It is the middle of the night. You and your family are torn from sleep by the crash of your shattered front door, and then the thunder of heavy boots that kick your bedroom door open. With detached brutality the guards drag you from your bed, manacle you and then hustle you out into the menacing blackness of the night. All of this has a familiar sound because it happens every day somewhere in the world, and always has, maybe because your skin colour, or your race, or your politics, or your religious beliefs don’t suit those currently in power.


After living in the foothills of the French Pyrenees continuously for the last decade and more the authors have become steeped in the history of the Cathars. Many books written by others have described the Holy Crusade sent by Pope Innocent 11 and 111. The Crusade was sent to crush the spread of a Heresy that threatened to replace the Roman Catholic religion in the entire south of France and beyond. For forty years the Holy Crusade left in its wake a smoking, ruined, plundered country that for a further hundred years was terrorized by the viscous depredations of the Holy Inquisition. The difficult task of the Inquisitors was to obliterate every trace of a belief system that appealed to the common sense and logical thinking of the individual. The task was made more difficult because after the belief had appealed to the intellect the belief could then be tested by the individual’s intuition. In everyday terms this meant that the teachers of this belief the Cathar Parfaits (men) and Parfaites (women) first helped you to understand the belief. They then encouraged and guided you to develop your own psychic abilities in meditation so that you could test the belief for yourself. For the person of average intelligence this meant that once the knowledge was understood and the meditative techniques learnt he or she no longer needed the parfait. The parfait moves on whilst you continue to develop your independent psychic links.


From the inquisitor’s point of view this meant that Cathar parfaits were like the carriers of a virulent epidemic that kept spreading even after the carriers had moved on. It is no wonder that the inquisitors had to use terror tactics to enforce their own illogical dogmatic belief system onto a reluctant and resentful population. Most of the knowledge about the Cathars, and their beliefs, has been culled from the meticulous but somewhat biased records kept by the Holy Inquisition. For this reason alone it is understandable why later generations of sincere believers of the Christian dogmatic belief system have spared little thought for the Heretics. The established church of the past has always urged its followers to mentally pigeonhole heretics with other undesirables such as witches, black magicians, and those who consort with the dead. As a result, even in our so called enlightened modern times, though the followers of established religion may regard with abhorrence the not so ancient practice of burning heretics, they seldom will wonder what the heretics so deeply believed in. A rhetorical question we may ask ourselves is, “Do I believe in anything so deeply that rather than deny that belief, death would be preferable?” Let’s hope we are never dragged from our beds in the middle of the night, like the heretics were, to find out. Whatever is our religion or belief we owe it to ourselves to discover what it was the Cathars treasured above physical life itself. Also we need to know how, according to Inquisition records, they were able face the fire with equanimity and even joy. In part two we will explore the effect of the courage of the medieval Cathars on seekers today. Also we will examine the meaning of true spiritual independence, because it is such an essential part of seeking today, just as it was to the medieval Cathar parfaits. The subjects under discussion in this four-part article and many more are explored in greater depth in our self-published, self produced E-Book:   

 “Not just how but why” (A Seeker’s Guidebook to the Ascension Process):








Understandably most people prefer the safe anonymity of the crowd scene. At best it can be embarrassing, and at worst downright dangerous to stand up alone against the might of the powers-that-be. Especially dangerous if those powers have the unthinking crowd on their side. The Cathars did stand up alone to teach what they believed in, although the word “believed” understates the situation. Established religions have always encouraged their followers to “Believe” what is taught; to “Have Faith” in what the priests teach. Simultaneously established religions have always actively discouraged their followers from developing the psychic powers that would by-pass priests and permit two-way communication between followers and the God that priests claim to represent. Most established Christian religions are founded and based on the alleged utterances of olden days, prophets (who, though psychic, were no more or less human than the rest of us). It is strange that the development of those same psychic powers has been denied to Christians by their teachers ever since. This is the very opposite to what the Cathar Parfaits encouraged people to do. The priests demanded spiritual dependence whilst the parfaits encouraged spiritual independence. This is why the Cathar teachings had to be crushed whatever the cost. Individuals who have truly gained spiritual independence cannot be controlled by the legal or illegal judicious application of fear and terror tactics.


So now we must try to comprehend the truly awesome power of spiritual independence. To learn how to ride a bicycle may at first require the supporting, steadying hand of someone until you gain the knack of balancing. Once you have gained that knack you will never need that steadying hand again. Exactly the same applies when you choose to increase your first-hand knowledge and experience of spiritual/psychic matters. Throughout your busy life you may or may not have been a regular churchgoer. As a churchgoer, priests, who pride themselves on not being psychic, will have offered you teachings. Those teachings have been passed down many generations of obediently non-psychic priests, and so the faith demanded of the churchgoer includes faith that the original psychic message has remained undistorted.


Whether or not you are a Churchgoer, your search for first-hand knowledge will finally be a solo task. Maybe at first you will join a meditation group to learn meditative techniques. Probably for a while you will read all the latest books written by “New age” authors. You may attend the countless workshops and seminars offered by one and all. Finally you will realize that, lovely and exciting as most of these things are, unwittingly they are encouraging you to lean on them, just as the priest encourages you to lean on him. So many of those like-minded people get together to draw support from each other in their beliefs, whilst their group meditation often consists of listening to spacey or mystical-type music whilst a group leader talks them through the meditation session. You meditate or you listen to someone’s voice, you can’t do both at the same time. This is the opposite of spiritual independence. This is the equivalent to the traditional audience role of the church congregation. It is the “New Age Comfort Zone” level of thought to be learnt from and then passed through as quickly as possible.


The Cathar Parfaits taught individuals and small groups of people how to meditate how to enter that still, quiet center in each of us. Once you have entered that center no one else is needed because you have opened the link between you and your higher self. Once the link is opened wisdom, inner strength and stored knowledge you didn’t know you had will flow down that link to you. Previously that knowledge was irrelevant to your busy life. Now your search has begun that knowledge has become very relevant. You will receive that knowledge in unexpected ways, and not always during meditation.

The main point of meditation is to open and continuously expand your intuitive link so that eventually you, the flow, and your higher self, merges on this everyday level. The point of you receiving that flow of wisdom, knowledge and strength is to use and gradually blend it into your daily life. You, the combined intellectual and intuitive knowledge, and the inner strength, blend to become the same thing. For this reason and with perfect timing the guidance you need arrives just when you need it, and in this way you spiritualize your life and the lives of those around you. The inquisitor would say, “You will become as contagious as did the Cathar Parfaits”. In part three we explore how and why vast numbers of parfaits; men and women were able to fearlessly face death with joy.






The ultimate aims of the Cathar parfaits were no different to the aims of those on the Ascension Path today. The only difference is in the words used. The parfait’s aim was to, “Spiritualise the flesh”. Today we describe the same thing as, “Taking conscious control of the basic energy structure of our physical body; the basic energy from which atoms are structured, this to enable us individually to ascend. However we phrase it, it is our individual intelligence that takes over the reins of control from our Creator’s intelligence. To achieve this requires a completely blockage-free, harmoniously balanced individual intelligence that is drawing down so much spiritual energy that there is abundant energy to radiate to other individuals’ intelligence.


Why do we keep referring to the individual’s intelligence instead of to souls or to people? We use the word intelligence simply because the word “Soul” has so many confusing religious connotations as does the word “People”. When we refer to intelligence we mean a Creator-provided living energy that has realized the potential to evolve to the human level where it thinks of itself as “Me”. The authors have evolved to this level and so have our readers, as have all humans. We have achieved this level during countless sojourns in physical and astral existences. During those physical lives we play countless different roles and have been given countless different names, but always you have been and are the same “Soul or “Me Intelligence” throughout. On the Astral each of us is a blend of the effect each of those physical roles we played had on us as individuals. So though our Creator provided the energy we created our own individual image of self and embossed it onto that energy. But still that energy is not ours to own because we have to rely on our Creator to be its unfailing source during both physical and astral existences. Here the parfait’s endeavours to “Spiritualise the flesh” and our modern times endeavours to “Ascend” enter the scene.


Most religions agree that our Creator is non-physical and yet somehow our non-physical Creator created a physical universe that at its basic level is structured from whirling energies. The unavoidable conclusion is that energies can be, and are, generated and controlled by intelligence. The use of intelligent thought created a physical universe from energy reduced to the, lowest power-level and slowest speed of existence of all Creation. The same intelligence seeded that universe with its living energy as dormant life force that then had to evolve to the human individual “Me intelligence level”. Priests tell us that God offers each of us eternal life. Scientists tell us that the life-supporting time span of the physical universe is finite, that one-day the last star will exhaust its fuel and grow dark.


If we assume that both of these statements are true it means that our physical existences are only stepping-stones to our ultimate destination, which must be the non-physical levels. If this is true why create a physical universe in the first place? With the intelligence level our Creator must have, nothing is created without good reasons. The reasons why will vary depending on who you ask. We will simply give you the reasons that make sense to us the authors. The reduction of speed and high-power-level of Creator energies to that of the atoms of physical matter was the only way the “Me intelligence of individual humans could take over control of those energies. “Ascension” or “Spiritualising the flesh” actually means this. That control by intelligence of the energy structure of your body passes from our Creator to you. It becomes your independent source of energy controlled and directed by your evolved intelligence. It also means that even if our Creator ceased to send that flow of energy each of us that had ascended would continue to exist in our own right. This is the promised gift of eternal life, but to collect the gift we also had to be reduced in power-level to that of the atoms that form our universe and our physical bodies. Then we had to climb and evolve to the human level whilst unconsciously raising the power-level of the atoms of our current body during each physical life. At the human level it is the “Me intelligence” that evolves not the physical body. When you become a seeker you are consciously taking control of the further (spiritual or non-physical) evolution of your “Me intelligence”. No one can do this for you, not even our Creator, so the seeker must become spiritually independent. The next stage of intelligence evolution is to develop the link between you and your higher self.







The higher self is not, as some people insist, a separate guardian angel. It is simply the greatest part of your intelligence and it exists at a power-level far above that of physical matter and above the ascending energy-power-levels of the Astral Vortex. The non-physical focal point of that intelligence (that you think of as “Me”) has to exist at the much lower energy-power-level set by physical matter, this until you have consciously raised the power-level of your body’s energy structure enough to ascend above the vortex.


Everything is formed from energy. Your body is formed from energy, but so are your emotions. That is why it is such a long process involving many physical existences, because for many people blockage clearing is matched by the creation by self of more emotional blockages. This continues until during one life, maybe this one, we realize what we are doing, and what we could be doing. Then we consciously take charge of our thoughts and emotions, and we consciously develop the intuitive access link between low-powered “Me” down here and high-powered higher self, up there. Maybe we became aware and began to work on ourselves in this present life. Or maybe our awareness and work commenced many lives ago. This would explain why some people are more psychically gifted and spiritually advanced than others, but each of us has the same potential once we make the conscious choice. Here we will explain that Ascension for the individual means that “Me” and my independent energy source leave physical existence.


Together as one we ascend above the Astral Vortex power-levels to merge with “Me’s” higher self. “Me”, the focal point of higher self, has consciously raised its power-level to match the power-level of higher self. Our interest is in the period after the conscious choice is made but before the individual is ready to ascend. It was during this period that the highly developed parfaits were able to face death with equanimity. The parfaits were not ready to ascend but their practiced tolerance to higher power-levels allowed them to leave their physical bodies, to rise above the power-level of physical existence for short periods of time. Also in times of crisis the parfaits could draw down the same higher power-level energies, to radiate and protect from pain those who were to share their grisly death. We could name it, greatly amplified healing energy.


From this you will realize there is nothing imaginary about the invisible spiritual energies we urge all seekers to consciously draw down and to radiate. Also it explains that when we meditate we are trying, more and more, to tolerate the higher power-level energies of the “Altered State” in our “Still quiet centre”.


But why did so many parfaits choose to publicly die in this hideous way when they could simply have left the country and have worked elsewhere? This has very much to do with psychically gained knowledge of the true purpose. It also is connected with knowledge of the mechanics of Reincarnation. The parfaits knew that their work of triggering awareness was vital for the future of mankind. They also knew that mankind then wasn’t ready to be triggered. The parfaits knew that they would return when mankind is ready to be triggered. But they also realized that individually, during their return to the illusion of physical existence in the future; they themselves would also need to be triggered. For this reason the parfaits chose to die in great numbers to stamp an indelible trigger onto history that would awaken their awareness again now they have returned. This is why increasing numbers of steady, sensible people of all nationalities are convinced they are Cathars reborn. Also it explains why for so many of those people, who have never felt that they truly belonged anywhere, a visit to “The Land of the Cathars”, feels more like a homecoming. The subjects we have discussed in this four-part article and many more are explored in greater depth in our self-published E-Book, “Not just how but why” (A Seeker’s Guidebook to the Ascension Process)


Note: David and Yvonne continuously drew down and anchored the light in France for 15 years from July 1991 until October 2006 when they returned to their homeland England where they continue to do their spiritual work from a small seaside resort in Essex. Donations great or small would be gratefully received and would enable us to continue to spread the knowledge of the Ascension Process.