Ascension Support Team


David and Yvonne Brittain.





Of course intellectually itís easy to grasp the concept of Self-Realization. Youíve all read about it in New-Age books; and any of us who can hold a pen without dropping it, have written about it...At great length.

Applying that concept to our mundane daily lives is quite another thing. A very difficult thing indeed: and yet, it becomes less difficult as time passes.

What you require is patience and kindness: With others who have yet to know Self-Realization. Equally important, patience and kindness towards yourself each time your emotions cloud and distort your efforts to know Self-Realization.




Everyone complains if the bath-tap drips after itís turned off. But in some ways, all of us, rather like that bath tap, have turned ourselves off. The result is a Mankind that for the most part only allows a dribble of the virtues to trickle through to where they are needed. Fear is the reason why we are all turned off. We donít feel able to trust because weíve been hurt so deeply, so many times, during so many lives, and yet until we conquer fear we are trapped. We remain trapped by a wall of fear that each of us has built around ourselves. Yes, the wall keeps unfamiliar truth and unfamiliar people out, but also it keeps us in. Trapped by our fears, in our safe and private comfort zone.


A few decades ago, Alice Bailey described aspects of this wall of fear as,Ē A Ring Pass notĒ. Inside the ring is our family and trusted friends for whom we dare allow the full flow of the virtues.  Just beyond that ring is a circle of acquaintances and people that we know or know of. They donít qualify for the full flow of virtues, but they receive more from us than strangers would. For this outer circle this reduced flow of virtue, (Compassion. Generosity. Understanding and so on) is often replaced by our judgments, usually based on incomplete facts. The truth is that we use this judgmental role to hide from ourselves our fear. Unfortunately this judgmental role is very addictive, so that before we realize that it has happened we have become self-righteous; with a fixed image of self. We are so used to experiencing hurt that we look for hurt, even if itís not there.


Often the result is that a loved one would lie to us because he or she knows beforehand exactly how we would react to the truth. Unfortunately once begun the lies have to continue. Compassion and understanding is generous enough to encompass all failings and weaknesses of that loved one, and of us.... This is the vital point we are making...THE VIRTUES ARE NOT YOURS. THEY FLOW THROUGH YOU FROM THE CREATOR. Each of us individually shares another similarity with that dripping bath tap. To run a hot bath we turn the tap full on. The hot water pours through the tap in a torrent. But also the hot water does something else: It heats up the tap! In exactly the same way, if we will only trust enough to shatter our self-righteous self-image, those walls of fear will dissolve. Our Heart Centre will expand to allow that torrent of virtues to flow where it will.

It will always flow to where it is needed. In the process the virtues begin to transmute us just as the hot water heated the tap. But it couldnít begin to happen until in fully aware consciousness we allow it to happen.




 A heart centre is a miraculous thing; and each of us has one. It is no exaggeration to say, a heart centre could accept all of the hate and bitterness in the world, and then transmute it into an energy called Love. Not sloppy love. Not sentimental love. No, this is a Love that takes guts, because it has to be allowed to flow, regardless of the hurtfulness of others. So often we think of love as a kind of transaction, with fixed rules of behavior for all involved. But it isnít, and it canít be because we are all at different levels of understanding. If someone we love breaks the rules, shall we react and slip into our self-righteous judgmental role? Or shall we respond by allowing the Love to flow regardless?


The choice is ours but really those are the only choices: To react, or to respond.


 If we react to someoneís anger or hurtfulness with the same, we are creating a resistance that enables the negative energy to increase in power.

If we respond to anger or hurtfulness with the energy flow of Love, we transmute that negative energy into something more reasonable, because no resistance has been created. This is logical, but difficult to put into practice.

We are lovingly conditioned to think in certain acceptable ways. The conditioning is based in complete ignorance of why we exist. Because those who conditioned our thinking lacked knowledge of WHY, for them physical life became their only reality. They then planted that reality into our thinking. In turn, if we are not careful, we will lovingly plant it into our childrenís thinking.


But weíve all written and read enough about WHY to avoid that. For example, we know of our astral existences, when we plan our future lives in the physical. Of course the physical is the difficult bit because by then we havenít a clue what we planned. For all of that, we either live our present life as if we believe we previously planned it, or we donít. If we believe it, then that must radically alter the way we regard our daily life and the people with whom we interact during that life, because they are all here to learn at their own speed as well, and they donít know what they planned either. So in fairness to all how can we make judgments about other people? Come to that, how can we make judgments about ourselves? And yet we do, again and again and again.

We build our Ring Pass Not. We tightly screw down our bath tap. We react with unfair judgments, with clung-to blame for others, and clung-to guilt and grief for ourselves.


Yet the trigger that will open and expand our heart centre is simple. With patience and kindness directed towards self each time we forget, we train ourselves to respond always, instead of to react. The trouble is, once the heart centre is triggered it just keeps on expanding, and allowing more and more Love to pour through to include all life. No "Ring Pass Not" can resist it.




Note: David and Yvonne continuously drew down and anchored the light in France for 15 years from July 1991 until October 2006 when they returned to their homeland England where they continue to do their spiritual work from a small seaside resort in Essex. Donations great or small would be gratefully received and would enable us to continue to spread the knowledge of the Ascension Process.