A perfect blend of HE and SHE that when blended became something that transcends both. Yet both HE and She must always be present to make this possible. This immediately raises a question that our exploration will seek to answer. How could any individual human become an independent creator god if to be a god requires the presence of both He and She? Each human is either He or She.


The ancient wisdom tells us that this Transcended Being, our Creator, is perfect, and exists on what we could name, the Perfection Level or the dimension of perfection. So now we must define what we mean by the word Perfection. Everyone has a different version of the meaning, and this depends on the context in which it is used. It’s meaning varies even more when used in reference to the Creator.


If Perfection is a state we must strive for, and is the state and the ongoing only way of life for our Creator, clearly we have a long way to go. Our Creator is non-physical so must be a mind with a mind’s ability to think, to imagine, to create creations in that mind. This is similar to all of us. We are able think, imagine, and create creations in our minds. The difference is of course that for us to make the creations of mind physical we have to use physical matter made of energies generated by our non-physical Creator’s mind and imagination. So here we see a vast difference in power-levels of thought: But not only power-levels, also speed of thought and speed of existence. Even on this poor old planet we don’t all think at the same speed, far from it sad to say. But even with the fastest thinker on Earth, his or her speed of thought could probably be measured. This is the only difference between our Creator and us. To achieve the Perfection level is to achieve perfect instantaneous thought. The thought and the creation are instantaneous.


The Perfection Level is the highest power-level of thought; it is instantaneous thought and instantaneous existence. Used in this context, the phrase, “Less than perfect” simply means less than instantaneous. Sadly countless generations of worshippers have been taught to regard themselves as less than perfect, and as such, abject sinners. Well that’s a large idea to digest. Where on Earth does poor old He and She enter the scene?


Difficult though it may be to believe, our perfect Creator has to overcome problems caused simply by existing on that Perfection Level.

Many people truly believe that our Creator exists in an ongoing of state of ‘quivering perfect bliss’ that we all some day will share. That meanwhile, all of us unique humans are the result of our Creator’s mental exercise to gain experience of separation and of physical existence. In the authors’ opinions this is another example of confusion over the meaning of the word perfection.


The ancient wisdom that we mentioned reminds us again and again “Below is a reflection of above”. This is another way to say that all the clues to our destiny lie around us, and inside us. Around us, from the lowest to the highest life forms we see striving, evolving, climbing. On the human level we observe conscious or unconscious ongoing expression of individual uniqueness. This striving is not to reach a state of quivering, non-thinking, eternal bliss. The yearning; though we may not realise it, is to express that individual uniqueness on that fastest highest, power-level of thought


We mentioned the Creator’s problems on the Perfection level. Actually the solution was contained in the problem. You see, whilst a Creator is content to create perfect creations, there are no problems. Only if the Creator decides to create creations that are not perfect, do the problems arise. Nothing imperfect can exist on the Perfection Level, and by imperfect we mean less than instantaneous. Let us explain what this means.


As an example let us compare our Creator’s mind with the creative mind of an author or playwright here on Earth. Our writer decides upon a story line. Where and when the story will take place. Finally the characters must be built who will appear in the story. Because the writer is skilled at the job, when you read the story, or watch the play, the characters seem absolutely like real people. The truth is they are creations of the writer’s imagination; their thoughts, ideas and comments are really the writer’s. The characters are creations of, and trapped in, the writer’s mind, because even on stage all the members of the cast must rigidly stick to the writer’s script.


Now do you see the problem? Our Creator wanted to create actors and actresses who had the freewill to make up their own lines in the Play as its story unfolds. With the freedom of being less than perfect, they would have freewill choice. Who are these freewill endowed creations? All of mankind, but how whilst the Creator remained on the Perfection Level?


Had our Creator been only HE or SHE the task would have been impossible. Only as a perfect blend of both could it become possible to create less than perfect creations.  The problem provided the solution.  The blended Creator Mind simply created in that mind, the image of just the masculine part or aspect of that mind. Without the feminine part or aspect the image once created had to exist somewhere but was incomplete, and so less than perfect (less than instantaneous). As such it couldn’t remain on the Perfection Level. In this way a less than perfect level was created, that contained the created image of the masculine aspect of the perfect blended Creator mind. This image became the link between the two levels. It had the creative powers of the masculine aspect of its creator, and because the level was less than perfect this masculine aspect image has freewill.  This is where people often become confused, so let us summarise be clear about what we have so far.

 We have a perfectly blended Creator mind that cannot leave the Perfection Level. This mind has found a way to create a less than perfect level. But this is not enough because next our perfect creator has somehow to pass the imagined creations of that perfect blended mind into the less than perfect level where they may be re-created endowed with freewill choice. The only way this could be achieved was by the creation of a second image in the perfect blended mind, this time only of the feminine aspect of the perfect blended mind. Just like the masculine image the feminine image was incomplete and so unable to remain on the Perfection Level and so another level was created below the perfect level. This second image was endowed with freewill, and the creative and intuitive powers of the feminine part of the perfect blended mind. This second image is the communications link between the first created image (masculine) and the Creator blended mind. Here you may have noticed a similarity to the use of woman’s intuitional link that we discussed as a preamble to this article.


The perfect blended mind has passed this second image through the masculine link to create another less than perfect level. Here we have described the creation of what is sometimes known as God the Father (masculine aspect) and God the Mother (feminine aspect). Individually both have creative powers. They cannot blend but must combine to be at their fullest powers. Please remember we are discussing intelligent, living energy thought forms that are not physical beings. The whole point of this exercise is to create stepping-stones for the Perfect blended Mind to remain on the Perfection Level, and also to be able to indirectly enter the less than perfect levels. This third stepping-stone is the first combined act of re-creation by the two separated aspects, and is named, God the Son/Daughter. These two aspects remain together and work as one being.


The masculine and feminine images for their first joint creation have combined their separate powers to re-create in the less than perfect levels an image of the perfect blended mind. Though they have used their powers to re-create this image, the required creative energies have been provided by the perfect blended mind on the Perfection Level, via the intuitive link of God the Mother. So here you see the use of linkages to allow the creative energies to arrive and be used in the less than perfect levels. The third image contains both, the He and the She aspects of the perfect mind, but not blended and so not trapped on the Perfection Level. This trio is the complete Godhead that will work together as the means by which creations created in the Creator’s perfect blended mind will be re-created in the less than perfect freewill-endowed levels.


Before we can proceed further it is important to understand why the perfect Blended Mind needed access to the less than perfect levels. It might be thought that to have, both the masculine aspect image and the feminine aspect image, as linkages would be enough. This would have been enough if the intended creations were to only exist on the Godhead Level. As we know from the fact of our own existences, this was not the intention. The perfect blended mind required for it’s creations, a series of descending levels; each less perfect than the ones before it: By less than perfect we only mean less than instantaneous. These descending levels to be created we could compare to a flight of steps that lead down from our Creator’s perfection level. Sadly for the followers of many great religions, they are taught to believe that their god-created place is permanently only on the bottom step. The truth is that the steps were created for us all to climb, in our own individual timing all the way to that top perfect (instantaneous) level.


To understand the function of the third image, God, the Son, we have to again remind ourselves, that despite appearances, everything is created from energy. That energy is generated and radiated by our Creator, the perfect Blended Mind on the Perfection Level. It then passes through the Godhead level linkages. It then passes through the descending levels, appearing to become less and less instantaneous on each level. This raises a question. How could this be made to happen if perfect, instantaneous energies couldn’t be less than instantaneous? The energies cannot be slowed. Always they will be instantaneous. How could the Creator blended mind solve this problem?


Now we must try to describe the method by which the speed of perfect instantaneous existence and thought is reduced to a speed infinitely slower than the speed of our familiar human existence and thought. It is difficult but to make sense of the method used we must try whilst using three-dimensional concepts and familiar everyday examples. But whilst we try please keep in mind the basic belief:


That our Creator is an intelligent thinking mind, that generates it’s own energies, then controls and uses those energies to create. We are energy creations of that Creator Mind. Also keep this in mind. Scientists have proved that despite appearances to the contrary, what we regard as solid matter isn’t solid and is really formed from a matrix of controlled energies.


For our first familiar example, try to imagine our Creator as a point of light on the Perfection Level. Now imagine the energies generated by our Creator as straight lines that radiate outwards in all directions from that central point. The straight lines represent thought energy that is instantaneous: We could liken the radiating lines to the familiar idea that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.


Just like our playwright’s creations, any imagined creation projected onto these straight lines must be perfect (instantaneous) and so has no freewill, no choice but to be perfect simply a figment of the Creator’s imagination. Now to our second familiar example to explain the required slowing process:


Imagine the driver of a vehicle must depart from town A at a precise time, and must arrive at town B. also at a precise time. The problem is that the accelerator pedal is jammed. The speed of the vehicle can’t be slowed. The driver will arrive too early at town B. The driver solves the problem. Instead of driving the straight and direct route between towns A and B the driver chooses a circuitous route full of curves and bends. With this method, though the speed can’t be slowed, travelling the extra distance uses up time. In a similar way, to create the required, less than perfect descending levels, waves had to be introduced into those straight lines of radiated instantaneous thought energy. But how could this be achieved? A resistance was needed that could resist the outward direction of those instantaneous energies radiating from that central point on the Perfect Level.

The purpose was not to stop the energies but to deflect the energies into waveforms. What could resist the Creator’s energies? The answer is God the Son; both aspects of the Creator’s mind in the less than perfect levels of the Godhead. By increasing the resistance thus increasing the number of waves for each next level God the Son created each level less perfect (instantaneous) than the previous level. But who populates these descending levels? For want of a better name, let’s call them Angels. OK, Angels, but where did they come from, and what are they? Let’s describe them as an intentional by-product of the energies used to create God the Son. They were not the only intentional by-products, but we’ll get to that later.


The Angels were created by the Godhead from a reservoir of Creator energies that remained after the creation of God the Son. The energies contained both masculine and feminine aspects and so did the Angels that were created from those energies. Each complete Angel was created as a set of twins, one Masculine and one Feminine. Both aspects could exist separately, had freewill and angelic creative powers, but just like the Godhead they had to combine the energies of both aspects to be fully creative.


Here we see a form of Descension take place. From the reservoir of energies at the Godhead energy power-level the created twin-angels descended to populate the stairway of levels. To be able to exist at lower levels meant they must leave some of their powers behind on the higher levels. The Angelic hierarchy was created for a definite purpose, that of teaching, hence the levels, just like the grades that ascend in a college. But then we must ask, whom will the angels teach? For the answer we must return to the reservoir of energy on the Godhead level.


We could regard the Angelic Hierarchy as a very real extension of the Creator blended mind. Always they will be part of that mind, and eventually will return to that mind. But remember this. The purpose of all this preparation was so that our Creator could create creations that would be totally independent and separate from the Creator blended mind. The Angels were created ready to function with fully blossomed intelligence. The required independent creations could not be created in this way because they have to create themselves individually, no matter how long it might take.


That may sound odd but we see the same thing reflected in a forest on Earth. Each tree begins as a seed. The seed germinates and grows as a tree where there was no tree before. That is the first function of the seed. The second function, as a tree is to create a next generation of seeds. The tree provides all that each seed will need to develop and evolve into a seed, but until the seed contains everything it needs to become a tree it will remain dependent upon, and part of the tree that triggered its creation.


We will take the tree analogy further. We could compare our Creator to the tree and the Angelic Hierarchies to the branches of the tree because always they will be part of the tree. But the seeds in their seedpods are different. When the timing is right the seeds will leave the tree and each seed will contain its own self-created pattern of that seed’s unique version of a tree Now we can return to that reservoir of energy on the Godhead Level.

We have explained how and why the Angelic Hierarchies were created, and that they were created with fully blossomed intelligence, powers and freewill. The same method could not be used to create independent creations. These creations had to start from the very bottom just as their creator did to contain everything a creator needs to know to be a creator. Also there were energy differentials to be taken into consideration. In our Earth forest example the parent tree has given something of itself to each seed to use after it leaves the tree and until the seed finds fertile soil in which to germinate and grow. The same applies with our Creator and the required independent creations, but to achieve this the energies from the Creator mind had to be controlled. By taking some of the energies as a gift from the Creator, the creations would gain their individual independence. This is the real purpose of the descension and ascension process. Next we describe a dilemma.


The Godhead exists at an energy power level and speed of existence that is lower and slower than that of the blended Creator mind. But also the Godhead exists at a speed of existence and energy power level unimaginably higher than we do in physical existence. Here we describe the dilemma.


The required creations began their existence as Godhead level energies in the same energy reservoir as the angels. Just like the angels were, dormant, unconscious, living energy, with the potential for conscious, aware intelligence inactivated. The Angels could be created fully activated because they were to exist impinged, or projected upon the wave-formed different levels.


The required independent creations couldn’t be activated. They had to remain dormant because to gain their gift of Creator energies that would give them complete independence, they had to descend the levels to where the energy power-levels are controlled and reduced. The wave-formed levels are only suitable for creations that will always remain as part of the Creator mind.


Again we remind our readers that the description so far has been of a non-physical perfectly blended creator intelligence that exists on an instantaneous level of existence. We have then explored the creation of the Godhead. Then we have observed how the Angelic hierarchy was created to descend to exist amid a continuous flow of Creator mind energy. This flow of energy must follow increasing numbers of waveforms, and that the numbers of the waves were increased to create each next lower level. Now we explore how the flow of energy was next controlled to create levels suitable for creations to gain complete independence.


God the Son diverted the wave formed energies in a way that compelled them to form countless inward-winding spirals. These spirals are the shape of balls of wool. The flow of energy has wound itself inwards forming the outer layers first. Now try to imagine countless balls of wool each ball becomes interlocked with the balls around it as its moving strand of wool winds to itself to the centre of each ball. The streams of energy arrive at their centres, the energy has nowhere to go and behind yet more energy is spiralling in to the same centres.

Brought to a halt at each vortex centre the energies could only transform their instantaneous speed into instantaneous spin, but to become stationery in relation to the energy flow that was still descending the layers of the vortex. The spinning energy immediately drops out of existence on that vortex centres level and into existence by creating a yet lower, slower level: The Sub-Atomic level that underpins our familiar Third Dimension.


Again we must consider power levels of energy. From the Godhead level down to the lowest level of Angels the power level of the energies is unchanged. Also unchanged is the real speed of the energies. We have explained how by introducing more and more waves for the energies to follow created the different levels, though the speed and power-level of the energies remained the same.  Only when the energies were compelled to form and enter a spiral or spherical vortex was the power level of the energy flow affected. The vortex created by the energies is the energy structure that acts as a transformer. The transformer reduces the power level of the energy: High power-level energy enters the vortex and drops into the sub-atomic level as low power-level particles of spinning energy. The atom-building process slows the apparent speed of the energy even more. The energy transformer is known as the Astral Vortex. The layers of the energy vortexes again and again interlock with each other on their spiral paths to their centres, Where the layers interlock astral levels are created and each astral level exists at its own energy power level; lower power-levels near the centers, higher power-levels on the outer layers.

Why He? Why She?


Our Creator is able to generate all the energy needed to exist and to create. Our Creator’s creations are totally dependent on that generated energy for continued existence.


It is in this strange fourth dimensional vortex level, and the even stranger third dimensional level created by the vortex, where the Creator’s gift of independence waits. The Creator’s gift of independence for those required creations is in the form of energy, and in the ability to GENERATE THEIR OWN ENERGY SUPPLY.                                                                                           .

Earlier we explained a descension process; that required each Twinned Angel to leave some of his and her powers on higher levels to enable both aspects to exist together in the different levels of the Hierarchy. Now we see the same process used again. This time to enable the dormant life force waiting in the high power-level energy reservoir, to descend to, and exist in, the densest, slowest, lowest power-level ever created.


Only when the energies were reduced in power-level and slowed enough could the creations eventually learn to receive and use the gift. First they had to journey to where the gift waited. But to make the journey possible the dormant twin-aspect sparks of life force had to be stripped of everything except life itself. No ready-blossomed intelligence, no creative powers, and worse, the ‘He’ aspect and the ‘She’ aspect of each twinned-aspect spark of dormant life force, had to be separated from each other. Everything had to be done to reduce the power-level of the life force, to allow it to sink through the angelic levels and to travel down the Astral Vortex, there to await suitable thresholds into physical existence.


Throughout the descent the life force was reduced in power level at every stage until its power level matched that of the Third Dimension. This had to be done to prevent damage to the energy structure of this dimension. The rest you know, our physical and mental climb from the simple life form level to the human level where we are now, then our individual, spiritual awakening, and our growing awareness that we must lift ourselves above that vortex. All of these are signs that we are steadily increasing our tolerance to higher power levels of the Vortex. Even as we write, somewhere your twin soul is climbing and evolving, either in physical life on this or some other planet, or maybe between physical lives on his or her achieved astral level. Eventually you both will meet up again above the vortex, in the fifth dimension and will never again be parted from each other.


You could ascend alone to the Fifth Dimension Masters Level and you could merge with your higher self. But to ascend through the Angelic Hierarchies to your Creator’s level you must be a complete twin soul. Each twin having claimed his or her gift of energy will on the Creator’s level, merge. Gifted He and gifted She, will blend together as one more perfect, blended Creator Mind to exist in the dimension of perfection.


We again ask you to bear in mind that we only have three-dimensional concepts at our disposal to describe a process of descension, most of which took place in the non-physical. But if most of creation is in the non-physical, the non-physical must be where we are meant to be, not here. We realise that many who read this article, believe that they are angels who descended into physical life from the ascended state to help mankind achieve ascension. Others believe they came to Earth from other star systems with the same aims in mind. Our article in no way denies these beliefs because what they believe actually happened long after the events we have described in this article.


Our universe is very ancient. Galaxies of stars with planets that could support life have long ago come and gone, long before our Solar System came into existence. Always that life force on the Astral had to wait until physical life-supporting conditions existed somewhere and some when in the universe. Only then could that life force begin its climb up from simple life forms to the human intelligence level to finally leave physical life and the Astral Vortex as ascended masters. The Ascension story has been acted out many times, on many planets, and of course those who ascended then would wish to be around to support us all now. We believe that the whole exploding universe was seeded with dormant life force. This life force waited on the Astral to enter physical existence wherever the physical universe could support it. What we have described is how life force originally got here and why. So if you feel incomplete as a he or as a she, now you know why, and now you know the incompleteness will only be temporary.

We send love and laughter for all seekers on the path to ascension,

from David and Yvonne Brittain.


Note: David and Yvonne continuously drew down and anchored the light in France for 15 years from July 1991 until October 2006 when they returned to their homeland England where they continue to do their spiritual work from a small seaside resort in Essex. Donations great or small would be gratefully received and would enable us to continue to spread the knowledge of the Ascension Process.