Readers may find it helpful if first we explain the fragile nature of Clairvoyant information. This fragility is rooted in the fact that always we have freewill choice, even when current circumstances and compelling reasons make us feel we have no choices. As an example that involves no clairvoyance: If I looked out of a window and saw an escaped tiger I would warn you not to leave the house. The freewill choice would then be yours, to leave the house or not. Obviously the choice you made in the next moment could profoundly affect the course of your future. What may be less obvious is the fact that each conscious or unconscious choice you make in this moment called NOW decides the course of your future, even though you cannot see the future outcome of that choice NOW. So it follows that your future is controlled by choices made in the present, that are affected by your past choices either, choices made by you, or choices you go along with made by others. Now we must apply this same concept to clairvoyant information.


If you believe that a Medium can see into your future you have to also believe that a level exists where past, present and future exist as one complete whole, and where all the freewill choices have been made and all the outcomes are known. That is the level a medium tunes into for clairvoyant information. If the medium could completely remove him self or her self from this everyday level to that timeless level the client’s entire future could be foreseen. But instead the medium has to be tuned into the two levels at the same time. Our familiar level where NOW moves through time and sequence, and that other timeless level where there is only NOW. Because of this limitation what the medium is shown is not your entire future like a completed tapestry.


The medium is shown your future as your past and present choices control it up to the moment of asking. You are still weaving the design of your incomplete tapestry. The fragility mentioned is in the fact that if you don’t like what the medium tells you, your choice made by you in the next moment can alter that future path. But that doesn’t mean the information was incorrect. It means that when you gained knowledge of it you then used your freewill choice to alter it. For this reason Yvonne advises clients to put any received information to the back of their mind, to carry on as normal, living life as if you have no future knowledge. What you believe you want or don’t want now could be completely reversed in ten five, or one year’s time or even by next week. So always allow for future changes in yourself, in your hopes and your desires.


What is the purpose of our physical existence?  It is to aid our spiritual progress and evolvement ready for our future return to non-physical existence as highly evolved ascended beings. For this reason any information received via the medium will have been revealed solely for that purpose. From where does knowledge of the future come? The clue is in the phrase, “via the medium”. First we need to know why for one human being it is possible to gain personal access to reliable knowledge of the future, whilst for another human being access is seemingly denied? The truth is that access is never denied for any human being. But unawareness makes it seem to be denied.


Each of us (whether we realise it or not) is fully equipped with the same linkages to those non-physical, timeless levels. Each of we individuals has as our source the same non-physical Intelligence. Some may call that intelligence, ‘God’ or ‘Our Father’ or ‘Allah’. No matter what name we give it, no one could deny that it is non-physical, and that each of us is linked to it. Even though we are linked to that intelligence our role is not of puppets mindlessly obeying the will of that intelligence. The fact that we all have freewill, to use or not use, proves this.

This explains why some people are able to choose to offer their services as genuine clairvoyant mediums. It also explains why that most people believe they are limited to being clients of clairvoyant mediums. Often we hear of psychic mediums whose gifts became apparent during early childhood. Yvonne is one such example. But also we hear of people that attend psychic development groups maybe for many years. Often these people feel disappointed and inadequate. Despite genuine efforts to develop psychically, he or she is left feeling dissatisfied with his or her, own apparent lack of progress. If we now briefly remind ourselves of the bigger picture this will help them to realise that their disappointment is self-judgmental, and thus inappropriate.


We exist in a world of passively accepted illusion. Because of the illusion we all are expected to believe and accept as normal that it is also a ‘Top of the Heap’ world. Normality means that after we have fought our way to the top we then, to stay at the top, continue to fight all comers. Here the judgmental part of the illusion enters the scene. From birth it is accepted as normality to use the level we achieve in the heap as our yardstick with which to judge self and those around us.


This ridiculous situation, that we all are trapped into, was never an intended part of the bigger picture. The bigger picture is simply another name for our Creator’s great plan. Each of us will play a vital part in the great plan. But to be able to fully play our part each of us must be fearlessly proud that we are free will endowed. Eventually each individual learns that to be free will endowed means that as individuals our choices guide and control our own destiny. To be freewill endowed whilst also having to exist in a dimension of matter, time, and sequence is a very difficult task. It is made even more difficult for us by our elders during our early childhood.


This is when teachers of those traditional religious belief systems emboss self-devaluing dogma into the vulnerable minds of children. No doubt those teachers of religions are sincere in their beliefs taught to them when they also were children. They teach children to believe in the existence of God. But also they forbid them to ever seek to develop their own psychic linkages to convert blind faith into personally gained knowledge. Unfortunately the children also are taught to believe that God is judgmental. In parallel with these misguided teachings, the children swiftly learn, in their infant schools and onwards, the accepted norms of society. They are lovingly taught that they also must learn to be judgmental as well as competitive.


As a result, anyone who sees through the illusion has to face being generally regarded as, eccentric, or unrealistic, or living in a world of fantasy. Throughout the ages and even today Clairvoyant Mediums (and their husbands) have always had to face this same attitude from the public. With newcomers to the psychic scene the attitude is often a mixture of intrigued curiosity and fascination, with an added ‘soupcon’ of fear. The fear the newcomer feels stems from the conflict between his or her, own narrowly conditioned, comfortable way of thinking, and the clearer and wider picture offered by the psychic medium. It is one thing for the client to regard self as ordinary and thus normal, and to regard the medium as someone specially endowed with psychic gifts. It is quite another and rather disturbing thing to be told by the medium that you, the client, also have those special gifts, if only you would seek to develop them.


Everyone has these special psychic gifts because they are inherent to the linkage between you and your Creator. So what is the difference between you and a Clairvoyant, psychic medium? There is no difference between you. The difference is in when the medium and when you became aware of the gifts and of the linkage and then began to seek how to develop them.


This statement only begins to make sense if we move away from the dogmatic teachings of established Christianity. These teachings state a medieval assumption as if it is a proven fact, that each soul has only one physical existence. During it’s one physical life span the soul must learn from his or her choices the good or bad outcomes he or she couldn’t possibly foresee. On that strikingly unfair basis, we are told that, God judges each soul.


To enforce the required level of passive conformity from its bewildered followers the medieval teachings strictly forbade as sinful the development of psychic linkages. The result for centuries was for good, obedient Christians to be expected to regard psychics as sinners to be abhorred and avoided, and also to be publicly punished. This is ironic because most, if not all, great belief systems were originally founded upon the utterances of this or that revered psychic. Those utterances have then been re-interpreted by generations of obediently non-psychic priests ever since.


The alternative to the Christian, limited teaching of, one only physical existence per soul, is the far more widely spread ancient and now modern belief in the ongoing physical reincarnations of each soul. From newcomers to this subject an open-minded approach is required. Let us ignore those vague and grim misinformed references you may have heard about, “Trapped on the Karmic Wheel of Reincarnation”. To suggest that Karma and Reincarnation are some form of punishment is to completely misunderstand the subject because again it implies that God is judgmental.


At first glance, from the average human infant’s point of view, there appears to be little to choose between the two versions, either, physical birth of a brand new untarnished soul or physical rebirth of an already existing experienced soul, devoid of past-lives memories. In both versions the soul begins physical life with a clean slate and a brand new body. The former version leaves us all to struggle to understand the apparent unfairness that, to different degrees, all human beings face during their lives. When thought about in depth the latter version explains in a logical, sensible way the causes of the unfairness. Elsewhere we have written at length on the subject of Reincarnation, but here we will offer just a few thoughts as relevant to our theme.


Somewhere in the Old Testament of the Bible it grimly states to the effect that, “The sins of the fore-fathers will be visited upon their descendants.”  Could anything be as unfair as this if applied to brand new innocent souls? To stumble through your entirely unforeseeable, physical, life span, from moment to moment is difficult to achieve. You are bound to make some mistakes for which we are told that, God will judge you. The very last thing we brand new souls need would be to begin our one physical life each, already bowed down by the mistakes of our ancestors. Only in the context of reincarnation does this Biblical assertion become a fair and just statement of fact. The ancestors and their sins we referred to could only be us during our earlier physical lives and also the sins or mistaken choices we made during those lives. Our descendants, upon whom our mistakes shall be visited, could only be us during our future lives.


The repayment of karmic debt is a matter of freewill choice backed by hard-earned spiritual evolvement. No one is ever compelled by anyone else to repay such debts. As an example, an unaware choice made by you in this present life could profoundly affect someone during a future life. Once you became aware of that future effect of your earlier choice you could choose to reincarnate to be the affected person in that future life. This is the fairness of balance that you can only learn in your own timing from experience. During each life you learn a little more about the harmony and fairness of balance. Each time you reincarnate you bring with you, both, a little of what you learnt, and of what deeply affected you during those previous lives that you lived moment by moment.


It is obvious to all that from babyhood onwards everyone is different to everyone else. This child is nervous and moody, that child is aggressive, another child is wise beyond his or her years, and a natural peacemaker. Another child is a natural comedienne, and yet another child sees visions and experiences psychic phenomena, or can remove your headache with his or her hands. But each of these children brought something with them learnt during their previous lives, and this includes you. That is why earlier in this article we urged you to never to devalue yourself by comparing your own psychic development progress to that of other seemingly gifted people.

Those psychic gifts that you admire and maybe envy in others are probably the hard-earned results of a long and difficult learning period that stretched through several past lives. We have briefly discussed the Creator’s great plan. Also we have encouraged you to heighten your opinion of self. Not to just hope but to know, that you also have your special part to play in that great plan. This is easy for us to tell you, but how could you be in a position to know?


A psychic medium uses his or her psychic linkage to his or her higher self, not to tell fortunes, but to help others to expand their own mental horizons. Everyone without exception has a higher self. It is not your guardian angel. It is simply a greater and seldom-used part of your own intelligence, and it exists on that timeless level that we have already discussed. The higher self is seldom used because many people never realize that they are linked to a higher self. This is why, when the psychic medium ‘sees’ your future, she or he has first activated the linkage to her or his higher self, the medium’s higher self then links in with your higher self for permission to reveal to you information about your future. Let us explain why.


In between physical lives you plan your future reincarnation and what you will face during it. When you re-enter physical life, because you re-enter devoid of previous memories of those plans, the plans are left with your higher self. On our 3D level alone you have no access to the future. When the Intuitive linkage is developed to your higher self you do have access to the future. This means that the guidance you ask for would always guide your choices so that the outcomes allow you to fulfill your previous plans even though you have no memory of those plans. Really this is the whole purpose of learning to meditate, to develop and trust that linkage more and more. In this way, as you live your life you will know when your choices are right. This is a ‘knowing’ that needs no proof. Also it is the next stage of psychic evolvement for the psychic medium’s client, “You”, because the guidance from your higher self will be with you at all times just when it is needed. Incidentally, when you made those plans it was in the full awareness that they would blend into the Creator’s greater plan.


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Love and Laughter

From David and Yvonne Brittain.


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Love and laughter from


David and Yvonne Brittain


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