The purpose of any Ascension newsletter article is to uplift and enlighten its readers, so that those seekers may feel less alone on the path to their ascension. Each seeker has the same difficult task. Every seeker eventually has to learn to fully exist and fully function in our familiar world, this whilst piercing clouds of illusion to always seek and understand the greater picture.


To gain knowledge and understanding of the greater picture replaces for the seeker the blind, unquestioning faith demanded by the great, established religions of the east and of the west. The role and duty of the seeker is to also become a guide and teacher of those who seek but have yet to gain this knowledge and this understanding.


To be able to teach requires a point of mutual understanding from which to start. Obviously this starting point must be set at the student's level of understanding, not at the teacher's. In the context of ascension, students might be from any age group and any nationality. But for most of them they would have gained their levels of understanding of the world from similar sources. Today those limited sources are their televisions, radios, newspapers, and other forms of media.


Although we readily sympathize with those who sincerely urge seekers to avoid those negativity-drenched sources, unfortunately those same sources are the student's only starting point. This means that knowledge of current media offerings has also to be the teacher's starting point, painful though this may be. Otherwise the teacher and the student would lack a mutually understood language. Once a mutually understood language is established the teacher may then gently offer to the student different and wider interpretations of the same current world events.


Our title for this article refers to retinal images. The month of September 2001 the TV viewer's eye-retinas were continuously assailed by the same series of images. This until those images were intentionally, unforgettably burned into the viewer’s mind. Of course we refer to the devastation, anguish and suffering caused by the mindless destruction of the New York, World Trade Center. Scenes of crushed vehicles and of devastated, burning buildings then followed these first images. Countless, heroic rescue workers of every nationality and creed risked life and limb to save the trapped and the injured. We even glimpsed a placard that stated, No Revengeť.


Next in this series of images, again and again we were shown a few young Islamic militants firing their guns into the air whilst rejoicing at this blow by Islam against America. Next came archive scenes, filmed in countries of the Near East, of Islamic spiritual and military leaders, in front of their civilian populations, all marching and angrily shouting in defiance of the USA and the countries of the west. Finally in a series of scenes we viewers were shown the mighty armaments that both, the USA and its allies, and the Islamic countries, have ready for instant use.


At this point in this article the readers might wonder what on earth the previous two paragraphs have to do with ascension? The answer is that ascension is intended for everyone without exception. Anyone could ascend, but only after he or she has awakened to the greater reality behind the dream, and then redirected self to fully enter the greater reality. Awakening is an individual and very personal activity. No one could do it for you, and you cant do it as an unthinking member of a crowd. This means that each individual member of mankind has to rise above the crowd or herd level and to learn to think for self. To follow majority beliefs becomes pointless when you awaken enough to comprehend the false premise on which majority belief is based. Usually majority belief is not formed from clear, individual thought. Largely it is based in the need of the self-doubting individual to conform with, and merge into the safety of the crowd.


So who are these people who have yet to awaken from their dreams? Countless numbers of these dreamers live in every part of our planet. For the most part, no matter their race, color, or religion, they are lovely, kind people. Individually these dreamers would never let you go hungry or without a safe place to sleep. They have the same needs, hopes, and fears as you do, as an individual. As an individual each dreamer would accept and regard you as you, not as a hated, despised, and feared westerner, nor as a possibly dangerous, fanatical follower of the Islamic Faith. Each would regard you as another warm, fellow human being to help or to be helped by.


Unfortunately, all civilizations, and all great religions, all have to have a few leaders to follow. As we all know already, this means that the management or mismanagement of the world's political and religious affairs is in the hands of a handful of fallible human beings. This handful is made up of individuals from each nation or religion, each of which may have different and opposite aims. To their own nations and to their followers none of these individuals must ever appear to lose face or to be in the wrong.


The only acceptable alternative to salve national or religious pride is to believe that those of other nations with different aims or religious beliefs to ours must be wrong. The leadership, with the aid and resources of the media, then has to reinforce this belief throughout the nation. At this stage the self-doubts and self-devaluation of each of the individual dreamers compels them to simply accept and conform to what they have been led to believe is majority belief.


The situation as described reveals the fact that all of those dreamers, the leaders and the led, are trapped by what they choose to believe is true. If we could look into the hearts and minds of the countless individuals who, as vast, howling mobs, shout their slogans, brandish their weapons, and beat their drums, what would we see? We would see a minority of fanatical individuals who believe and want what their slogan demands.


We would also see a great majority of individuals who don't know what to believe and dont want what their slogan demands, but are too intimidated to admit it to each other. As always we see the individual dreamer's fears and doubt of self, harnessed as the driving force used by each leadership to further dis-empower the populations, and to further empower the few.


Poor dis-empowered mankind, so now let's look deeper to comprehend the cause of mankind's dis-empowerment, and how this cause applies to the current situation.


Firstly we must realize that the dreamers we refer to are not dreamy, unworldly people. Far from unworldly, in matters of their familiar world mostly they are very sensible, down to earth, individuals. The same as for all of us most of their time and energy is tightly channeled into the support of their families and the earning of their livings. Understandably the majority prefer to leave the wider issues to the expertise, knowledge, and greater wisdom of their leaders of governments and to their leaders of religions. This is the world we are born into. Our early conditioning and individual need to be accepted usually conspire to make us readily conform to the mores and beliefs of our nation. As individuals the same applies for the people of any nation.


Now let's consider the combined effect of national dreams and traditional religious dogma, upon the individuals of any nation. This may help us to understand the outlook of these individuals.


In the USA the national dream is known as "The Great American Dream" and belief in this dream is instilled in each child from birth onwards. The national and individual belief in this dream, as the only acceptable way of life, is deeply instilled. The dream is so deeply instilled that it has become similar to a religion in that it seeks other nations to convert to belief in the same dream. In a subtle way the dogma of the traditional Christianity that is also instilled during the American individual's early childhood has fixed the parameters of "The Great American Dream".

In a similar manner the teachings of the Islamic Faith instilled by rote into the individual during childhood fixes the very different parameters of the "Great Islamic Dream". Both, the American dream and the Islamic dream require that the dream shall be spread throughout the entire world. Confusion reigns because the parameters of the two dreams are based in two totally different versions of reality, and of mankind's relationship to God. Mutual bafflement between nations and also between individuals is quite understandable. Our interest is in individuals not nations.


In the countries of the west Christianity is the established, traditional religion. Its teachers teach the children that each is born with a brand new soul and each will only live one life span in the physical. Later as the child grows to adulthood the religious belief taught during childhood may or may not seem relevant to current, busy, daily life. Nevertheless this limited religious knowledge implanted when young and impressionable has a profound effect upon how the individual will regard and live his or her life.


Let's look at the probable effect of this teaching upon an ordinary individual born and bred in a western, Christianized country. For each individual, before his or her birth would always be vaguely regarded by self as a complete blank. After death, would be regarded as an irrelevant mystery to be solved only when his or her time arrives. The period in between these two events would generally be regarded as the only reality. In this limited and false reality the individual would trust mostly only his or her, own physical senses. Belief in God would be an uncertain hope, rather than a certainty based in personally gained knowledge and experience.


Religion in the western countries then becomes simply a pleasantly, approving confirmation of the majority belief in ongoing competitiveness as the only acceptable way of life. This majority belief is fostered and encouraged by the successful and powerful few, and accepted by the self-doubting, mostly unsuccessful many. In this way the national and personal accumulation of material wealth and physical security becomes the over-riding aim of both, the leaders and the led.


In most of the countries of the east the various belief systems (including variations of the Islamic Faith) embrace the ancient belief in the ongoing reincarnations of each individual soul. Just the same as with Christian teachings in the west, in the eastern countries these eastern belief systems are instilled into the children at a very early and impressionable age. Again as with the western child, religious belief may or may not figure greatly during the child's future busy, adult life.


This would depend upon whether the child, when adult, would be drawn towards the eastern or the western version of the dream. If drawn towards the eastern version the individual, self-doubting adult would conform to the religious teachings and practices of the community where he or she resides. These teachings and practices would form an always-current integral part of the individual's personal, family, and community, life. The rituals of worship performed daily in public by all, young and old, would be an ongoing requirement of this individual's community.


Just the same as with each individual of the west, for the individual of the east to be accepted by his or her community he or she must conform to majority belief. Majority belief may be focused in an established, traditional religion, or in the politics and aims of the current government. The eastern individual as described is already steeped in religious teachings, dogma, and the requirement to worship in public. He or she has been taught that his or her existence is ongoing and not limited to this present physical life. That in fact he or she has physically existed before, and will physically exist yet again in the future. Seekers in the west who truly believe in reincarnation would also easily accept this next thought. That part of the eastern individual's early conditioned outlook would be to place far less value on his or her present physical life span than would his or her western Christianized counterparts place on theirs. From the western viewpoint eastern realism might well be interpreted as eastern fanaticism.

The Islamic Dream offers each individual the ancient idea, based on a governmental leadership, largely made up from and guided by teachers of the Islamic Faith. This means that compliance with the traditional written requirements and demands of Allah, (as interpreted and taught by today's teachers of the Islamic Faith), also becomes the motivation, or justification if needed, for governmental decisions.


In this article we have explored two very different dreams, both of which share certain things in common with each other.


Firstly, the dreamers of both dreams are rigidly convinced that they alone are right.


Secondly, both dreams are being determinedly spread to try to encompass the hearts and minds of mankind.


The third thing these opposing dreams share in common is that of an inflexible belief that our Creator is judgmental.


The fourth thing that the two dreams share in common is their rigid inflexibility to which majority belief helplessly clings, and compels the individual to conform to.


At first glance, from a seeker/teacher of ascension point of view, this is a depressing outlook. We could be forgiven for asking if these dreamers will ever awaken from their dreams? But it is the inflexibility of the dreams that will individually awaken the dreamers.


Currently from both dreams we hear the drums of war beating and the sabers rattling.


But we must remind ourselves that what is happening is part of the Great Plan.


The ascended masters have consistently urged us to remain very flexible because our once familiar world is going through an unprecedented period of rapid change. In a world of change anything that is inflexible must crack and crumble. This would also apply to the inflexibility of dreams, of governments, and to inflexible, traditional religions.


Then we will observe majority belief in, and majority reliance upon, those inflexible edifices dissolve as if it had never existed. In the place of majority belief we will observe countless numbers of extremely confused and frightened individual dreamers that have awakened. This will happen all over the planet. So wherever you are you will be able to help individuals………


"To take a look beyond retinal images"


Love and laughter from David and Yvonne Brittain.



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