The older I get the more my physical body complains and the more I am tempted to complain about my physical body. After several decades of my ongoing disillusionment over the broken promises of toothpaste manufacturers, now our dentist simply sends my dental problems by post to a dental mechanic. To re-read this article, through the (hand-tooled gold, price-level) mass-produced plastic lenses of my glasses, thanks to cataracts, I must now also first peer through surgically implanted silicone lens. Where will it end, and more to the point, when will it end?


Health-wise many people are far worse off than I am. Also physical life is such an ongoing curious experience that Yvonne and I are easily able to remain young at heart. Why because at last we have learnt to live in this moment called, “Now”. We have shed most of our early conditioning. We have for several years personally experienced what we call, “God’s Supply” This has ensured that we always have all that we need just when we need it. In previous articles: (see index of articles) we have explained how the “God’s Supply” mechanism works. There is nothing mystical about the way it functions it simply functions on complete trust in the vacuum principle.


We also have already written about the vacuum principle, but it might be helpful if here we briefly digress to explain it again. As our title suggests, this article is all about thoughts of the, “After (physical) life” and how to cope with it, but first let’s look at the vacuum principle. Think of when a huge lorry is about to rush passed you. First you feel the pressure wave of air built up and forced aside as the lorry approaches, and then you feel the suction, as air rushes to fill the partial vacuum created at the rear of the receding lorry. The lorry has gone and where you are the air pressures have quickly equalized, but wherever the lorry goes, it creates this same unbalanced phenomenon. Many people are just like the lorry because they try to force their will upon life. As a result wherever they go they always face a self-built pressure wave made up of other people’s resistance and resentment. But in fact force is unnecessary.


The ancient wisdom tells us that whatever we freely give shall be returned to us tenfold. But this isn’t a promised bonus from a benevolent father figure. It is the way Creation functions because it cannot function in any other way. Those who freely barge through life, regardless of the feelings of others, demonstrate this fixed rule daily by the increasing return of resentment and resistance they always have to face. Of course the converse of this is the person who always freely offers courteousness, fairness, consideration, human warmth, and shared laughter to all dealings with others. This person gently, freely gives, self-confidence to all, high or lowly, and so builds no resistance. Instead this person gently creates a vacuum that like-minded people rush to fill.


In terms of, “God’s Supply” your trust creates a vacuum that Creation has to fill. That may sound silly until you give it thought. As you know it is important to never confuse needs with desires. Here is an example of how it works for us. Until recently we needed another vehicle to replace our increasingly perilous, mobile, monument to ancient French technology. In these remote and isolated Pyrenean foothills a vehicle is a must. But we didn’t fret and worry beforehand over how we would pay for a decent replacement at today’s prices, even though our resources, to say the least, are extremely limited. Instead we informed Spirit (Who knew already) that we need a reliable vehicle to be able to continue our work here for Spirit. Then we sent our thoughts to the future as to what would be required of the vehicle.  But at no time did we allow ourselves to doubt that the vehicle would manifest at a price we could afford. Sure enough, very recently, when we looked in at the garage that for ten years has kept our elderly heap running, there, only just put on display, was a suitable younger replacement at a price we could afford.


The garage owner even accepted our eighteen years old car to cover the quite high expenses in France of official change of vehicle ownership formalities. Only when we studied the vehicle did we realize our good fortune because it had everything we would need including five doors and a tow-bar. But also it had extras that we never dreamed of asking for, such as electric-powered windows, remote controlled door locks, a radio/ cassette tape player, and many more extras.


To us this immaculate timing is the miracle of, “God’s Supply”. If we had not felt drawn to ‘drop in’ that morning this bargain would have been quickly snapped up by someone else. We outlined our need and our need was fulfilled tenfold. Now here is a simple little way you could test, “God’s Supply” for yourself. Next time you intend to drive to a busy, crowded town center send the positive, doubt-free thought ahead of you that a place to park awaits your arrival. Then just as you enter the packed car park, in that moment someone will vacate a nearby parking place. This works for us every time, but you mustn’t allow your mind to doubt it even for a moment.


So now we may explore the real subject of this article, and also its connection to our preamble about the vacuum principle of, “God’s Supply”


As you read this article, ask yourself this question. If you had the choice, for how many more years would you choose to remain before your present physical life span ends? This is a tough question and the answers would vary, and would be influenced by your age, the condition of your health, and your lifestyle. Another powerful factor would be your spiritual beliefs. But the question asked is an excellent test that you could use to probe the strength of your own belief in the realness of the ascension process. For many, this would be tantamount to thinking the unthinkable. Eventually we each are to enter a non-physical existence where thought is all. So really we owe it to our selves to at least give the prospect some thought beforehand.


Secure in the familiarity of our physical body we may blithely conjecture about the freedom of non-physical existence when we will be freed from the physical illusion, and so on. But always after the intellectual discussion ends, there we are again safely surrounded by the comfortable limitations of the physical illusion. But what will non-physical existence really be like?


Another question to ponder could be, are we ready to face existence in which illusion has no place? Have we truly made, as an integral part of our being the knowledge of reincarnation and ascension and have we really thought deeply about those two subjects? If so then we also would know that we face or fail to face in the physical only what we personally and previously planned to face. Many people have yet to gain that knowledge, and so they remain comfortably unaware that they made a soul plan. In their unawareness they may instead, misguidedly believe that they are victims or losers in a world seemingly made up of winners and losers. But anyone who has thought in depth about that knowledge knows that this isn’t true. All of this clearly points to the fact that non-physical existence must include total responsibility for self. What does this mean?


When we enter in our own timing the non-physical there will be no one whose role it is to tell us what to do or what not to do. There will be no one to think for us, to praise us, to blame us, or to judge us. Really we could describe our physical existences as time spent or misspent in a classroom. In the classroom we slowly and painfully learn the need to get our sense of values and morals right. We also eventually learn that even whilst in classroom Earth, no one but ourselves could change the way we think, or change our outlook on life. Only each of us individually may achieve this, no one else has the right to do this for us. Others may offer alternatives to our way, but as individuals only we have the right to choose the path we will allow ourselves to follow. This in itself is an awe-inspiring thought to both, people who would manipulate the thoughts and emotions of others, and to those who allow their thoughts and emotions to be manipulated by others. It means that neither our Creator, nor anyone in our Creator’s Creation has the right to alter by one iota your self-built image of self. You are the only rightful leader of you.


Available are only two ways to re-enter non-physical existence. The preferable and adult way is to ascend above the Astral Vortex, accompanied by your physical body transmuted in power-level up to its pre-physical and pre-astral vortex, energy power-level by the control of your intelligence. To achieve your ascension will require that you have thoroughly learnt the lessons of classroom Earth. So that harmony and balance have become an integral part of your self-image. In turn you will emboss your chosen self-image onto your transmuted body of light (energy). Once again we emphasize the point that only you may achieve this for you. There is no Ascended Master Scotty to, ‘beam you up’ you do it all yourself when you are ready.


Until you are ready to ascend you will continue to pendulum between your ongoing, physical, and your achieved astral level, existences. But now we must also take into account the readiness of Mother Earth to ascend because this places us all in an unusual situation whilst we are still in the physical. Only in recent times have we all gradually accepted the ancient belief that planet Earth is a living entity. When we expand this idea we realize that Planet Earth is the physical metabolism of non-physical Mother Earth. In the same way your physical body and its metabolism is the physical vehicle of non-physical you.


We might describe Mother Earth as the intelligent goddess that sleeps to allow individual human intelligent, potential gods and goddesses to evolve, undisturbed amid and as part of her physical metabolism. But if Mother Earth’s ascension must include the transmutation of her physical body into light where does that leave any human who is not yet ready to ascend? Food for Thought!


All life force below the human level of individual intelligent awareness would ascend as a harmonious, balanced part of Mother Earth. But the situation is different for humans because no one may compel us to do anything against our freewill, and yet physically we are still part of the metabolism of Mother Earth. So now we must return to the positive and negative aspects of the vacuum principle. But also we must remind ourselves that we as individuals are responsible for any thought structure that we create, individually or merge with mankind to create ‘en masse’.


For countless generations we have been conditioned to truly believe in the illusion of a world made up of winners and losers. The ongoing result for mankind has been to always exist in a cloud of fear because by freely passing the conditioning down the generations, mankind has always projected his and her fear into the future. “God’s Supply” means that what you freely give shall be returned to you tenfold. Today, if past and present fears about the future could be converted into cash, we’d all be multimillionaires.


If as we believe we are non-physical beings that for now exist in the physical, where do our non-physical thoughts go when we project them into the future? Our thoughts may be positive or negative but they must instantly and continuously go to be planted by us in a dimension where the future already exists. In our physical dimension the future has yet to exist and so anything in that future has yet to manifest in this dimension.


In this moment called “Now” we simply plant the thought, the hope, or the fear, via our higher selves into some future ‘now’. Then, “as sure as eggs are eggs” eventually our ‘now’ and that future ‘now’ will coincide, and what we planted will manifest. In a similar way when on the astral we have partial access to our future, via our higher selves. This enables us to pre-set lessons on any of the paths that lead us on from our future unaware choices when next in the physical. So from this you may gather that whether you are on the astral or quite unaware in the physical you have an extremely powerful effect on the contents of your future. Now multiply this powerful but unaware effect by the number of confused, unaware, fear-filled humans that in total makes up mankind. The future contains, in non-manifest form, everything that we could possibly imagine. As individuals or ‘en masse’ our imagination creates a thought structure and then places it in the future. Our individual or combined thought power then activates the vacuum principle.


Through the vacuum principle the thought structure created by one person, or by many, is then drawn towards that one person, or towards those many people. The thought structure that manifests in our ‘now’ might be a much needed replacement vehicle, as described earlier in our example. Or it might manifest as a system of government that a long repressed vast population has been led to believe will improve their lot. Equally it may manifest as the unexpected but widely longed for collapse of that same system. The evidence of the power of this longing was clearly shown by the worldwide joy displayed when the Iron curtain and Berlin Wall of the Soviet Union was dismantled.


Earlier in this article we asked you to ask yourself some questions. Of course the answers to those questions are your affair only, not ours. But when each of us finally shuffles off of this ‘mortal coil’ known as Classroom Earth, we will have to cope without an advantage that we take for granted during physical existence. The advantage we take for granted is time. At any time in our moment called, ‘Now’ we may have second thoughts about any thought structure we have projected into our future.


This means that before the structure becomes manifest in our now we may choose to alter or modify what we previously projected. This is only possible in a dimension where past, present, and future, appear to follow in sequence.  In the higher dimensions there is only now. So whatever you create as a thought structure, you will have to get it right first time, because to think it is to create it. Thus the price of permanent freedom from the physical illusion is complete responsibility for your self and for what you think and simultaneously create.


Of course it will all feel natural to us when it is our turn to cry, “Hey! I ain’t got no body!” Then the countless physical existences from which we have finally ascended would seem like fond memories of childhood schooldays.


Mind you! Whether this will also apply as far as toothpaste manufacturers are concerned; there I admit I’m only guessing!















Note: David and Yvonne continuously drew down and anchored the light in France for 15 years from July 1991 until October 2006 when they returned to their homeland England where they continue to do their spiritual work from a small seaside resort in Essex. Donations great or small would be gratefully received and would enable us to continue to spread the knowledge of the Ascension Process.