patterns twisted, distorted and converted into entirely new configurations, a terrain that is always changing, settling, dissolving, revealing something new. All lands radiate their own type of energies. Even a person who has never given a moment's thought to their own psychic aspects will experience an unaccountable exhilaration when in one location, but will have a feeling of unexplained depression in another, possibly quite near to the first location.


These are Earth Energies. Each human being is a linking blend of physical and spiritual energies even at their most subatomic structural level. For this reason it is not surprising that their sensitivity detects these energies even though consciously they may not realise what they are. The effect of this land on humans is neither depressing nor exhilarating.

The effect is of magnifying what that human has become. For example, a person who has become materialistic to the exclusion of everything else, will become even more materialistic; even to the point where that person at last realises what they have become.  This effect is less noticeable on local people born and bred in this area, but more noticeable on visitors and newcomers.  To live in this strange land is to have your traits magnified until even you notice them. Native or visitor, those effects affect daily life in more or less subtle ways that have led populations; current and throughout history, to regard this mysterious rugged area as sacred, a place of pilgrimage to be respected.


Here, farmers cannot tame the land but must fit in where the land will allow them, an entire hillside here or a tiny patch of land there high above a valley floor. Even then only certain crops will grow, including the hardy, deep-rooted grapevine and plantations of Pine Trees. Similar limitations are set by this convoluted terrain on anyone who would build a factory or a home, with very few sites available that are flat enough to build on without first shifting many tons of rock, or discovering cavities that first must be filled


These special Earth energies; though unseen, have had their effect on many races that in turn have moved into this area. Many of the valley sides are dotted with very ancient man-made structures. No one today is really sure who built them or why. All are built from small chunks of flat rock that abound on most hillsides. No cement has been used; the stones are cleverly stacked with dry joints. The largest structures form walls that mark boundaries of some sort, and these may be four to six feet wide with an original height unknown; as much stone has since been removed by local builders. Often the walls have been built across valleys to continue up the hillsides on either side. The people who built the walls also built other structures, some clearly to live in, with circular upright walls of the same dry stonework and a conical roof made of flat stones that keep the interior as dry today as when it was built.


Several people at a time could have inhabited them because some structures are about ten feet across inside. Other smaller structures are shaped more like stone igloos. Sometimes clustered together in encampments, but others entirely alone. Many of the structures built by these ancient people lack any obvious function or purpose. From the amount of toil invested into building the structures, they were very important and had a purpose that meant a great deal to those people.


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