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Paradise could exist for all of us today if we all knew what we meant by Paradise. Unfortunately most of us have been conditioned by our ‘betters’ to regard Paradise as some future destination. Our ingrained cynicism, mostly gained from contact with our ‘betters’, has conditioned us to doubt that we would be welcomed into this future Paradise, and that even if it does exist, it would be reserved only for our ‘betters’ whilst we must queue for anything that is left over.


Odd though it sounds, another of our self-inflicted misfortunes was to apathetically allow civilization as a way of life to be foisted upon us. Yes we know that it happened back in the mists of time. But our belief in Reincarnation compels us to admit that we all were there and allowed it to happen, just as we always will allow things to happen until each of us boosts our value of self. But where would we be without civilizations you may ask? The most probable answer is that most of us would exist in caves or crude hand-made shanties, and would somehow survive (or not) by our individual efforts.


This is noticeably similar to the existence of those, dumped by the system, and who now exist in cardboard cartons under cave-like railway arches. Many of this growing population of unfortunate people are neither winos, nor drug addicts, nor do they believe that the world owes them a living. In fact probably their sole contribution to their ongoing predicament was to trust a system that has little or no time for human beings.


The problem isn’t the existence of civilizations the problem is the herd-like fear-based apathy of civilization’s billions of members. As a result we allow ourselves to be convinced that we need leaders to tell us what to do. We then blame our leaders when the long, ruthless scrabble of would-be leaders to gain and keep the leadership destroys most of the high principles the leaders may once have had. We again blame our leaders because once in power they realize that they in turn are helpless because they are led by national and international powerful vested interests.


These hidden leaders of leaders are remote businessmen and remote investors who no longer think just in terms of a decently earned yearly profit that keeps pace with inflation. Now business success means that the growth of profits must continuously accelerate, accelerate, and accelerate.


This same principle (?) applies whether the commodity happens to be luxury items or your basic supply of gas, electricity, water, or telephone service to your home, or a vehicle and fuel supply to get to work. All of these manipulative people that we have mentioned are trapped by a system that existed long before they were born. We are all trapped by the same fear-based system, and we all continuously go along to add our fears to the fears of the crowd.


Before we criticize others for their fear-filled greed, just think of how we all (including New-age enlightened folks!) react to the news of imminent industrial strike action by the bakers, or by the drivers of motor fuel delivery tankers. Suddenly the veneer of civilization falls apart as its individual members scrabble to strip the supermarket shelves of every trace of bread, flour, and yeast. Every service station is sucked dry as individuals impatiently queue to fill to the brim, fuel tanks, five gallon jerry-cans and anything else that would hold some more motor fuel.


The first in the queues think, “Too bad about the rest, I’ve got a family to feed and support and a job to travel to.” Only those who arrive too late think, “How selfish people are to hoard.” But we all take it in turn to hoard or to complain because we were too late and must go without. From a child’s first infants school sports day race he or she is taught to compete. This is the day when every child learns that no one is really interested in the many gallant losers, because it is the winner who receives the praise. More to the point, it is only the winner who receives the prize. This sets the pattern that will mould the child’s determined usefulness to a long established inhuman system. We describe it as inhuman because it is as if we all are compelled to exist and try to be, humans that care, whilst also we all try to fit inside a huge, intricate, mindless machine.


The machine is man made, and has many parts that blindly and continuously move in every direction. If our ancestors were strong and fortunate they found and then received for self and their fortunate heirs, great benefits from the machine. But also they took and kept most of the spaces into which the machine parts never move. Any benefits and spaces that were left became the sought-after prizes in a ruthless competition to ride successfully on the parts that do move. If you are strong you will have a successful but hectic ride, until your strength wanes. Then the machine will cast you away because the machine didn’t even realize or care that you were there.


Why has a system, been allowed to become blind and inhuman that was originally designed to benefit every human weak or strong? At least, for our benefit is what our leaders have always implied to us. The system has become blind and inhuman because we allow it to function without our human guidance. When we say “We” we mean everyone without exception.


In these latter years we all have read ‘New-Age’ books that reveal the manipulative selfishness of the hidden and powerful few who manipulate and tightly circumscribe the powers of national leaders. Sadly no one seems to publish books about the billions of power-filled people that say nothing and allow the few to get away with it. Public opinion is a very powerful tool. It is a tool that up to now mostly is only used, or rather abused, by the system’s professional manipulators. These cleverly manipulate the flocks of sheep-like minds that easily feel fear or comfort but seldom feel it is their own role to clearly think beyond their own personal and immediate needs.


As a result the media ensures that any protest group will be made to appear silly and odd until the growth of power of the group can no longer be ignored. Only then does it become fashionable and sound business policy to loudly give lip-service support to the protest group. Of whom does the original protest group consist? Mainly it consists of a few courageous individuals that refused to be led by their own early conditioning of fear-based selfishness that without exception we all receive. Instead these few used clear thought to empower themselves despite their personal fears and worries. This is no different to the hidden few, who use clear thought to manipulate the minds of others. The only differences are the motives behind the manipulations.


Again and again ‘New-Age’ thought urges us all individually to empower self, to place a far higher value on our thoughts, ideas, and opinions, regardless of the judgments of others. Individually each of us is a potential future God in our own right. So let’s all start right here and now to act as if we believe that this is a fact. Let each of us put this belief into real-life practice.


Public opinion is a vast irresistible tool that is used to guide the direction of the machine that is the system. Public opinion based in manipulated fear is a tool used to benefit the few. Public opinion firmly based in the clear thought of each individual that makes up that public will first and foremost benefit that public. Only then will we see the leaders of civilizations begin to genuinely work for the benefit of the planet and for everyone, not just to work for the strong. The international few have never felt the personal need keep to national boundaries, but cleverly they taught us all to feel this need. As a result of our fears we all dearly paid, and paid, and paid, for world wars, that culminated in the use of nuclear weapons. This continued in a deliberately divided world until an elder statesman warned us of the endless planetary nuclear winter that would follow massive use of these vile weapons. Then we all paid again to have the bombs dismantled.


Regardless of the talents of those brilliant brains that split the atom to save us from our current enemies (?) and to offer all of us the cheapest (?) cleanest (?) ever electricity. Regardless of brains of similar brilliance that sent a manned rocket to the moon and endowed us all with non-stick frying pans etc. Regardless of all of these we now all face a poisoned, overheated planet. Meanwhile the latest big potential money-spinner for the hidden few is research into genetic manipulation. This has to include the highly invested, expensive technology that enables this research to be done. In this way any talented scientist who requires research funds will only receive them if the research in some way aids the latest money-spinner.


There is a problem with the ‘latest’ anything. The problem is that despite previous official, authoritative, self-confidence-filled public statements to the contrary, no one really knows if the ‘latest’ will later have to be returned to the factory to cure unpredicted faults. This may be acceptable if it is the latest automobile. But it may be unacceptable and impossible in the god-like world of spliced DNA strands demanded by the hidden few. Billions of self-devalued people cringe at the thought of a world unintentionally, negatively altered beyond all recognition by brilliant men pressurized by the ongoing demands of their paymasters for profitable spin-offs. Those billions of people cringe but they don’t do nor say anything about it, except to each other.


Now we have mentioned automobiles let’s think about them, because regardless of our spiritual and ecological beliefs we all have to exist and survive in a competitive world. To survive we have to work, and for many, affordable public transport no longer exists, and so a vehicle is a must. For all concerned except the owner, each vehicle itself becomes an ongoing source of income, Bank loan interest, tax revenue on petrol or diesel, Road taxes and so on, and on, and on in an ever upward spiral. But the horse-less carriages of yesteryear and the latest models at the latest prestigious Motor Show all continue to share one thing in common. They all pumped and continue to pump poisonous gases and extra heat into the atmosphere of the planet.


Originally the horse-less carriages were divided into those driven by crude, petrol internal combustion engines, and those driven by crude steam engines, the early models of both generated little speed, and huge amounts of mirth. But by the mid-nineteen twenties, IC engines and steam engines matched each other for sophistication, power and speed, and either power source would fit into the same streamlined family motor car. Both petrol and steam powered types in 1927 raced each other at speeds of +70mph at Silverstone Racetrack. The steam-driven engine would take you from London to Edinburgh on a gallon of petrol used to generate the steam. Further funded research of steam power was killed stone dead because the IC engine eagerly guzzled petrol and it was really only meant to be an extension of the service station petrol pump that filled it. The Few won again.


Today at the motor shows, as a (lip-service to ecology) curiosity, tucked between the +200 MPH double airbag, fuel injection models is displayed the latest (prototype only, you must understand?) electric car. The ecological car of the future, but it is never genuinely intended to be the mass-produced runabout of today. It would be far too expensive to be commercially viable. Battery researches lags far behind genetic research. Wide scale use of electrically powered vehicles would overtax the power stations, and would create motor trade mass unemployment. Electrical vehicles could never achieve the speeds of internal combustion engines, speeds incidentally that the law forbids the majority of us to use anyway.


All of the tired old excuses trotted out every year, and no one says anything except a few that are firmly labeled by national media as, ecological nuts. Probably the public of our ancestors’ time was expected to wring hands together in anguish at the unemployment the nutty cry for the abolishment of the slave trade would cause. How many more generations of improved smog mask designs must town dwellers wear before they realize that only each of us can change things for the better? No one will do it for us, why should they? They’re onto a good thing already.

Loudly beaten 40-gallon drums and the black smoke of motor tire bonfires, the banners carried by processions and the endless petitions of never-read, totally ignored signatures. All of these are regarded by the protester’s current target as the harmless release of mob-mind energy, with the police paid and expected to take the blows and clear up the mess.


So if you want change you’ll have to clearly state what you want changed.


You bypass mob and police action if you write and send simple letters, and you tell all of your friends what you are doing. If they want to join you or help you with funding that’s great, but the important thing is to do it anyway. Or join someone who is doing it already, but don’t wait for others, because that is how we all first got into this mess.


Let us give you an example to illustrate what we mean. When countless members of Amnesty International write letters to dictators and secret police chiefs for the release or fair trial of political prisoners, they all write as private individuals and they never expect to receive replies. Eventually all of those individually written and sent letters have a cumulative but never publicly admitted effect. The effect is to continuously spotlight the dubious actions of the target. Very quickly the desired result is achieved because dubious actions require furtive darkness amid public apathy and so they and determined spotlights cannot co-exist. Exactly the same applies if we are to gain a better, fairer, cleaner world. The clear thought that guides your pen is mightier than the fear and anger-filled emotion that loudly and pointlessly beats a 40-gallon oil drum. Physical existence may not be our promised ultimate paradise. But for now it’s all we’ve got, so why should we continue to allow a self-empowered selfish few to make mankind feel just like….




Love and Laughter to all seekers,


David and Yvonne Brittain.




Note: David and Yvonne continuously drew down and anchored the light in France for 15 years from July 1991 until October 2006 when they returned to their homeland England where they continue to do their spiritual work from a small seaside resort in Essex. Donations great or small would be gratefully received and would enable us to continue to spread the knowledge of the Ascension Process.



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