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With some descriptions of the function of the higher self it is often difficult for the readers not to be left feeling slightly intimidated. Some of these descriptions state that the higher self is a guardian angel. But this in turn implies the presence of two separate intelligent beings; your intelligence and the much higher intelligence of the guardian angel.


Alternatively and equally daunting is the suggestion that higher self is really a group soul. As if it is a sort of conglomerate intelligence of which you are really a tiny, temporarily freewill-endowed extension. This must be equally daunting for each individual group soul that we are told also thinks of itself as ‘Me’ because next we are told that each group soul is really a tiny extension of an even larger group soul. Eventually this sequence combines all of these group souls into a central intelligence that also thinks of self as me. With each of these scenarios the reader is left to feel either like a child that must be guided, or a pawn that is really one self-deluded finger of a multi-fingered glove puppet.


Each of the foregoing scenarios contains some truth but each also fails to comprehend your true relationship to your Creator via your higher self. Because of that failure the most important part of that relationship ‘You’ is relegated to the least important part as a pawn of your Creator. So now let us try to get a more accurate and logical picture of the relationship, and let’s start ‘where we all are at’ in the physical.


Over the years from time to time the world of medical research knowledgeably admits that there are vast areas of the human brain that, to their knowledge, don’t appear to be used. Often during such sage discussions it also may be suggested that these currently unused areas may at one time have been functional, alternatively that they may become functional at some time in the future. The fact remains that currently we have large areas of our brains that apparently contribute nothing to our daily lives.


Unfortunately these sage discussions tend to become circumscribed by the very tight parameters set by the medical researchers. This especially applies if we lay persons dare to suggest that the human brain is only a physical linkage. It is a linkage that simply enables non-physical, individualized, intelligent and aware life force to use a body to experience physical existence. Such a suggestion is guaranteed to produce blank stares from those trained to believe that in some unexplained way life force is the product of, not the ‘raison d’etre’ for, the physical body.


Medical researchers may coyly admit to the possibility that these silent areas of the brain be linked to dormant ESP faculties proved to exist but not yet understood. But this admission will be safely made with the air of reckless abandon normally reserved for those who knowingly and daringly tread upon the thin ice of unproven conjecture. Fortunately we lay people are not bound by the rigid thought processes required by career-minded medical researchers. For example, if in meditation we receive thoughts that we know are not our own, then we need no laboratory-gained proof that telepathy is a fact of life. Similarly, experienced spiritual healers know that they could hold someone’s aching head all day but the headache would remain, the healing energy would flow only when the healer mentally ‘tunes-in’ to that non-physical level.


At the other end of the scale the majority of people never meditate, never ‘tune-in’. Instead they transmit and receive thoughts and ideas only via physical means of communication. In terms of those silent areas of the brain this is like a two-legged man who always hops along on one leg because he cannot believe he has two legs. With a population conditioned from birth to hop assumedly yet another part of the brain would rapidly become dormant. The part we each think of as ‘me’ could only be non-physical life force that has evolved to the level of individual, conscious, aware, inductive thought. This must mean that we all already have non-physical senses.


Unfortunately from the moment of physical birth each individual is lovingly conditioned to totally rely upon his or her physical senses. For example any toddler that psychically ‘sees’ a fairy will be parentally pressured to believe he or she did not see a fairy. For anyone to publicly declare that they psychically ‘see’ human auras may well result in earnest TV discussions where learned men and women grimly demand concrete proof to back up the declaration.


Two solid facts have emerged from our discussion so far. The first that, most humans have vast areas of their brains that are alive but dormant. The second that, humans are so totally focused in the daily grind of physical survival their thoughts seldom range further than their immediate needs and interests. After all, with dependants, to support, a career to carve, a vehicle to run and pay for, and a heavily mortgaged house, who has time to seriously wonder if other life forms exist in the universe? Who can see any relevance or point in trying to mentally contact denizens of other physical worlds, let alone of other non-physical dimensions?


When we meditate first we have to quiet our mind. Mind is our two-way link with our hectic daily life in the physical dimension. The first part of the linkage links mind to the known parts of the brain that deal only with daily life.  We could name this the comfort zone level of thought. Mind, is also our two-way link with the non-physical dimensions. Undeniably the brain is still involved when we enter the altered state in meditation. This must be so because in the physical the thoughts and intentions of non-physical “Me” have to first crank their way through the atomic structure of the physical brain.


When we meditate our first point of contact in the non-physical is our higher self for whom a better name might be the individual human’s super-conscious. But to meditate we have to deliberately switch the focus of our mind away from daily life to then focus on the non-physical. When we successfully make this switch we then enter what is known as the ‘altered state’. The sensation we then feel in our head is very subtle and ghostly, but also it is definitely a physical sensation. It is as if another part of our brain has awakened for the purpose. As has been scientifically demonstrated, the pattern of the brain waves alters during meditation.


What has also been demonstrated is that when people first begin to regularly meditate they are only able to remain in the altered state for a brief period of time. These periods of time increase with regular sessions of meditation. An intellectual equivalent to this would be the cerebral strain felt by a person at the commencement of studies to gain a degree in higher mathematics. All mundane thought would have to be excluded whilst the student concentrated on the intricacies of the subject. At first this would quickly tire the student until eventually the act of absorbing these intricacies became a normal way of life, but in the process of studying, the student’s thoughts would be led further and further away from and above his or her normal mundane relaxed level of thought. The student may receive knowledge of the subject from printed textbooks or from the spoken words of a teacher, but only by the student’s sustained efforts could the knowledge become an integral part of the student. In this comparison only physical means of communication have been used to transfer thoughts, ideas, and concepts, from mind to mind. The owner of the latter mind has then with a concentrated effort of intellect absorbed what was transferred.


Now we may gently move on. Let us suppose that someone on Earth did make telepathic contact with intelligent life on a planet somewhere in the physical universe. Before meaningful communication could begin, a mutually understandable language of mental images would have to be devised. This would require from each that their individual intelligence expanded to include far more than knowledge of their own familiar lifestyles.


In turn, amid the limitations of physical existence, this would require previously unused areas of the human brain to awaken, to make and maintain telepathic contact, and to comprehend the received, alien to the recipient, information. It would be very difficult for a human on Earth to relate to the day to day joys and problems of, for example, an intelligent, methane-breathing denizen of some distant giant planet. In terms of the human’s lifestyle on Earth the intelligent methane-breathing denizen would face the same problem of comprehension.


The only meeting point that they might share would be that each is a non-physical “me” that physically exists for the same purpose in a physical universe. This is where the seeker’s flexibility of thought and ideas allows the seeker’s intelligence to continuously expand. In this way those cherished, rigid ideas may be re-thought in the light of increasing knowledge and personally gained experience.


Now we gently move on to the subject of contact with intelligent denizens in the non-physical dimensions. Obviously again telepathy is the only viable means of communication. This applies no matter whether we try to contact our higher self, or our late dearly beloved aunt, or someone high up in the angelic hierarchy. The problem to be faced then is that telepathy in the non-physical dimensions is the normal and only means of communication. This problem only arises when we, conditioned to rely entirely upon our physical senses, then try to use those same senses to make contact. When this fails, as it must, the problem then also becomes a problem of belief as to whether or not there is anyone non-physical to contact.


To think is so easy. To then communicate our thoughts, this also is so easy whilst we limit our physical selves to physical communication with each other on this tiny planet. As a result we have vast areas of our brains that lie dormant. But we also find that we are cut off from intelligent two-way communication with the rest of Creation in the physical and in the non-physical, hence the need to learn to meditate. Earlier in this article we explained that to rise above the comfort zone level of thought takes sustained effort until the achieved rise becomes a natural part of the individual’s comfort zone. We cannot emphasize enough that exactly the same applies in meditation. Many people try to meditate and when at first they don’t succeed they give up. This is like the man in our earlier example, conditioned from birth to hop, who then discovers that he has two legs.


Obviously the realization on its own would not be enough because a sustained, initially tiring effort would be required from him to then awaken and learn to use his dormant leg. Embedded as we all are in physicality we have been encouraged to aim our thoughts through our brains along limited, familiar to us all, easy to follow, well-trodden routes. Because we all have always done this, each of us has vast unexplored areas of our selves to discover and no one but we could explore those areas for us. To explore these areas each of us has to discover our own previously un-trodden routes. Of course patience with self and sustained effort is required to find and follow the routes and then to fully comprehend what we individually discover. But until we make the effort each of us remains isolated and cut off from the greater reality of the rest of Creation,


Let us try to find out why in meditation the sustained effort is required, and where higher self fits into our scenario. First we must clearly understand that although each of us has chosen to exist amid physical matter the essential part that we each think of as ‘me’ is non-physical. Because each of us is really non-physical we all are already telepathically linked to the non-physical. In the physical our problem is one of conditioned disbelief in our natural capabilities. Whilst on the Astral we easily communicate with each other via telepathy. To communicate with each other in the physical we have to use the provided physical equipment. To communicate with the non-physical whilst in the physical we have to do so via a subtler aspect of the provided physical equipment.


Really this is like the deep-sea divers who can freely talk to each other until each is sealed into a diving suit. Then for the divers to hear each other each must use internal microphones. Also to communicate with those above on the surface they must switch the same equipment to a higher frequency. But when they all are together on the surface no one needs special equipment to be able to communicate.


Now let us get a more comfortable picture of our relationship to our higher selves, to the angelic hierarchy, and to our Creator. To do this first we must firmly dump our religiously conditioned, ingrained ‘bottom of the heap’ image of our selves. Instead, despite the priestly shock, and horrified astonishment it might cause, we must insist that, each of us individual human beings represent the whole point of the ‘Creation’ exercise. Only then does our parental image of our Creator make sense. It means that the angels of the angelic hierarchy and we humans are brothers and sisters all equally beloved by our Creator parents. The angels and we humans were created from the same source as absolute equals, each with vital but very different roles. The angels will always remain as parts of the Creator mind family. For that reason the individual super-conscious of each angel is able to remain as an integral part of each angel’s intelligence.


We humans individually will eventually leave our Creator Parents’ family to create our own unique versions of Creation. We will become individual, adult Creator minds in our own right, but to achieve this we first had to descend many levels without our higher selves. The power-level of the energy of our higher selves is far too high for low-power-level physical matter. Instead just the ‘me’ focal point of each higher self, made the descent. This is why rank doesn’t enter the scene because we all are one beloved family. Our Creator and the angels in the non-physical levels learn much from us through our tough, often awful experiences in the physical. Unlike us, with very few exceptions, they will never be required to choose to painfully enter and again and again re-enter the physical.


This means that they can only admiringly learn about the joys, tribulations, and limitations of physical existence from each of us. After we humans individually ascend the roles will be reversed so that our brother and sister students; the angels, then becomes our teachers with much to teach us about our ultimate roles. But if we are prepared to strive whilst in the physical we may learn a great deal about our destined roles even before we ascend. So now let’s look at why in meditation we have to strive. The main point to remember is that before we could ascend we first had to descend. Ascension requires that each of us will choose to strive to reclaim all that we had to leave behind to enable us to descend.


Again we stress that this has nothing to do with religiously prescribed ‘bottom of the heap’ rank. Instead it has all to do with ascending power-levels of energy and ascending speeds of existence in the non-physical levels. To describe these we have no choice but to use (with hopefully forgivable poetic license) familiar but unavoidably clumsy, physically based, terminology. For example, for countless centuries teachers of religious beliefs based the certainty of their teachings on one, thought to be undeniable, fact. This fact was confirmed by their physical senses that told them there is a clear-cut divide between non-physical Creation and physical Creation. Only in fairly modern times have scientists had the technology to prove that the apparent solidity of physical matter is an illusion. In fact everything physical in the physical universe is really energy compelled and controlled to act in a certain way. This includes each and every living physical body.


The illusion, viewed through our physical senses, still leaves us convinced to the point that we all tend to devalue the power of thought until thought is in some way converted into a physical result or action. We choose to ignore the fact that without the thought there would be no result or action. Our tendency to reason in this contradictory way is in complete contradiction to the scientifically proven reality of our situation.


It also makes the teachings of all religions so difficult for an intelligent layperson to accept and believe. We are taught that Our Creator is non-physical and only used the power of intelligent thought to create from energy both, non-physical and physical Creation. The truth is that our non-physical Creator used the power of intelligent thought to create from energy the entire Creation. Of that entire, very real energy structure called Creation, a tiny temporary part is the same very real energy greatly reduced in power-level and tightly structured to behave as if it were physical matter.


To understand how wave bands and energy power-levels apply to us let’s briefly look at our Creator’s level. When we move the tuner around the dial of our ordinary radio set we hear the crackle of static until we tune into a broadcast program. Continue to move the tuner and we hear more static between more broadcast programs. Each program is different and in each case the static first had to be controlled and organized. If we had a celestial radio set we could tune in to the instantaneous existence level of Creator Minds. As we moved the tuner we would hear the static crackle of very real energies in chaos until we tuned in to a Creator Mind’s Creation. But to create the creation the Creator Mind first had to organize and to control, the chaotic energy. Move the tuner some more and we hear more static between yet more Creator Minds’ Creations. They all exist on the instantaneous existence level linked by mutual love and separated by individual uniqueness. Each is an adult Creator mind that began as the beloved and unique child of another adult Creator mind. To be an adult Creator Mind is the ultimate destiny of each human being. Now let’s briefly look at speed of existence and reducing power-levels of our Creator’s energies.


To create, the descending levels of a freewill endowed angelic hierarchy of teachers required that a series of waves be introduced into the Creator’s radiated instantaneous energy. More and more waves were introduced to form each next lower angelic level. The purpose of this was to reduce the speed of existence in each level like a staircase of levels. Always the instantaneous energy flows through each level but must follow the path set by the increased number of waves in each next lower level.


Thus the speed of existence of the lowest level angels is far slower than that of angels in the higher levels. How can this be if the instantaneous speed and power-level of the energy is unaffected throughout? The angels are created to exist as freewill endowed, intelligent, twinned, and living images projected onto the waveforms of their own level. If that is the angelic hierarchy what about the life force that eventually evolved to the human level created as equal to the angels?


Our role is different and involves our eventual, individual departure from our Creator Parent’s Creation.  For this reason we couldn’t be simply projected as images onto yet more waveforms. Before our dormant life force could be activated another form of energy structure had to create even lower speed of existence levels than that of the lowest level angels. To achieve this, the flow of unreduced in speed of existence energy is then compelled to enter this energy structure. This structure of energy is shaped to form an area of countless enmeshed spherical vortexes.


This combined structure simply acts like a power-level transformer and is known as the Astral Vortex. As the energy flow enters and follows the windings to the centre of each spherical vortex the vortexes reduce the power-level of the energy. Then even at each vortex centre the speed of existence of the energy remains unreduced because the speed is converted to spin-speed of existence. In relation to the higher power-level energy flow that follows it into and down the vortex windings this renders the very real spinning energy stationery at each vortex centre. It then has to drop out of astral vortex existence to create, and then to exist in, the yet slower, very real sub-atomic level. From there it is slowed further as it enters the electron and then atom building, process. All of the life force had as its source the high power-level energy of the instantaneous existence level of the Creator mind. This includes not only the life force that would become the angelic hierarchy, but also the life force that would eventually evolve to and beyond the human level. The entire angelic hierarchy exists on an unreduced power level of energy. But to create the descending levels of the hierarchy the speed of existence was reduced for each next lower level, via the waveforms.


For the angels to enter their levels of the hierarchy they had to descend from the level of the highest speed of existence and then be reduced in speed of existence as they descended through each of the levels above their own. To be reduced they each had to leave something of their selves on each level through which they descended.

The life force remained dormant that was to enter and exist in and then, ascend out of physical matter. It had to follow the same descension process, as did the angels of the angelic hierarchy. The life force had to be dormant to then descend below the lowest level of the angelic hierarchy, and next the energy power level of the life force had to be drastically reduced. This was achieved in three steps. Every trace of life force energy ever created contains both aspects that we think of as male and female in perfect balance. This means that each angel is actually a twin, a he and a she. In fact it is this perfect balance that gives the life force energy such a high power-level.


So the first step was to separate the two aspects so that their combined power-level was halved. Because they were dormant and incomplete without each other they dropped below the lowest of the angelic levels. The second step was to separate each dormant he or she aspect from his or her high power-level energy super-conscious. This was to enable the dormant life force to enter the highest power-levels of the astral, power-level reducing, vortex. The third step required the dormant life force to descend to the centre of the vortex. In the process the vortex reduced the power-level of the life force to that of physical matter.


So the Angels are non-physical life force twinned images. They are projected onto waveforms introduced into the unreduced power-level energy flow as it passes through each angelic level. It is totally different for non-physical life force that is to exist amid the low power-level energy-created illusion called physical matter. This life force will project its own him or her image onto instantaneous speed of existence, low power-level energy that has been structured and compelled to spin. But relative to the non-physical life force the structures of spinning energy formed into atoms will remain stationary, inert, and controllable when required by the dormant life force.


As, when, and whilst life-supporting conditions prevail in the physical universe the dormant life force enters and activates simple structures of atoms. . We could suggest that the power-level reduction process endured in the vortex by the life force made the power-level of physical existence the comfort zone of the life force. The drive to evolve is really the unconscious drive of the non-physical life force to return to from whence it originally descended. The only way it could return to those high levels would be first by gradually increasing its tolerance to existence in the higher power-levels of the astral vortex between each physical existence. The drive to achieve astral greater power-level tolerance would be reflected in the physical by the evolvement of more sophisticated and more versatile physical bodies. This astral climb and this ongoing physical evolvement would eventually cause the life force to evolve above the animal kingdom to the individual human level. Until the human level is reached the life force remains dormant and unaware of itself during this long, long journey of unconscious evolvement. Once the human level is reached, added to unconscious instinct, are emotions, the ability to think inductively, and the gift of freewill choice.


I am that I am, and I have the freedom to choose to further evolve of not. But since the purpose is to climb above the astral power-reducing vortex, the only way I could choose to further evolve would be to choose to continuously increase my tolerance to those higher power-levels of energy and those higher speeds of existence. Now it becomes easier to understand the relationship between my higher self or super-conscious and me. My super-conscious is my powerhouse, my limitless store of resources and knowledge of past, present, and future.

But until I ascend to above the vortex to its power-level my super-conscious will lack its focal point; just like any tool lacks purpose until someone’s intelligence uses it. Meanwhile super-conscious and I remain linked by what I left in the vortex to be able to descend. By striving in meditation I may activate and develop this intuitive link, the choice is mine. The more I develop the link the more my current thinking and choices made in the present will be influenced by my super-conscious’ access to the future. Also it becomes easier to understand why the life force that evolved to become human ‘Me’ had to descend into physical existence. To become a Creator Mind in my own right I will have to leave my Creator’s creation. When I leave my Creator’s creation I will also have to leave my Creator’s generous and ongoing supply of energy. I also would have to continue to exist until I can supply my own energy. How will this be achieved?


We have described the difference between the energy structure of the angelic levels, and the energy structure that then leads down to physical existence. The former consists of energy that flows from our Creator. The energy is both unreduced in power-level and unreduced in speed of existence, but is compelled to form levels filled with more and more waves that the energy-flow must follow. The life force that will inhabit these levels will be projected onto the wave patterns and this will govern the speed of existence of that life force. The same flow of energy then flows into the latter, the energy vortex, structure that reduces the power-level of the energy and converts its instantaneous speed of existence into instantaneous spin-speed of existence. It is into a physical dimension created from this energy flow that life force had to enter and evolve to the human level.


The intelligence of our Creator continuously provides and controls this energy structure throughout. By the time that the life force in the physical dimension has evolved to the human level it has learnt to control this energy. First it learns to control the energy in its physically structured form of the atomic matter of its current physical body. At the individualized human level the intelligence of the non-physical life force learns to understand the real nature of the physical matter amid which it exists. Next, and as a direct result of its continuous efforts to ascend to ever-higher power-levels of the vortex, the life force learns to control and raise the power-level of the energy that forms its current physical body. Eventually individual human intelligence learns to take over from his or her Creator, the energy power-level control of his or her current physical human body.


He or she has then achieved the purpose for which he or she entered physical existence. Now he or she, complete with a body converted to its original unreduced power-level energy form, may ascend above the astral vortex. There the ascended individualized human life force will blend with his or her higher self. He or she will then await the ascension of his or her opposite aspect out of the same physical dimension and astral vortex. Only when rejoined will both aspects be able, as students, to then ascend the angelic-teachers, hierarchy levels to our Creator’s level. At our Creator’s instantaneous level the two aspects will blend as a completely balanced and harmonious independent Creator Mind. This Creator mind will be independent and free to leave because it has collected its gift of a creative energy source onto which it has embossed its self-created image.

This is an Ascension Support Team, Self-Teaching Tool publication, intuitively received and written by David Brittain..


Note: David and Yvonne continuously drew down and anchored the light in France for 15 years from July 1991 until October 2006 when they returned to their homeland England where they continue to do their spiritual work from a small seaside resort in Essex. Donations great or small would be gratefully received and would enable us to continue to spread the knowledge of the Ascension Process.