The Top 12 Reasons Families

Should Work with the Light in 2006


by Bryan James


12. The Light energies keep us in a positive attitude.  If you have trouble with anger, fear or depression, these energies provide miraculous solutions to help us shift our outlook.  Despite what events may shake up the world or affect us personally, the Light keeps us grounded and balanced in love and joy.


11. When we need to improve our creative talents, learning abilities or job skills, the Light energies can enhance our skill sets.  You can realize measurable results in all areas of your life.  For example, artists will enhance their creativity, students’ grades will improve, sales-men will increase their sales.   


10. Prosperity will increase as the Light enhances our auras.  Whatever we think, say or do, and whatever is occurring in our lives shows up in our auras.  By downloading and sharing those energies that lead to prosperity, our overall prosperity can only increase!    


9.  Working with the Light leads to more spiritual protection and your own entourage of etheric 'Special Security'   forces.  It's like trying to survive in a dark world with a 'security guard' when you need an army.  Having seen them in action, these Holy Beings are not polite when disposing of the dark energies.  


8.  Our spiritual senses are enhanced when working with these energies.  It's not uncommon to be taken in vision to other places and time in history, or to see and hear the Holy Beings helping us.  These experiences are intended to build our faith, especially during turbulent times. 


7.  Involvement with the Light reminds us we are ONE with all life on the planet.  Every life form, including the trees, plants, animals, and ocean creatures realize we are one together with Mother Earth.  And they all work with the Light to try and support the planet. 


6.  The Light is an intervening spiritual force that can intervene in a situation and alter a negative result.  Many times, I've seen the Light stem the tide of a negative intention or create 'shock and awe' against the dark forces.


5.  Accessing spiritual power provides us access to our etheric teachers, angels and guides and allows us to draw closer to them in a united effort to save the planet


4.  The Light offers miraculous healing properties according to our needs and divine will.  On many occasions I have seen the Light energies work to alter a being's consciousness to a state illness cannot exist. 


3.  Relationships are made easier by utilizing the Light.  Whether you're trying to attract a mate, enhance intimacy, resolve conflict or just improve communications, the Light builds bonds between souls.


2.  This method is fun, easy and effective for children and their parents, and is supported by Light beings from all dimensions.  When they work with the Light, or are given the Light by us,  children don't get distracted by the darker attractions that are too readily available.  


1.   Working with the Light increases our vibration and our spiritual power, which results in greater accessibility to Light beings from the higher dimensions. This gradual vibrational increase of Lightworkers raises the Earth's vibration as well, leading us into a new era of Light.


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