There is a no-manís area between two frontiers. It is a strange area dotted with sane but uncertain souls who are looking for something although they donít know what.  To these souls the area does seem strange after the familiarity behind the frontier they have fled from. They know they canít go back but amid the mists of uncertainty they canít see the other frontier just ahead of them, unless someone chooses to guide them across.


All of this is taking place now, in a rapidly changing world where even children are heard to remark about the accelerating passage of time. Just a few years ago such a remark was only expected from elderly people who had time to notice. ďWhere are these two frontiers?Ē you may ask. The two frontiers are just outside your front door, no matter where your front door is situated in the modern civilised world.  The frontiers donít have striped barriers or armed guards because these arenít needed. Most of the population is unaware that these frontiers exist, and their early conditioning ensures that they are content to remain unaware.


As were we all, their parents and then they are born and bred to live and die in a system that they are taught from birth to believe is the only feasible system.  That system then makes sure they will have little time to think about anything beyond their place in that system. The system manipulates public opinion to regard certain directions of thought as relevant and all other directions of thought as irrelevant or even ridiculous.  The entire system from top to bottom can only continue to function in a frenzied atmosphere of competition between individuals to attain and then keep to the lifestyle level they have been conditioned to desire. This same frenzied atmosphere is also deliberately generated in the fields of sports and leisure activities, and also throughout the world of entertainment. Established religions co-operate with the aims of the system by teaching their followers to be good and kind law-abiding citizens as opposed to being individual seekers after truth and purpose.


The systemís preferred educational structure ensure that the brightest most intelligent pupils are creamed off to be conditioned as future administrators; who will have a vested interest in ensuring the system remains unchanged. The system has always withheld the resources that would allow the educational structure sufficient time to motivate and fully educate the slower learners who are also the majority of pupils. This applies also to the more backward pupils. Since this has always been the policy of the system it is a safe assumption that it is intentional. The result is that the majority of pupils can never aspire to policy-making employment. They must instead remain on the ever-vulnerable bottom levels of the intensely competitive pyramid that is the system. Their freedom is always limited by their limited income. Their limited and incomplete education makes them vulnerable to the cynical manipulators of public opinions especially during the run up to ĎDemocraticí elections. This ensures that the votes of those taught to think things out are negated and swamped by the votes of the majority and the majorityís easily influenced fears and emotions.


Always the system controls with taxation what people will receive from their earnings and also what they will have to spend, and when they do spend they will pay tax again. In the higher levels of the pyramid an industry exists to gain maximum tax exemption for its clients. The majority of taxpayers will never gain access to the benefits of that industry because they will never be able to ascend above that bottom level, the set-up of the system makes sure of that. Paid for by the population the system provides welfare and a medical care program that is limited to the fields of allopathic treatment regardless of the wishes of the individual.


Usually the alternative fields of medical treatment are barred to the majority of individuals whose contributions to the system are already automatically deducted from their limited income. Under such limitations the alternative practitioners are placed firmly by the system into the private sector and so beyond the pockets and the personal experience of most wage earners. In parallel with this the media always consults the allopathic medical profession for their official approval or, more likely, disapproval of offered alternative natural treatments. 


It is no coincidence that these alternative treatments seldom require the expensive products of drug manufacturers or the highly invested technology of the modern medical world. In the same manner the media always consult the authorities of the established religions to publicly sanctify or not, any thinking that doesnít conform to the thinking of established religions.


Unlikely though it seems, this is an article about the Ascension Path rather than a diatribe against the political systems of mankind. Always we must remember to place the daily experiences of mankind into the wider context of why mankind is exposed to those experiences. I have described life as lived by the majority behind one of those invisible frontiers. But who are these confused souls who are feeling their way across no-manís land? These are the growing tide of sensible people who have decided what they definitely donít want, but who have yet to discover exactly what it is they do want.


We have written in previous articles about one of the major factors that have forced this decision upon them. That factor is that the system no longer wants or needs them as much as it did in the past. The needs of factory methods of mass production have always required a large workforce of bottom level people who to earn their daily bread are required to perform repetitive tasks. These are often highly intelligent people who lack paper qualifications and so must somehow dull or numb their intelligence to get through each working day. As these workers form the majority of the population the result has always been a system of producers who are also consumers. The system based on fierce competition is selfish because all that are compelled to compete in the system are also compelled to ignore the hopes, feelings and needs of their fellow competitors. Selfishness in all of its forms is self-defeating and self destructive, and now fissures and cracks are visible in these crumbling monuments to manís greed and selfishness.


The inherent selfishness of the system has become glaringly apparent with the advent of the computer and computerized technology. Now, more and more skilled and unskilled workers find they must not only compete with each other, now they must also compete with the computer, a competition they cannot win.

To eliminate human labor from the manufacturing process may be the industrialistís dream, but for the consumer who will never again be a producer the dream becomes a nightmare of confusion and self-doubt. Meanwhile the politicians insist that nothing has changed and so business as usual.


Are these confused people to believe what their own senses tell them, or what they are told by politicians? These are the people whose every thought has always been pre-occupied with and totally immersed in the system. All over the modern world there are millions of these people who now realise they are surplus to producer requirements, and yet still they must consume.


So far this article seems to be a far cry from the usual uplifting esoterica, but in fact the foregoing stark description of modern society is a confirmation of what the ascended masters have repeatedly told us. There are world-shaking changes ahead for us all and the masters were not referring to global tilts or the heaving and grinding of tectonic plates. The changes will be in the way people think.


Obviously if people remain content to be part of a system that insists on thinking for them, those people will never achieve self-realization. As we all know, the ascension path is a path for each individual to walk. To walk that path the individual has to choose to leave the safety and anonymity of the crowd scene. There is no audience or congregational roles available in meditation and ascension. Equally the world-shaking changes canít be wrought by some all-powerful, rather impatient Creator figure, for that would be an abuse of freewill. So only the people who are involved can work the changes. How can the people involved change the way they think when they have already been conditioned to not think too deeply about anything?


The answer is our old favorite, Cause and Effect, and cause can be active, passive or a combination of both and still have the same effect. Whole populations of individuals have become dis-empowered by allowing a few individuals to become fully empowered. Throughout the history of man the majority of people have always found it an intimidating and frightening experience to stand up alone in a crowd and to loudly denounce unfairness. For this understandable reason the majority of people avoid being the first to stand up, and instead they wait for others to stand up first. This is cause in its passive role, but it encourages the empowered few to regard the great majority as a flock of sheep who must be led. This allows the few to despise the majority for their passivity and in turn to justify their own selfishness. The empowered few know that only an occasional dis-empowered minority will ever oppose their actions to either object to unfairness or to become the next empowered few. Whichever motive drives the minority, the majority will always remain passively content to be led by the current few. This is cause in its active role.


As individuals always we have been endowed with freewill choice, we make our choices actively or passively and then live with the outcomes of those choices. No evil black prince of darkness has placed us in this situation; we have created it ourselves. Self-inflicted Cause has travelled with us throughout our history.  In the mists of the past we allowed ourselves to be conquered slaves or the conquerors of slaves. Later the instilled fear of whips and iron chains was replaced by a more subtle instilled fear in the form of money, the value of which is controlled by the few, needed by the majority to buy the necessities of life.

Today as the millennium draws to its end the fear has assumed a yet more subtle form. Now manís cleverness is rapidly reaching the point where the few no longer would need the labour of the majority, and yet the whole selfish system is based on that need.


The investors will not allow manufacturers to return to human labor-intensive methods and yet the products must be bought and consumed. As unemployment increases, roles will become reversed. The majority who has always supported the Establishment with their taxes will in future have to be supported by the Establishment. In turn the Establishment will have no choice but to call upon the automated, computerized manufacturers to provide the taxes to support vast numbers of permanently unemployed people. This is unavoidable if those same people are to continue in their roles of consumers.


The trends are there for all to see.  The competition for employment will grow more and more intense and meanwhile the elimination of the need for human labor will accelerate. A point will be reached in the near future when the manipulators of public opinion will be given the task of making unemployment an acceptable, respectable role in society. They will have no choice because at this turning point in Manís history the alternative is chaos and barbarism.


The optimistic viewpoint is that the education structure will have to teach that for the majority of people there will be no connection between their source of income and the way in which they choose to occupy their time. This teaching also coupled with the proper motivation at an early enough age, and with the need to compete to survive, as a thing of the past, the result should be a more thoughtful and caring population, a population that at last has time to think. All of these changes will be painful and made with extreme reluctance by the system and by the fear-filled population, but cause and effect will compel the changes to be made. The changes will require society to acquire a new set of genuine, high quality values that exclude no one.  This will be Ďeffectí in the form of spiritual evolvement on an unaware, subconscious level, and in this way whole populations will be spreading their Light into the worldÖÖÖ.David Brittain (For the rest of the article Iíll pass you over to Yvonne).


So now we cross No-manís land to look behind the other frontier. Once again there are no striped barriers or armed guards. Far from it, this frontier has several open doorways for each letter of the alphabet and each entrance has a welcome sign. The doorways range from Astrology and Acupuncture all the way through to Zen. The only barrier that prevents those confused souls from leaving No-manís land is the self-confidence sapping conditioning they received from the system. They donít know what to think or who to trust. They only know what they donít want, and yet these people have been and are being affected and transformed by the increasing power of those incoming energies. This is just the same as all of us who understand what is happening to us. The difference is that they donít understand what is happening to them. Often when in conversation with quite ordinary people who are not conversant with New-age thought it is possible to quietly plant seeds. In our chosen role of ascension supporters who live the ascension path that role requires us to be keen observers of self. It requires us to sensitize our awareness to first sense and then to comprehend what we have sensed.

In everyday terms this means we not only try to detect the increasing and wide ranging flows of incoming spiritual energies at this time. It also means that we carefully observe the effect of those energies on our physical bodies and our physical energy reserves. Also we carefully observe how special sites of intense Earth energies affect us. Our observations are also the tools we use to help and re-assure everyone we meet on the path, for example:


Most of you on your ascension path will have experienced odd sensations, maybe a dizziness without nausea, like a flywheel spinning in your head, unexplainable physical aches and pains that quickly come and go, or maybe a sudden need to sleep right now. Also you may have experienced a sort of temporary memory loss so that in your car, try though you may you cannot remember driving the last five or ten miles. You drove safely and automatically but for that driven distance you were focused elsewhere, but where is a complete blank.


When you meditate you may have experienced the oddest sensations, that of shrinking to a tiny dot whilst simultaneously feeling that you are expanding to fill the entire universe. You may have felt a ghostly prickling over your scalp. You may have heard in one or both ears a continuous sound similar to a carrier wave on which nothing is being broadcast, and then the sound ends when your meditation ends. Twitches, pin- pricks, the crawling ant sensation on your face, goose pimples, all of these you may have experienced in meditation.


If you donít meditate you may have experienced vivid recurring dreams where you were faced with the same situation again and again. In conversation with other light workers you may have felt what are known as Truth Chills. All of these and many more are the expected signs and symptoms of a spiritual quickening that have physical side effects when spiritual and physical energies meet in the human body.  In my role as a psychic medium I have experienced all of the sensations I have described and many more besides. This is why I urge you all in your Student/Teacher Seekers role to also to become observers of self.


If you wished to get those confused wanderers to leave No-manís land and to cross the frontier that has welcome signs how would you do it? Well you could try to do what we do. First you must over-ride your own self-consciousness and nervousness because you have something very special to share.


Next, in a matter of fact positive way you talk about your beliefs, your experiences, the physical signs and symptoms you have felt, and you explain what they mean. But please donít be surprised if whilst in full flow you are interrupted as we have so often been by the wandererís exclamation of, ĒYouíve had that sensation as well? Iíve felt so alone because Iíve had ĎThatí sensation more and more lately; I thought that I was going mad.





Best wishes to all on the Ascension Path

Yvonne Brittain: France



Note: David and Yvonne continuously drew down and anchored the light in France for 15 years from July 1991 until October 2006 when they returned to their homeland England where they continue to do their spiritual work from a small seaside resort in Essex. Donations great or small would be gratefully received and would enable us to continue to spread the knowledge of the Ascension Process.