Please believe us when we say, “YOU ARE UNIQUE”, there are no copies of you. Wherever you search you will never meet you. Search the whole planet, the entire physical universe, the astral levels, the whole of Creation, and you will never meet you. There are countless billions of people scattered throughout Creation, and each person is unique and different to the rest. For each of those people every moment of their existence they are expressing that uniqueness, even though they may not realise that they are unique. Each thought, each action, each experience, each response or reaction to that experience, consolidates that uniqueness.


YOU ARE UNIQUE! The person who realises this will want to cherish his or her uniqueness, and to consciously express that uniqueness at all times. That uniqueness is yours and cannot be taken from you. It cannot be taken from you but it can be hidden from you. When it is hidden from you your sense of purpose is lost because the purpose is to consciously express your uniqueness at all times, no matter whom or where you are. Without that purpose a person becomes aimless and confused, rather like a shadow person. Multiply that person a few billion times and we are left with a world where to be a shadow person is the norm instead of the exception. A shadow person, who is surrounded by shadow persons, feels it is normal to be filled with the shadows of fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt, of the past, of the present, and of the future. A shadow person feels it is normal not to trust anyone beyond a tight circle of relations and friends. They feel it is normal because everyone around them feels the same way so it must be right. What on Earth has happened to generate such a ridiculous and sad situation?


THE UNIQUENESS LEVEL. You won’t find your uniqueness on your mind level or on your physical body level. Your uniqueness resides on the level of you that you regard as “Me”. Often we hear this trio referred to as “Spirit, Mind and Body”. Most people can comprehend Mind and Body, but Spirit is more difficult as if it is something separate from the trio and so irrelevant to daily life. In fact many people don’t realize each human is a trio. One reason why Spirit is thought to be irrelevant is because we all are taught that Spirit is non-physical.. Spirit is non-physical but it is not irrelevant to daily life. Spirit becomes easier to comprehend when we realize that Spirit is the part of you that you think of as “Me”. But then we have to enlarge that thought to include the idea that the part you think of as “Me” is non-physical and it is on that non-physical level where your uniqueness resides. This means that your Mind and your Body are meant to be your tools, your servants definitely not your masters. They are simply your means to enable you to experience physical lives.


Let’s look at the human body. The human body is a magnificent example of complete systems that combine with other complete systems to become parts of even more complex complete systems. Incoming energies are controlled as they enter the sub-atomic level to form sub-atomic particles that combine to create electrons etc. that combine to create atoms that combine to create DNA and RNA strands, proteins and so on.

These combine to create living cells that combine to create organs and a structure that combined to create a complete human body. We could complete the sequence with the individual human combines with other humans to create families that combine to create nations of families that combine to create a world family. The world family represents the combined conscious aware intelligence of a living organism named Mother Earth. Those billions of human bodies represent the individual vehicles used and then discarded by the individually intelligent cells of that planetary intelligence. The human body cannot survive without mechanical aid outside of the planetary biosphere. When the delicately balanced body systems break down the intelligent life force departs to the astral and the human body returns to the biosphere. There is little to choose between human bodies no matter where they live on the planet,differences of sex, colour, shape and size, similarities of aches and pains, diseases and maladies, appetites and needs.


At its basic level the human body is composed of energy that is no different to the energies in the non-physical. That energy is a flow from the non-physical that has been compelled to spin itself into atoms. To remain as atoms in physical existence those energies must be replaced and refreshed every moment by that incoming energy flow. Also the compulsion or control that compels those energies to build atoms must be maintained continuously. In that sense moment by moment our continued physical existence is totally dependent on that control continuing to control incoming energies. Regardless of the conjecture of scientists as to the source of those incoming energies, to believe in the ascension process is to believe that the source is our Creator. But if the source is our Creator, the compulsion or control of that energy flow has to be conscious, aware, living intelligence because it couldn’t be anything else.




We have already realised that the part that each of us humans regards as “Me” also is non-physical. Once you can accept that idea it becomes obvious that the human physical body is not only a vehicle. It is also at its most basic level a store of continuously replaced energy. The role of our non-physical individual intelligence is to eventually take over the complete control of that stored energy. No longer will our Creator need to provide and control each of our basic energy stores. Each of us will provide and control our own. Then each of us can choose to be physical or non-physical because it will be up to each of us. The physical combinations of built up systems between the energy stores and the non-physical “Me” intelligence, is simply a means to the end that we described.


SIMILARITIES OF MINDS.  Just the same as with human bodies human minds share more similarities than differences. The human mind is very versatile and complex; it has to be because it is the link between Non-physical “Me” intelligence and physical body. Elsewhere we have written at length about the functioning and limitations of this complex link. The task of “Me” is to train Mind and Body to do its bidding. The only possible way “Me” can do that is to remain on a higher level where it can observe and control the activities of the other two parts of the trio. In the world of shadow people we witness a world where those billions of individuals who think of themselves as “Me” have never been taught to gain and keep that control.

The sad result we see around us, a world full of minds’ fears and mistrust, a world where the human body is worshipped. Many live in a world where the individual’s ‘Comfort Zone’ is that individual’s world, a comfort zone that the ego surrounds with a wall of fear and self-doubt.


The mechanisms and functions of minds are very similar for all humans. This means that on the Mind level we all share a hidden common language in that we all have similar stores of emotions and feeling sensations. We can all share laughter we can all feel fear, anger, guilt, or pity. Because we share this hidden language, as individuals we all are vulnerable to the contagion of mass emotion. No one knows this better than the skilled orator whose clever emotive phrases can transform a group of individuals into a howling, angry mob, not by appeals to their intelligence but to their emotions and the fears in their minds.


THE INTELLIGENCE OF A PLANET. Each of us represents one cell of a planetary intelligence, this whilst existing in physical life. When we realize this it is not difficult to comprehend why it is a shadow world. Instead of a planetary intelligence that exists on the combined “Me” intelligence level, the world is compelled to exist on the fear-filled combined Mind and Body level. This has become a planet where the majority of cells exists on a fear and helpless apathy level and are controlled and led by the fears of a minority of self-assertive cells. From this we hope the readers will realize that no legislation can alter this situation one iota. It can only be altered because each individual human being chooses to take control of his or her trio so that each “Me” is firmly in charge of self.  It isn’t a matter of “Someone should do something about this situation!” Equally it isn’t a matter of “Alone I can’t alter the situation”, because alone you could have a powerful effect.


We have inherited a world where unawareness has caused most of those individual cells of planetary intelligence to unconsciously think negatively, and this applies equally to the leaders and to the led. If after reading this article you consciously decide to take charge of your trio you will become a positive thinking cell surrounded by cells that think negatively. To achieve this takes patience and understanding. It will take patience with yourself because time and again you will forget your decision and will feel guilty. To avoid this start afresh each day, observing the trio inter-plays even as you live them. You will feel yourself changing imperceptibly at first then more and more it will become your chosen way of life. Your understanding will be for those negative cells that must exist with your Positivity.


THE CONTAGION OF RADIANCE. We will continue to use our analogy of shadow people steeped in negativity. The very opposite to this must be a Light-person steeped in positivity. The analogy of Light implies a positive radiance that radiates out from its source to illuminate and affect all of those shadow people. The source of that radiance is not the “Me” intelligence of your trio. The source flows from the matrix of energies that permeates all of Creation. It enters and passes through the energy base that is your trio to radiate outwards from your trio. Each individual human trio is an outlet for that radiance. What could be easier than that? But it will only happen if you consciously choose that it must happen. The flow of energy is positive and begins as a trickle with your decision to dump all negativity. Your ongoing efforts allow that trickle to increase. Every increase in that flow strengthens your efforts to dump all negativity.

You are like a tap or faucet fully-opened to allow hot water to flow, in the process the faucet or tap becomes heated. You become filled with that energy. No matter that the energy overflows onto the shadow people because you are being refilled all of the time. No words are needed, you will affect the shadow people simply by being what you have become; consciously positive in the way you think and live.


In a future issue we will continue this article to examine in more detail the inter-plays within the human trio. Meanwhile at the Ascension Support Team here in the Land of the Cathars, in France, Yvonne and myself are demonstrating Positivity by publishing as an E-Book our jointly written, “Not just how but why”, sub-titled “A Seeker’s Guide book”. (See AST Booklist.) We hope that it will be welcomed both by new and veteran seekers alike. The book is an exploration that begins in our familiar world then heads straight for the top to explore a logical process. The process leads from a seemingly nebulous Creator down to us poor old humans stumbling around on Planet Earth.


Meanwhile, Yvonne continues to offer her postal and e-mail services of Clairvoyance and personal past-lives information. Also by post or e-mail, trapped souls, rescue/release consultations. For visitors to our home Yvonne offers Clairvoyant Readings and private sessions of Past Lives Regression Therapy


Love and laughter from


David and Yvonne Brittain


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