For myself those grey drab years, between WW2 and the Flower-Power breakthrough of the Sixties, and also ever since, were illuminated by the ideas of writers of science fiction. During quarter of an hour factory-canteen tea breaks I would maybe escape from the grayness whilst laughing at Isaac Asimov’s medieval planet. On this backward planet the clumsy robots (whose sophisticated positron brains were imported from the Galactic Foundation) had to remember to stoke coal into their own boiler fires for the steam needed to keep moving. Many years later the Arthur C. Clarke Sci-fi, story of “2001” was made into a marvelous film. Even now I can recall the mystified faces of the cinema audience; most of who sadly lacked the shattered mind barriers that resulted from my early Sci-fi training.


The story was about a highly intelligent race, somewhere in the universe. They had long ago shuffled through the dizzy dead-end limits of the technological era and had then concentrated their intelligence on the question of, why they exist? When they found out why, they were then able to ascend and escape the bondage of physical existence. Behind them throughout the universe this wise old race left triggers or markers as clues to be found by younger intelligent physical races to also help them to escape the same bondage. The cinema audience was riveted by the advanced technology, but obviously baffled by the deeper meaning of the story; individual, conscious and aware Intelligence freed from physical matter.


Around that same time I was a postman in England who, twice a day, was required to pedal an ancient and heavy, red bicycle, with 60lbs of mail, around twelve miles to deliver two large and separate delivery areas on foot. Yet another, older postman was required to push along the busy shopping high street a red painted wicker hamper set upon two iron wheels, out of which he delivered parcels to the shops. One day the inspector, absolutely thrilled to bits, rushed in and dragged me outside to see the latest GPO innovation.


No longer would the old postman push the old fashioned two-wheeled red hamper along the high street. Henceforth he would push a modern two-wheeled red box made from the latest discovery, fiberglass. Needless to add, it was twice as heavy to push, and sounded like a big drum when it was pushed. Silly, isn’t it? Decades later, today the people who stand in remote and strictly private silence in a packed-with-people, elevator or a packed-with-people, tube train, will wander along the crowded high street whilst burbling loudly into a mobile phone. This twisted thinking goes further so that if they do use a public telephone booth they will resent you overhearing their conversation. What has this to do with Ascension you ask?


Well, it has more to do with the distorted thinking that surrounds the teaching of Ascension. For example, we all are by now fully aware that the masculine/feminine aspects on this planet are out of balance. We also realize that this imbalance is the creation of human thinking intelligence, and that it is only our intelligence that will bring it back into balance. But to bring it back into balance doesn’t require women to feel that they must act and think like men, neither does it mean that men must try to think and act like women. At best each will make a poor job of it, that much is obvious. All that is really required is that both, men and women truly begin to fully think for their selves. Otherwise the genders will have simply exchanged roles, silly isn’t it?


In daily life terms, what does this mean? It means that both, men and women must first choose to individually banish from their personal repertoire of ‘get-outs’ the handy and non-committal phrase, “Someone should do something about it!” With practice and determination this could be replaced with, “I am going to do something about it!” But what else is both, positive and gender-free? Simply saying exactly what you mean and meaning exactly what you say. This is a difficult exercise for many people because tact may often become confused with hypocrisy, and dishonesty is often disguised as realism. Thus the father who thrashes his child for stealing sweets may proudly own his self-built garden shed, made from materials stolen from his employer.


The child understandably is baffled as to whether the thrashing from the child’s role model was for stealing, or for being caught stealing. “Oh! But that’s different” But is it? Meanwhile the father’s employer may promote regular monthly staff meetings conducted by career-minded, bright young men. These brash young hopefuls are paid to encourage each of the assembled, somewhat cynical, staff to believe that to their employer, each is a valued member of the team. Simultaneously the employer may be planning massive staff cuts, and the transfer of production to countries with lower labor costs. “But that’s business, so it’s different” But is it?


There is no need to cite further examples because clear enough is the picture of a society with values blurred and distorted by its own lies and deceit. If the result were equal dollops of beloved happiness and well-fed joy all around, this blurred effect might be justified. Even when we use society’s own crazy rules to suggest that the result is justified if it means happiness for the winners, still this wouldn’t ring true. No one can be truly happy and exist in the full knowledge that it is at the cost of someone else. This is nothing to do with right or wrong, or good or evil. It is all to do with the energy that has to be continuously drained and diverted by each individual to build personal mind-shields. The mind-shields are needed to continuously keep honesty with self at bay. Happiness fades if the shield is lowered, even for a moment. Let’s understand why the human trio builds shields, and then we will understand the energy-saving advantages of living without personal mind shields.


Each non-physical human ‘me’ has to co-exist with a physical body, and with a mind that, though also non-physical, uses the Electro-chemical makeup of the human brain to link ‘me’ with body. It is the mind that links non-physical Spirit, or non-physical Soul, or as we prefer, non-physical ‘me’ to physical existence via the human body. Medical science has demonstrated the technological ability to keep a brain-dead human body alive and ticking over for weeks, months or years as required, long after non-physical ’me’ has departed to the Astral. A healthy human being that has lost the ability to think or to reason with coherence and clarity may well continue for a lifetime to exist on the combined mind and body instinctual level. Equally a clear thinking human ‘me’ with a generous and loving nature, that controls a clear mind, may co-exist with a crippled or shattered and uncontrollable human body for a lifetime. Now let’s look at another form of trio.


Nowadays we hear of advanced computerized technology built into the design of automobiles. The computer monitors the functioning and requirements of the vehicle, but also it monitors the requirements of the human driver. The computer will warn the driver when the engine needs oil or water. If the driver chooses to ignore the warning the computer will eventually cut the ignition to protect the engine. This is part of the computer’s protective role regardless of the driver’s choices. A higher protective function of the same computer, on behalf of its human driver, is to make contact, via a space satellite, with a source of traffic information as to the best route to reach the driver’s chosen destination. But always it is the driver not the computer that chooses the destination. But if the human driver wants to contact the source he or she must always make contact via the computer. Just as in meditation, ‘me’ must make contact via the mind, because mind is your link with daily life and is also your link with higher dimensions.


Also the computer will only connect with the source when directed to by the driver. Probably the computerized version exists that will safely stop the automobile if its driver became incapable of maintaining control. A similar version may remain linked to the source ready with information for the driver to use or to ignore. Do you see the point we are making? The computer is an emotionless linkage between an emotionless vehicle and its emotional driver. Neither the vehicle nor the computer cares whether the driver drives directly to the destination or stops to pick daisies on route. It is all one to them.


The vehicle’s role is to reach the chosen current destination, and the computer’s role is to monitor the process. The emotions of anger or of irritated frustration felt towards other drivers are the products of the human driver. The human trio is many-layered and is far more complex. The differences are that the mind does the monitoring but the mind can’t think, it can only sense and feel, because it can only respond to the energy flow range at the emotional level. The human body left to it self responds to the energy flow range only at the instinctual level of bodily needs and appetites.  As we will see, just like the kettle draws power from the power station, the self-created human trio draws this flow of energy from the Creator via the Creator’s imagined idea.


The unmonitored human mind is fiercely protective and will go to extraordinary lengths to protect the trio. If mind senses that body feels pain, mind triggers the body’s escape or fight mechanism without consulting “thinking me” In a similar manner, if mind senses that “thinking me” may be hurt, again mind will trigger the same limited mechanism, and again without consulting “thinking me”. Mind is fully equipped to handle bodily needs and instinctual appetites but whilst undirected and unguided by ‘me’ it is not equipped to handle the more subtle higher requirements of “thinking me”. In a similar way the computer isn’t able to comprehend the driver’s thoughts. The difference is that the computer won’t try to comprehend where as the human mind will try to comprehend. Mind will try to do something about it, even though it may fail miserably simply because it cannot comprehend thought processes. Let’s look at energy.


Air will always be drawn to fill a vacuum. Energy will always be drawn to where it is needed. When you switch on your electric kettle for tea, the power station doesn’t pump electricity into the kettle’s element. The element draws exactly what electricity it needs from the power station. But the electric kettle began as an imagined idea born of someone’s intelligence. For a physical universe to exist, it had to be born from an imagined idea.


To imagine requires an intelligence that can think coherently. But more than this is needed if the idea is to move out of the realm of imagination to become a manifest physical reality. What more is needed? Whether the idea imagined is an electric kettle or a physical universe, the idea must be continuously held in the intelligence that thought of the idea. Whilst the idea continues to be visualized it will draw energy in some form from its creator’s intelligence. But when the electric kettle becomes a usable physical reality it no longer needs to be visualized. This is relevant to our human trio.


Now we must follow this train of thought to see where it takes us. What would be the point of the creation of a physical universe by a non-physical Creator? Equally how do we define the term, non-physical? Do we mean non-physical from our limited physical viewpoint, or do we mean non-physical from our Creator’s unlimited viewpoint? Simply by asking this question the answer to it must obviously be the latter. For a physical human to make a physical chair to sit upon, non-physical intelligence must be applied before and whilst the chair is physically constructed and until it is a chair to be physically sat upon, so the requirement is physical, the applied intelligence is non-physical, and the construction and the result are physical. Our non-physical Creator doesn’t need electric kettles, chairs or physical universes. So why use energy creating them, unless they are stepping-stones towards the required result that is non-physical? Put simply we could state these required intended results as, physical to non-physical, result = physical. Or, non-physical to physical, result = non-physical.


But what is there that is non-physical in the physical universe that makes the ongoing re-creation of that universe in physical form, such a worthwhile project? The Creator’s non-physical required result must be individual, non-physical, conscious and aware intelligence that has drawn and used the provided energies to create itself. Maybe it’s the only way for completely independent self-created human intelligence. Yes that’s right, the human race. Not as a herd, that follows a leader no matter how benevolent. Not as ever-dependent children, but as totally independent, free thinking, adult individuals. Then we ask, adult from whose point of view, our Creator’s, or from ours? At this point we return to our human trio.


Man or woman, it makes no difference when mind shields become part of daily life. We all use them, and difficulties arise when we try to dismantle them. The difficult part of living without a mind shield is that we have to live alongside of the majority of people, who are completely unaware that they use mind shields. A mind shield does not allow its wearer to analyze to any depth the wearer’s aims, thoughts, ideas or motives. A young man, with the sincere and patriotic motive to protect the civilian population of his nation, enlists in the army. But the young man dare not think of himself as a man trained to obediently kill human beings as and when ordered. Equally the young man dare not think deeply about the civilian populations of the soldiers that he kills. If he did think deeply he would realize that his killer role, and the killer role of his current opponent completely contradict their sincere personal motives for enlisting in their respective armies. If they dared to think deeply and logically, the result would be no armies.


Yet we all tend to co-exist with these contradictions throughout our lives. This is mainly because it takes more personal courage to refuse than to co-exist with the mind-shielded contradictions of those around us. How is it possible to build and use a personal mind-shield and not realize that you built it? Another name for a mind-shield is an ego. An ego is a strange concoction made up from an uneasy and variable blend of body’s blind instincts and appetites and mind’s emotions. Together as ego, instinct and emotion control intelligent thought processes, instead of intelligent thought processes controlling instinct and emotion. The highest development of the individual human is the ability to think clearly, fully, and independently.


A billion people, each for similar reasons, may believe something is true. But if you don’t believe it is true, it doesn’t matter to you what a billion people believe, or don’t believe. It will only matter to you if you are not fully in control of your own individual intelligence. Your intelligence is just as precious as is the intelligence of each of those billion people.  But if through self-doubt and lack of self-confidence you cannot regard yourself, as equally precious, continually you will devalue self, and will compare self with others as better as or worse than you. Then what a billion people believe will seem more valid and important than what you alone believe.


 “Me” knows that to think and then to act opposite to the billion will make ‘me’ noticeably different to the billion. “Me” also knows that this will require the courage that it takes to not conform to herd thinking, regardless of herd retaliation for not conforming. “Me” has to choose, and how ‘me’, values self will be the deciding factor.


Always remember that regardless of me’s current thinking processes, below the 'me' level is mind always ready to protect the human trio. This is simply because mind needs to exist in harmony and balance, thus if me, with courage, openly believes the opposite to the herd, because that belief will represent harmony and balance to ‘me’, it will also represent harmony and balance to ‘mind’. Conversely, if through self-doubt ‘me’ lacks the courage to openly back me’s convictions and beliefs this will cause disharmony in ‘me’s’ thoughts. Mind cannot comprehend the contents of ‘me’s’ thinking processes, but mind senses the disharmony and so instantly triggers the inappropriate ‘fight or run’ mechanism of the body. Mind then floods ‘me’s’ thoughts, with unreasoning anger or unreasoning alarm. ‘Me’ will then use the anger to justify a wrong choice or use the alarm to run away from ‘me’s’ own thought processes.


Either way ‘mind’, that cannot think, has powerfully influenced ‘me’ that is supposed to do the thinking for the trio. Why has this happened? Because the uncertainties of ‘me’ the captain of the human trio, won’t allow him or her to fully accept the role of navigator who chooses the destination, regardless of the chosen destinations of other trios.


‘Mind’, the chief engineer; who knows nothing about destinations, can only try to keep Captain ‘Me’ fairly happy, and tranquillized. Meanwhile the human trio continues to steam in aimless circles around the ocean of life. So a mind shield is an ego, and an ego is thought distorted and dominated by a blend of emotions, and fears mixed with bodily sensations, and appetites. Mind will use all of these tools to preserve the trio’s harmony and balance until ‘me’ generates the courage to take charge of the trio and the trio’s destination.


“If mind and body can’t think, who can I ask about destinations?” you may wonder. Ah! But like the driver, you can tune in to your own traffic-control source named Higher Self, via mind, when you are fully in charge of your trio. Until you are in charge, please don’t blame Mind, because it’s just doing its best for this guy or girl you know, and think of as ‘Me’.


Love and Laughter to all seekers

from David and Yvonne Brittain.


Note: David and Yvonne continuously drew down and anchored the light in France for 15 years from July 1991 until October 2006 when they returned to their homeland England where they continue to do their spiritual work from a small seaside resort in Essex. Donations great or small would be gratefully received and would enable us to continue to spread the knowledge of the Ascension Process.