Regular readers of our articles will know that each article we end by offering our postal psychic services to all that may be interested. Since we began to make the offer we have been gratified by the response, and by the thought that we are able to be of assistance. This week here in France to our delight we received through our letterbox a perfect example of the use of discernment. A lady has written to ask us how it is possible to delve into the past-lives of people we have never met. This was a genuine enquiry, which included the expressed fear that to fulfill such an offer might run the risk of becoming intrusive. The reason for our delight was this. Although many people use our services, no one before has asked us how such a thing is possible, nor have they asked what guidelines of etiquette do we use? The lady’s query inspired us to write this article to enlarge upon, and to put to rest any unexpressed doubts or fears others may have about this subject, and about our offer.


First let us be clear about what we don’t offer. We don’t offer past-lives regression therapy as a postal service. We can only offer PLR to clients who are able to visit us. During a PLR session it is the client who is encouraged to take the lead, and to relay what is being experienced to the therapist, certainly not the other way around. Obviously if the therapist is also a developed psychic medium like Yvonne is, the therapist will also experience what the client is experiencing. But always it is the client that leads, and the therapist that allays the client’s uncertainties and fears, and encourages the client to explore. The therapist is an invited companion on a journey into the client’s past. At all times during a session the client is well aware that on this everyday level he or she is relaxed on a couch, with Yvonne sitting nearby. Then at some point early in the session the client becomes aware that a second level has overlaid the everyday level. It is at this stage that the exploration of past lives begins for the client. It is very subtle and very gentle; a blend of inner visions and sudden intuitive “Knowing” as the client recognizes people and places never seen before in this present life. The client also re-experiences the feelings and emotions felt at the time for those people and places. Our clients are of all age groups and include folks in their seventies that have never meditated and know nothing of new age thought.


How does it work? Why does it work? Let’s explore and find out. We all know that each of us has our own Soul Plan. Also that between physical lives, whilst on the Astral, we adjust our individual plans to suit current and future learning needs. This is our right because we each made our own plan in the first place. We also know that often the individual plans are allowed by us to merge with each other for a while, once again for learning or teaching purposes whilst in the physical.


 In our last article we described the higher self, not as a guardian angel, but as the greater part of our individual intelligence. This greater part exists on a power-level of energy that is much higher than that of the astral levels and that of the physical level. But the focal point of this intelligence; that each of us regards as “Me” has to temporally exist on the much lower power-levels of astral or physical existence. Hence the ongoing need to develop the intuitive link in meditation the link that links each of us to our higher selves. We have recapped on this aspect of our last article for this reason. To remind each reader that his or her higher self, with all of its powers, resources, access to the future, and links to all knowledge is yours. Your higher self follows your instructions, even when you’ve forgotten you previously gave them. This is very relevant to our subject.


During our astral existences each of us is well aware of our individual soul plans. In the physical, as we all know, the majority of people (each one is a focal point of a higher self) have never heard of a soul plan, and yet somehow their pre-planned lessons present themselves to be learnt or not learnt. On the astral we remember our plan. In the physical we don’t remember our plan and so our plan is stored with higher self to monitor whilst we live the plan. In a similar way this word-processor monitors spelling and grammar as I type this article. But the W P isn’t in charge, I am. My higher self isn’t in charge, I am. Obviously if I can develop the link between my higher self, and “Me” I will make a better job of gearing my physical life to the plan that I previously made on the astral. In that sense I could say that I pre-programmed my higher self before I re-entered physical existence.


The relevance of the above soon becomes clear. Past-lives regression therapy cannot work without the co-operation of the client’s higher self. A client can silently ask to be shown certain past lives, but usually only past lives that have affected this present life will be revealed. For example, a client that suffers an unreasoned fear of the dark in this present life, may well be shown, and relive the experience of helpless fear, suffering, and death, in the blackness of a dungeon during some past life. The difference for the client is that whilst re-experiencing the trauma of that past life, the client is re-assured by also being aware of Yvonne sitting beside the couch in this present life. In the process the unreasoned fear of darkness in converted into clear knowledge of what caused the fear. In Yvonne’s experience, when fear is converted into clear thought, the fear disappears as if it had never existed. During past-lives regression therapy Yvonne has watched whilst the fears and obsessions of many clients have permanently dissolved during the sessions, and this includes the fear of death, and the fear of what comes after death.


Always we have to return to the subject of the energies we radiate to, or drain from, those around us. Those energies flow through all of us continuously. What counts, is what our emotions, fears, and thoughts do to those energies before we radiate them to others. We have all met the person who, without a word spoken, can cast a spell of depression, gloom and negativity over everyone around them. This poor person’s thoughts, clouded by negative emotions, have blocked the natural flow of energy through his or her being, usually, though not always, through unawareness of the generous continuity of the flow. Really this unfortunate person feels cut off and isolated from the rest, and can only drain the positive energies radiated by others.


Maybe you can accept the idea that one solitary human being can control, with awareness or unawareness, such an energy mechanism in the way we have described. If you can, then equally acceptable will be the idea that to radiate positive energies can also be a matter of awareness or unawareness. As we know, some people naturally radiate positive energy to everyone. To be with them is to feel uplifted and re-energized with optimism. They maybe are not aware of it they just "do" it. All of you healer/seekers will have experienced the “feel” of the healing energies that flow through you, at your bidding, to heal those in need. Those in need may or may not be able to accept that flow because this is subject to the dictates of their personal soul plan. But the main thing is that you offered to, and did channel those energies. Now let us ask you, why? And as healers we will answer for you.


A person brings his or her headache to you. You tune-in, place your hands, and the headache disappears, or it doesn’t. Instead the person could have taken aspirin and the headache would or would not have disappeared. The headache is unimportant, but as there is no such thing as coincidence, the important thing is that the headache sufferer was led to “You” but why “You”?


The answer is simply because you have chosen to be a healer, and to be a channel for healing energies. Now we must look at the deeper purposes of a healer. Yes, the purpose is to heal the sick, but the underlying purpose is to trigger the germination of a seed that already exists in a dormant state in each person. It is a seed of awareness that enables each person to look at self in a new and positive light.


The healer can only achieve this purpose by standing aside and allowing the healing energies to irradiate to where they are needed. The energies flow first through the healer’s higher self. Obviously if the link is highly developed the flow will be greater and of a higher, thus more effective, power-level. Next the same energies must flow through the higher self of your patient, if your patient’s soul plan allows this. This explains sometimes seemingly disappointing results, but always the higher self is pre-programmed to allow the trigger effect to enter its “Me” It is the aware or unaware freewill choice of “Me” that decides to be triggered or not. In turn both the positive and negative effects of past lives and present life experiences will powerfully influence this choice. These effects are more important than the actual experiences because they are the factors that influence how “Me” regards “Me” in this moment we call “Now”. How “Me” regards “self” now will affect whether positive or negative energies are radiated now and in the future.


Now let us fit this discussion about energies into the context of Yvonne’s role as a psychic medium and a PLR therapist. To someone who has only vague knowledge of PLR the whole idea might appear pointless. After all, if like most of us, you struggle to make ends meet in this present life, what benefit is it to know you were a rich potentate in a past life? But this is not the purpose of PLR. Let us look briefly at the progress of psychic development in recent times. We know that this development is closely allied to the increasingly higher energies flowing into our physical dimension. Just a few decades ago psychic contact relied upon séances held in darkened rooms, where the mediums entered trance-states and Spirit used the mediums to speak through.


The next evolvement was the Spiritualist church, where a medium tuned-in and then relayed psychic messages to members of the congregation. But also, members were encouraged to develop their own psychic/healing gifts in psychic development circles. From this evolved an ever-increasing number of people who had highly developed their intuitive links. No longer were they draining from a medium’s intuitive link, they were radiating from their own. With the advent of what we call, “New Age Thought” more and more people were triggered to radiate the positive energy flows. But still there are countless million that have yet to be triggered. That is the point of this recap about recent psychic development.


Time is short and the multitude must be triggered, and yet those who visit a medium have always up to now had to take an audience role. To bring this aspect closer to home first let’s look at Yvonne’s experience as a medium. For many years, before we left England in 1991, Yvonne had a growing circle of people who came from far and wide for clairvoyant readings. Mostly the interests of Yvonne’s clients were focused very much in the material side of life; would they get that job? Would they meet someone with whom they could share their life? Why did death steal my husband from me? And so on. Then in the late eighties Yvonne realized two things. The first was that she was channeling more and more Spiritual guidance and less material guidance to her clients. The second thing was that more and more her clients eagerly accepted this guidance as to their future spiritual work. It was as if they had been guided to Yvonne.


Around the same time, like so many on the Path, Yvonne and myself in our meditations made contacts with the ascended masters and we learnt of our future supporting role in the Ascension process work. Also we began to notice the effect our combined energies had upon Yvonne’s clients and upon those around us; obviously something that together we radiate. Here I will repeat that, like all mediums at the time, Yvonne could only offer her clients an audience role. Everything for the client had first to come through Yvonne. So now we look at the latest stage of psychic evolvement, very much linked to the higher power-level of the energies a highly developed medium radiates. I have already described some of the benefits to be gained by the one who is regressed. Emotional blockages that have been carried back and forth, life after life, between physical and astral may be cleared in one or two sessions. But with so much emphasis on past lives the development that I mentioned mustn’t be overlooked.


It has enabled the client to take on the full role of a participant who receives direct psychic contact. Let me explain. Near the end of the session, after the client has experienced one or several past lives, Yvonne then asks the client to move forward in time to be shown and to describe a little of the future. If we didn’t already have a fair idea of what the near future holds we would be astonished at the similarity of what many diverse people have been shown. Again I will mention that many of Yvonne’s clients know nothing of Ascension, End Days, or New-age thought. The vital thing we have learnt is that knowledge of what lays ahead lies dormant in every human being without exception. It only requires triggering. The beauty of this latest development is that after a client has been regressed the client is then able, with practice, to "regress" and  "progress" him or herself.


Lastly let’s look at our offered postal psychic services. Throughout history psychic mediums have faced the same danger from people who don’t understand. There is a well-known sequence familiar to most mediums. At first a person is intrigued and then filled with delighted curiosity when the medium’s predictions for them come true. Next, envy of the medium’s psychic gifts enters the scene, envy based in complete ignorance of the dedicated years of hard work required to gain the gifts. Next there is the suspicious fear that the medium will use the gifts to spy on the person. Finally blame arrives on the scene when a psychically predicted warning comes true; as if by predicting it the medium caused it. Hard and hurtful experience teaches a medium wisdom.


Just as healers can do absent healing, mediums are able to work at a distance. Telephone or letter contact is enough to make the psychic link-up. If the client requests information about his or her own past lives Yvonne regards this as permission to psychically seek out that information. Yvonne is not prepared to delve into the life or past lives of anyone who hasn’t given expressed permission. This would be an intrusion and an abuse of Yvonne’s gifts. The past lives information will often include knowledge of the cause of present-life blockages, hidden fears and obsessions. Once again as with PLR often the knowledge of the cause completely replaces the insidious fear.


With a pendulum and a map a diviner can accurately divine at vast distances. Using her psychic gifts Yvonne can locate at a distance to rescue and release trapped souls. In fact much of our work here in the ‘Payes du Cathare’; an area soaked in the blood of massacred medieval Cathars, is rescue/release of trapped souls. This is similar to the work done by mediums on the more recent sites of Nazi concentration camps. But then, a trapped soul knows nothing of time. We prefer to visit the sites but France is large and our car is very old and so often we have to work at a distance. Our postal service evolved quite naturally from this fact. Throughout this article we have focused the reader’s attention on the gifts of the highly developed psychic medium.


Also we have emphasized the connection between the ongoing development of the intuitive link, and the ever-increasing capacity to tune-in to ever-higher power-levels of existence. But this is not limited to those highly gifted psychics; they are no different to you. Maybe their awareness was triggered, and their hard, lonely climb to their gifted level began many lives ago. Maybe your awareness was triggered in this life, and your conscious climb has only just begun. But your task is the same as theirs, and any energy you consciously draw down to radiate will be at a higher power-level than the power-level of physical existence. Usually we try to fill our articles with knowledge and experience that will be helpful to seekers. For this article we felt it better to offer seekers knowledge of us and how we regard, and do our Spiritual work. We hope that by now you have a clearer idea of why we call ourselves the Ascension Support Team. Also we hope that what we have revealed has re-assured all of you that PLR is a genuine healing therapy that also triggers awareness in the unaware.


As usual we offer our services and publications to all that require them. Equally we offer a welcome to all seekers who may like to make contact on the, sometimes very lonely, Path.


To all seekers love and laughter, from David and Yvonne Brittain.





Note: David and Yvonne continuously drew down and anchored the light in France for 15 years from July 1991 until October 2006 when they returned to their homeland England where they continue to do their spiritual work from a small seaside resort in Essex. Donations great or small would be gratefully received and would enable us to continue to spread the knowledge of the Ascension Process.